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Could you introduce yourself and tell us more about your team? We would love to hear about your past experiences in this ecosphere, and what you have coming next!


Hey folks, thanks for having me here. My name is Faizy, and I also go by the name DG. I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Astra Nova. As pioneers, Astra Nova is the first Web3 RPG from Saudi Arabia, aiming to cater to the MENA and SEA demographic. Our global team of over 80 members has worked truly hard to bring this project to life. We’re excited to talk about our game, which integrates high-fidelity AAA graphics, AI-enhanced gameplay, and a deep, immersive storyline in a seamless blend.


You are also the first project we have partnered with that has roots in Saudi Arabia and we are delighted that you have chosen to work with us, we are impressed with the level of development of your project, both technically and visually!

You claim to be building your project using technologies such as unreal engine, hedera, Immutable, and zkEVM, can you tell us briefly what your use of these technological advances is?


Astra Nova has a multichain approach, supporting multiple blockchains, to mitigate the lack of Dapps and liquidity. Currently, we support Hedera, Immutable, zkEVM, and we are powered by Polygon and opBNB.

You can expect a multi-chain approach for our project and our $RVV token.


It’s good that you plan to expand your product into other fields of blockchain technology, we know how flexible you need to be to succeed in this market, and being able to implement and utilize the latest technologies is one of the keys to success.

The $RVV is the main token in your ecosystem, can you tell us more about its usefulness, and what makes it different from other tokens that your competitors offer in their gaming projects?


$RVV is key in supporting a sustainable play & own gaming economy.

  • All in-game transactions
  • NFT Marketplace — NFT upgrade/power-ups
  • Participation in events and tournaments
  • Purchase, lease, or rent Astra Nova’s digital collectibles
  • Council Fees eg: Advertising, etc.

Astra Nova competes with established RPG franchises by integrating high-fidelity AAA graphics, AI-enhanced gameplay, and a deep, immersive storyline, weaved together in the same package. We have Unique features such as:

AI Integration and AI agility to improve game development pipelines and gaming experience with features like AI NPCs and adaptive difficulty levels.

An ever-expanding Storyline showcasing a compelling universe with a strong narrative with Storyline participation from the community

Deviants! Our Unique NFTs will give you access to exclusive content, abilities, and items.

Cross-chain functionality with a seamless use of assets across different blockchain platforms.

Active Community Engagement brought to you by SocialFi campaigns like Black Pass for social quests and token rewards

A thrilling Player-Driven Economy where earning $RVV tokens through gameplay, missions, and events has never been so fun!


It sounds incredible! With those plans, if you can get your community properly involved in the development of the project, you don’t have to worry about success, an active and loyal user base is going to be one of the pillars you base your success on, and, using AI is a very sensible direction, especially nowadays where it is a real revolution, many people in our community are fans of NFTs so there will surely be many fans of NFT type solutions among us.

There are thousands of projects being developed every month in the crypto world, what makes Astra Nova the best choice of them all, and why do you think so?


In Astra Nova, we balance fun gameplay and meaningful rewards by incorporating:

A free-to-play environment with Enhanced Rewards where Casual players can enjoy the game, while those participating in community events and holding NFTs can earn higher rewards.

An easy-to-access and understand way of earning $RVV Tokens, with which Players can profit directly through missions, quests, events, and leaderboard challenges.

Multiple UGC Platforms and Battle Passes will provide Active participation which is incentivized through user-generated content platforms and unique Battle Pass campaigns.

Everything will be AI-enhanced, strongly focusing on bettering our gameplay with the objective of ensuring dynamic, engaging gaming experiences for all players.

We are the 1st movers from the Saudi Arabian region so we have that advantage, along with our userbase which has been growing since 2020, and our team’s experience in actually creating AAA game titles.


Being a pioneer in a given market is not only a matter of initiative and advantage, but also a huge responsibility, as many others will follow in your footsteps, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

What marketing activities do you plan to undertake to gain more recognition in the market? Tell us more about your roadmap of what’s to come in the future.


So Astra Nova has already launched the Social Fi campaign a few weeks back with the Black Pass Platform, Which aims to Incentivize community engagement.

Soon we will have the release of the game demo to give players a first taste of the

game. The launch of the $ RVV. (Revive )Token in July will come with several CEX Listings.

And we also plan to roll out the UGC platform update soon, to further engage players and to see what our retention rates look like.

We will be continuously updating and enhancing the game playtests based on player feedback, ensuring a robust and enjoyable experience.

Beyond that, in 2025 we will have the beta & alpha game release and at the EOY 2024, we will have our Deviants mobile mini-game launch, which will signify another milestone in our journey.


Sounds amazing! I think that with such a background and ideas a lot of people will definitely hear about you, I myself am very curious to see how you will develop!

I’d like a segway from your latest, answer, can you tell us a bit more about your Black Pass and please explain how to easily farm $RVV?


The Black Pass is a SocialFi platform integrated into the Astra Nova ecosystem, offering players a competitive edge through social engagement and rewards tracking.

Here’s how it works:

Access and Participation: Players can access the Black Pass platform through a free soulbound NFT. Once on the platform, they can participate in various social quests and activities.

Reward Tracking: The Black Pass tracks players’ in-game activities, such as completing missions, participating in events, and engaging with the community. Players earn shards (points) based on their participation and achievements.

Token Airdrops: Players can redeem their accumulated shards for $RVV tokens, the official token of the Astra Nova game. These token rewards provide players with additional incentives for active engagement within the game ecosystem.

Seasonal Journey: The Black Pass operates on a seasonal basis, with each season centered around specific events or milestones within the Astra Nova game. Players embark on a journey throughout the season, earning rewards and progressing through tiers based on their activity and achievements.


This is a very interesting solution, in an age of very high competition it is hard to find the right tools, I am glad you have come up with something innovative, it will certainly pay off in the long run!

What do you consider to be the biggest advantage of your project and what would you say to an undecided person who is considering investing in $RVV to look at your project with a favorable eye?


Astra Nova integrates high-fidelity AAA graphics, AI-enhanced gameplay, and a deep, immersive storyline. Additionally, our in-game assets, like deviants, are unique digital collectibles that offer real-world value and utility within the game, ensuring a blend of entertainment and investment potential for players.


Surely everyone who loves gaming will be interested in your project, you have beautiful graphics, interesting mechanics, an experienced team, and interesting partners.

In a word, you have everything you need to succeed!

And that will be all for today folks, as always don’t forget to stay tuned to Synapse for more updates, and to stay on top of our partner’s rooster. Be sure also to check out Astra Nova’s website and Telegram to understand better the ins and outs of their project, and to see for yourself why we are so excited about their release!

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