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The support shown to us during our Gleam Contest and in the whitelisting process has not let us down, as our community keeps showing us how huge and enthusiastic they are.

And the same can be said for the subsequent private round sale, which went even better than what we predicted.

Arcade Network is a really valuable project, and to see it getting the recognition it deserves is something that we can be proud of, alongside all the other brilliant teams we have discovered and partnered with.

The people at Arcade have identified a big hole in the market and decided to fill it in with some quality. Their idea of a Gaming Marketplace is something that has been already explored in other fields of blockchain technology, but it is with this year NFTs surge that the real potential of this project can be explored fully.

The end goal of a decentralized market for gaming is to take back some of the freedom that has become so scarce in the elitist world of developing games. Indie titles are becoming a scouting ground for big companies, and those same companies are enforcing ruthless business practices while having a scandal over how they treat their workforce every other week.

By giving users and developers the chance to interact with each other directly, while also giving them the ability to set up real and proper stores that can act as points of contact with the community, as landing pages and as the display of their products all at the same time.

But we are not here to talk about things that everyone already knows. We are here to disclose the results and the details of Arcade Network Private Round, so let’s get to the bone of this matter.

As previously mentioned, the numbers were huge, so thank you all for the support and don’t forget to follow our announcement channels and our media to always be up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes, below you will find all the data about the event.

Additional information

Total Impressions: 29366
Total Actions before verification: 126896
Total Actions after verification:125571
Total Users before verification: 13160
Total Users after verification: 13065
Total wallets: 10679
Total wallets after verification:10604
Total points from Gleam after verification: 694495
The average number of points per account: 65

Chance to win: 0.229%


We prepared a spreadsheet containing every person who registered using Gleam. The spreadsheet includes three columns:

  • Assigned consecutive number
  • ERC20WalletAddress
  • Points (Total points)

You can find a CSV under the link below: (need to put link)


To dispel any possible doubt, we are publishing the SHA256 online hash file checksum function. Anyone is able to check the hash value — this proves that the data has not been tampered with.


You can check it by yourself, for example using PowerShell, or any other SHA256 :

Get-FileHash .\fileName.csv -Algorithm SHA256 |Format-List


We used a contest selection contract that is available to check on our Github repository under this link:

The contract is verified and available to check under this link:

The contract is keeping links to the Google files with data included in the CSV file as well as containing a SHA256 hash of the CSV file.


The contract gets a random value from the Chainlink VRF.

Based on a random value, x unique numbers in the range from 0-to-n are generated.

Where each new unique number is also a new random value for the function, and n is the number of winners for Gleam contest.

winnerSeed = uint256(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(previousWinnerSeed, i, nonce)));

winnerIndex = (winnerSeed % ticketsCount) + 1;


Using the contract, we were able to select: 30 random numbers matching the numbers from the CSV file, where the winners are the first 30 unique ERC20 addresses.

Everything is verifiable on-chain, links to transactions are posted below.

A CSV file with winners is published here

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