Ama Summary with Arcade Network

It’s with great pleasure that we are releasing the summary of the best questions moved during the Arcade Network Live AMA. We thank you for all your questions and we thank the Arcade team for having attended the event and for having shared information with the community!

Can you explain what your main slogan: “ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralized platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability.” means?

Aman Singh

So we are trying to bring interoperability to the Gaming world! and when I say Interoperability, it refers to asset interoperability. So in simple terms, you can purchase the asset, let’s say a Gun, from one game and take it out and use it in any other game out there.

The advantages- As a gamer, you purchase a Gun once and use it, like, forever, just by paying a simple fee, which obviously costs much lesser than purchasing a whole new Gun in any other game.

We are starting with Metaverses first, but the vision of the project is to take it into the game industry as well, we are targeting both cryptos as well as non-crypto metaverses at this point in time. 7

In a nutshell, we are connecting the metaverses and allowing seamless movement of assets across them :)

ARC Verse’ is one of your main features, could you please let us know what are the requirements for projects to cooperate with you in that subject?

Aman Singh

ArcVerse- is a feature that allows you to launch Metaverses on the Fly

Eventually, this is a metaverse as a service model that we want to roll out which would allow small game/metaverse developers who lack resources to launch their own metaverse but are capable enough to code the use cases in their games.

We are preparing the basic layers and lands that can be purchased/rented out by these devs, they can buy assets from the 1000s of metaverses already available on the arcade ecosystem and write their simple logic and launch their metaverse on our infra. The idea is to create entrepreneurship opportunities and support small devs who wish to launch their games/metaverses but can not do so because they lack investment, resources, etc

What kind of benefits have you prepared for your users?

Aman Singh

We aim to provide these benefits:

✎ True ownership of purchased assets in metaverse to the Gamer, doesn’t matter if the game still exist or not, the asset will remain with the user

✎Gamers need to purchase an asset once and use it forever

Metaverses earn an additional lifetime revenue on every asset that is taken out of their metaverse to other metaverses

Other than this, obviously:

✎ Standardisation in the gaming industry.

✎Ease of building metaverse on the fly.

Can you tell us more about your marketing strategy, and what’s your vision/strategy for the next few years?

Aman Singh

In terms of Marketing, for now, we are expanding our community by strategically partnering up with various stakeholders of the cryptos and gaming community to establish our brand

We are aiming to boost our own community before our launch

For next year, we will be focussing more on product enhancements and iterations and partnerships. You can have a look at our roadmap on our website for more details

Could you please tell us something more about ArcadeNetwork Team and investors/partners that are backing the project?

Aman Singh

We have a Full Stack Team with extensive industry experience being supported by top advisors: Backgrounds from companies such as PWC, Accenture, Deloitte, Faculty Group etc.

The core team members are:

🕴Chinka G ( — CEO | Founder

🕴Aman Singh ( — Marketing Lead

🕴Arhaam Patvi ( — Blockchain Lead

🕴Abhinav Robinson ( — Full Stack Developer

Of course, apart from our core team members we also have some really experienced Advisors. They are:

🕴Ritam Gupta ( — DeFI 11


🕴Jamie Thomson ( — Vulcan Forged


🕴Luke Lombe ( — Faculty Group


🕴Andrino Agnas- SparkPoint Global Ventures

And we have already secured multiple investors, as well as a solid base of partners- We are backed by some big names in the crypto community. Namely by Polygon, Faculty Group, DeFi11, ExNetwork, MIH Ventures, NiftyPays, Blago Trade, Sparkpoint Global Capital, A2DAO, Girnas Capital, BCAinvest, DuckDAO, NonceVC, Octopus Crypto Capital, Value X, Aimedes, AU21, Poolz Ventures, Synapse-VC, Tokenomik,, Fairum, Delta Hub Capital, ChinaPolka, Rosean Finance and Rising Phoenix.

And still counting.

The ArcadeNetwork platform already includes several games and partners — DeFi11, NiftyPays, VulcanForged, My CryptoHeroes, Vulcanite, Block Babies, REKT City, Battle Racers, Incarnate Games, Coddle Pets, GEO Cats, VV Land, Sincity as well as founders of well-known projects.

What’s your strategy to beat your competitors?

Aman Singh

We don’t have any current competitors, even if we find anyone doing exactly similar to what we are doing, we would be happy to merge and expand our ecosystem on a partnership model.

What is the main role and meaning of NFTs in your project?

Aman Singh

NFTs will be the in-game assets that exist in these metaverses. Using blockchain technology, these are made movable across metaverses. We are bringing a standardisation so that these NFTs will be able to seamlessly move all across the entire ecosystem.

Let’s talk about your token. Why do we need $ARC, and what’s the utility behind it.

Aman Singh

Our $ARC is not a usual token.

$ARC is not only for fee settlement but also works as a loyalty token for the ARC platform and facilitates additional discounts to the users for in-game asset purchases.

It has various utilities.

You can use $Arc for:

🔸Platform Fee Settlement


🔸Game Dev Financing and Loyalty Fees

🔸In-Platform Discounts

These features make it more versatile than usually seen tokens, as well as adding a greater variety of long term use cases.

Best questions made by the community to the Arcade Network

The team at Arcade was particularly impressed with the following 3 questions, as they are key factors that they wanted to address as precisely as possible.

Is Arcade Network designed only for entrepreneurship opportunities and support small devs who wish to launch their games/metaverses? Are Users allowed to stake the $DMTR Token?

Aman Singh

As mentioned earlier, ArcadeNetwork aims to solve the Gaming industry’s problems. It includes all the problems. From decentralisation to ease of making metaverse on the fly.

So we are covering everyone, Gaming companies, Gamers and small talented game developers who wish to launch their metaverse, making it a fully functional, 360 degrees ecosystem with the clear goal in mind of being valuable to everyone involved.

And yes, people will be able to access various staking pools.

How will assets from different metaverse be transferred? Does there have to be a partnership with the arcade network platform? because what if larger companies (game producers and smaller game developers) do not want to cooperate with your company, they will create their own ecosystem of asset exchange, what your project brings in such a way that companies and developers will want to use your solution

Aman Singh


Both games will have to be on the ArcadeNetwork platform to be the originator and destination of migrating assets.

By listing on the ArcadeNetwork platform, the gaming companies will get a free audience that will be migrating from other games. And any asset migrating from their game will also benefit them, creating a positive feedback loop that will be one of the driving forces behind our ecosystem.

With multiple Blockchain gaming platforms being developed in parallel, how are you assessing your chances in the competition for a decent market share for your product?

Aman Singh

We won’t share anything with anyone in the market, since the people that will be sharing are the ones that will use our technology. We will provide the technology and the infrastructure, meaning that everyone else will be the one sharing a slice of their own market with us.

We are not a gaming platform. We are a platform that will connect these games. Giving them versatility, interconnectivity, high intrinsic value and much more.

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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