AnimalConcerts AMA SUMMARY

You want to connect artists, NTF’s, and the thousands of people in one place. Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and your project? What exactly is #AnimalConcerts? What kind of innovations do you plan to introduce?


SamK here, current CMO at Animal Concerts! I’m a serial entrepreneur if you’d like to call it that, having exited a business in Canada back in 2018, pitching a product on a popular tv show in Canada called Dragons Den, raised funds for an app in the UK, and have been advising and mentoring startups across the globe for the past 10 years. One noteworthy item: I mentored startups who applied for a FinTech challenge with UBS Bank in Zurich back in 2019, where they were looking to understand how to embed tokenization into their banking architecture….i.e…NFT’s! Love the crypto space intensely as an investor over the past 4 years, and after leading our corporate venture capital fund in Deloitte UK (one of the largest consultancies in the world), I decided it’s time to step into the Crypto world both feet in…with Animal Concerts!

Animal Concerts is building the Next Generation of Live Events in the Metaverse. We are revolutionizing the music industry for fans and artists worldwide: delivering unique, physical concerts with A-list artists, collaborating on NFT drops, live streaming in the Metaverse, and tokenizing that entire experience!

If it’s alright, i’ll save the “innovations” for some of the subsequent questions, but know that our innovations we’re introducing will be unparalleled as we enter the Metaverse this year!


I’m Colin, one of the founders and the CEO of Animal. Been in tech 20 years working for companies like oracle, Dell, Salesforce and hubspot. Been in crypto since 2017 and the last year been deep into this exciting journey!

We’re super excited about what we are doing and the reception from the crypto community has been amazing. We really are trying to change the game and Democritise Concerts for everyone in the metaverse

Can you please tell us more about your token features? What is your plan to attract people to join your project? How do you want to reward the community?



Here’s what’s on our mind when it comes to utility, which is always evolving!

- ANML is a medium of exchange utilized to purchase tickets to shows and other NFTs on all supported chains

- W2E — Watch 2 Earn — users earn rewards for active participation in our metaverse events

- Governance rights for the Animal NFT Marketplace which features curated art collaborations between our partner artists and world renown digital artists, tangible item NFTs, tickets sold as NFTs, and experiential NFTs

- Governance rights for the on-chain treasury which is comprised of revenue generated from NFT marketplace fees, NFT ticketing revenue for events and limited edition NFT sales

- ANML promotes artist/fan interaction creating a mechanism for new revenue streams for artists, while fans can participate in aspects of events previously off limits

- Stake ANML to earn status, free tickets, perks and entries into limited edition NFT giveaways

- Partners and sponsors must stake ANML to gain access to events


One way we will promote our project is via the artists we book, they are contracted in to dp several tweets and storiess, to their followers of tens of millions. This will also bring a lot of non crypto people in which is very valuable and attractive to exchanges and nft platforms

High fees — nobody likes it, but everyone loves security, even at the expense of money. Please explain to our community on which chain do you want to build your project? Maybe you want to implement more chains in the future?


The Animal Concerts token (ticker ANML) will be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. From there it will be bridged to a number of other chains. The first chain it will be bridged to will be Polygon, and the team at Polygon is super excited to be working with us as they provided us with a grant to support our vision and journey! You can check out our Announcement on that:


And we’ll be following with BSC pretty fast also.

Can you tell us more about what kind of experience we can expect using your platform? Explain what you have prepared for concert and music enthusiasts.


Our App will feature the following:

-Fiat On-Ramp

-Wallet UI (display web3 wallet balances) + NFTs

-Cross-chain bridge for ANML token

-Staking pools + Rewards Program

-NFT Marketplace

-Governance Protocol

-Events (past, upcoming, cross-promoted)

-Access point to our own Metaverse

A new space that we are going to be showcasing to the world is ‘watch-to-earn’ -> where users can earn rewards for active participation in our Metaverse events. That’s why we partnered with Netvrk! Check out what Colin had to say in an article they published last week:

“As our brand continues to evolve and scale post our CEX listing, we’re looking to accelerate the way in which our business can not only share unique, blockchain-based, VR Concerts with the world, but to do so in a practical way that makes economic sense. Partnering with Netvrk allows us to reduce our infrastructure costs and create incentivized ways to reward users for their participation”

Users will be able to experience our metaverse concerts initially in familiar metaverses such as Decentraland and Sandbox, but we will also have our own metaverse venue, which will offer a consistent feel across multiple metaverses. The tech is composable across platforms, which helps make this an efficient process.


We’ll make it super easy to use even if you dont know what crypto is you can use the app to experience concerts. But we’ll have significant token utility built in as sam already covered also

What artists do you work with? Tell us more about projects backing #AnimalConcerts and the people who support you. Please also explain the importance of NFT in your project.


We’ve already worked several really big artists, even though we have not en launched yet we want to show the connections we have in the music industry and how we can book A list artists.

Our first concert was with the rapper FUTURE — who had just had a No 1 hit with Drake. We had an amazing concert in the FontainBleau hotel in Miami and recorded it with 360 cameras. There is a video on our website showing the incredible spectacle


Have to show love as well to my favourite Alicia Keys as she performed to an intimate audience celebrating the launch of her double sided album KEYS! If you haven’t listened you really should, it’s bliss.

Can you tell us something about your marketing strategy and business plan? Show us please your vision of the project in the next few years.


The vision for Animal Concerts is going to be quite remarkable this year and beyond. Without going into tooo much detail you can expect to see these initiatives in the near term: Launchpad Week Jan 17–21, CEX listing date and announcement, the next physical concert which we have confirmed location/date, an NFT drop in collaboration with a HUGE artist, and well of course a lot more but let’s keep going through the questions and I’ll share as we go on!

Someone asked me the other day “Sam, what would you say are the most killer features that will make this project truly 🚀 in the years to come” My response:

Watch to earn -> where users can earn rewards for active participation in our Metaverse events. That’s why we partnered with Netvrk!

Being able to attend concerts in person and in the Metaverse, purchasing exclusive, limited merch from these top artists

NFTs -> not just in collaboration with our artists where we drop an exclusive collection (i.e., 100 NFTs with an A-List artist) which would involve digital AND physical NFTs, but also our own collection

Community questions:


How can users stay up to date with this project? Are there channels, including local communities, where users can get the latest updates?



What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?


We sell Concert Tickets & NFT’s — but we also make significant revenue for sponsorship and advertising for these concerts. WE can underwrite the cost of concerts with sponsors which as our Blockchcin partner Klaytn


Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?



Plans for pre-sale are happening NOW as we have officially kicked off Launchpad Week. You will be able to get in with Synapse January 19th 9AM UTC.

Follow us so you don’t miss any official announcements on how and when and where to participate with us!





Hello sir.

Currently, most people’s views and the main focus of the crypto community is on token prices. So, what are you going to do with the $ANML team to grow a loyal community and of course to strengthen it, and how do you trust investors?


We have only just begun to grow our communityb and have been showing massive growth in the last week in telgram and twitter, and we are only getting started! Loads more great marketing, PR, competitions and more on the way soon. Then we’ll be booking more artists and making a lot of noise about that!


How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?


Sadly the last answer but of course the most important one -> how to get involved and stay connected!

We’ve got a huge giveaway taking place at the moment across our socials. Make sure your following as you don’t want to miss the AMAZING announcements we still have in store for you…like the CEX announcement or our investors backing us 👀 For any follow on questions, you can find me in Discord, don’t hesitate and get involved NOW before we.


📰 Telegram

🐦 Twitter

👾 Discord

Winners questions:


Please tell me, how can I buy your tokens right now?And which wallet support your token? Thanks.

We will be making a CEX announcement very soon, please watch socials for news


This is an important point to call out as we continue to see scammers trying to Impersonate our brand.


We will make this super clear on our social channels WHEN this is available, but until then the ONLY way you can participate in getting your hands on $ANML RIGHT NOW, is by applying to one of our 5 launchpads, or waiting for our IEO to purchase on a centralized exchange


Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?


Offical Partners with OpenSea, NetVRK, Decentraland, Vera and many more in the works!


About your NFTs, Can you explain further about the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Are they meant to be held as simple collectibles or will they have additional benefits? Also, will you have your own marketplace to sell and buy the your NFTs?


Good question, yes the NFT’s will have things like seocial access to future concerts, vip meet and greets, come with unrealeased footage and more.We will have our own marketplace but right now we are partnered with OpenSea who will promote them for us.

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