Ama Summary with Arcade Network

Question 1

Can you explain what your main slogan: “ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralized platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability.” means?

Question 2

ARC Verse’ is one of your main features, could you please let us know what are the requirements for projects to cooperate with you in that subject?

Question 3

What kind of benefits have you prepared for your users?

Question 4

Can you tell us more about your marketing strategy, and what’s your vision/strategy for the next few years?

Question 5

Could you please tell us something more about ArcadeNetwork Team and investors/partners that are backing the project?

Question 6

What’s your strategy to beat your competitors?

Question 7

What is the main role and meaning of NFTs in your project?

Question 8

Let’s talk about your token. Why do we need $ARC, and what’s the utility behind it.

Question 1

Is Arcade Network designed only for entrepreneurship opportunities and support small devs who wish to launch their games/metaverses? Are Users allowed to stake the $DMTR Token?

Question 2

How will assets from different metaverse be transferred? Does there have to be a partnership with the arcade network platform? because what if larger companies (game producers and smaller game developers) do not want to cooperate with your company, they will create their own ecosystem of asset exchange, what your project brings in such a way that companies and developers will want to use your solution

Question 3

With multiple Blockchain gaming platforms being developed in parallel, how are you assessing your chances in the competition for a decent market share for your product?



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