Could you introduce yourself to our community? Tell us about your team, who you are, what experience you have, also tell us what made you choose the crypto industry.


My name is Sangay Norbu and i am the CMO of Battle Saga. As a child I was always intrigued by computers and spent most of my time playing video games and learning more about computer systems. As time went by I learned about crypto currency and found the concept very interesting and innovative. I started investing and learning as much as I could about the market. Then came NFTs, which opened up a lot of possibilities of which NFT games piqued my interest. Me and my colleagues brought together a team and started working a new type of NFT game called Battle Saga.

Could you explain briefly what BattleSaga is? We have a lot of new people in crypto, especially they are curious about what problems your project is supposed to solve and what you want to offer.


Battle Saga is a Clash of Clan inspired decentralized Earn-Without-Playing(EWP) strategic metaverse game implementing innovative DAO system for the best user experience and adaptability. Most P2E games on the market right now focus more on the earning aspect rather than the general gaming experience. Battle Saga plans to develop a metaverse where players can enjoy the game even without the earning aspects. We will be hosting tournaments where players can compete with each other and players will also be able to form alliances with other players to earn even more from battling.

What role does NFT play in your ecosystem? Tell us more about the earning opportunities on your platform and the usefulness of the token.


All buildings, heroes, weapons, armour, and base camp are an NFT on their own and are tradable in the marketplace with the price scaling depending on its rarity. Players can earn through successful offensive and defensive attempts in the game. Some alternate ways to earn is the trading of NFTs on the marketplace and the token staking and farming aspects in the game. The game functions on two tokens, $BTL which is the native token, and $GOLD which is the in-game token. The usage of $BTL ranges from buying NFTs and realms on the markeplace to exchanging it with the in-game token, $GOLD, which can be used to train troops and upgrade your base. $BTL is also needed for the staking, farming, and breeding aspects of the game. Players can create NFTs using the $BTL coin.

Looking at your Roadmap, you plan a lot, can you say something more about DAO, game mechanics and staking? And most importantly, what else are you planning for the future?


We will be implementing an innovative DAO system in the game. This will close the gap between developers and the players making it much easier to see the recommendation of players being implemented in the game. Our community will have a say in the development of the game with constant player recommended updates being used to further improve the game. The game mechanics revolve around live offence and pre-built defence gameplay. Players can earn through each successful offensive attack and through successful defensive attempts. We plan to release the beta version of the game at the beginning of Q1 2022, followed by the release of the game on desktop.

Can you tell us more about the partnerships that support the project? We are also curious about what marketing plans you have for the coming months.


We have secured partnerships with Oddiyana Ventures, Red Swiss Venture Capital, Fairum Ventures, MH Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, NonceBlox, Token Hunter, Gamefi Capital, Vespertine Capital, Moonwhale, BBS Finance, Avalon Wealth Club, Magnus Capital, Hot Capital, Alpha Investment Group, Krypto Playboy Capital, Wealth Union, Exnetwork Capital, Halvings Capital, HODL Global and Ekoios. We will be hosting a lot of giveaway events for our community so make sure to participate.

What are your ideas about the metaverse? It’s a broad field and people, especially newcomers, don’t fully understand what it represents. Please explain how BattleSaga will differ from other similar projects.


We will be having our own metaverse, whereby we will have games built on our lands. we will also be having tournaments where people can organize their own and get prizes! We have a lot more but we can’t disclose it as of now

How do you want to convince investors that it is your project that will change their lives for the better?


Investing early in Battle Saga is definitely a right move as it implements a never seen before gaming mechanism (EWP) that other NFT games on the market do not use. The earn without playing mecahmism is sure to change the gaming world forever. Our project is also backed up by a lot of big names in the crypto space like oddiyana ventures that have a good track record of successful investments. Battle Saga will also be implementing a DAO system which will greatly reduce the gap between the developers and the players. This will make it much easier to see user recommended updates being implemented in the game.

Winners questions.


How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?


Yes, we already have channels in our discord and we have many KOLs from different nationality. We are looking into going global


According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?


We are now focusing on developing a solid top notch game. Whereby we can change lives of many people


Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?


Yes we have an audit certificate, we are audited by zokyo so we are ready to set off to the moon

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