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2 min readApr 29, 2021


Gemstarter launchpad project is happy to announce an investment partnership with BlackDragon. BlackDragon group has invested in the Private investment round. Besides the investment, BlackDragon will provide assistance with marketing, community growth, and advisory, along with access to the industry network and resources.

BlackDragon is a blockchain native venture capital firm with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams.

BlackDragon has strong community support fortified by an amazing fundraising platform and in-house research which gives their members access to early-stage deals in highly vetted projects. BlackDragon vision is to empower development of innovative blockchain solutions to real world problems while adding value to the entire ecosystem. is a unique launchpad project. Gemstarter allows investors to follow projects from the point of conception, monitor progress through the unique tracking system, and invest at a stage investors feel comfortable. Therefore the project provides public sale opportunities to those who show the most faith in projects and the earliest stages. Gemstarter will support the incubation of these projects by matching them to institutional partners.

Stay tuned for more partnerships!


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ABOUT GEMSTARTER: is the unique launchpad project that brings back investment opportunities in early-stage start-ups to all of you.



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