Question 1.

Cloudname is an innovative platform for online domain trading. Could you introduce us a little bit to the Cloudname world? What exactly is domain trading?


Good question, let’s start with the fundamentals. Domain trading consists of buying and selling domains, often with the goal of making a profit or as part of growing an investment portfolio.

The world of domain trading is growing all the time, the data says so. Every day there are more and more domain traders and more and more domains in circulation, there are lots of opportunities to earn money with low risk.


if you want to learn more, read our article: “What is domain trading?”


Let me do some examples of domain sales, recently the domains Deepak.eth and DeFi.eth have been sold for respectively 2.3 milion dollars and 1.2 milion dollars

This is where Cloudname was born. From the will of a group of domain enthusiasts (the Cloudname team) who want to open the possibility of earning money to ALL. In fact, Cloudname wants to democratize and decentralize domain investing, adding a multitude of services and gamification in all the processes. We plan to be recognized as the world leader exchange of the Domain world!


We are online with Cloudname Beta, so be sure to give it a look


Just to give another example, I’ll tell you other domains that have been sold at a high price in the last month: — 15,750 USD — 15,256 USD for approx 100,000 USD

Question 2.

Can you tell us how long you have been working on the #Cloudname? Who first came up with the idea to create this project and why?


Well, the idea for Cloudname was born in 2020 and took shape in 2021, when input from the market made us realize that the time was right.

Specifically, the first person who came up with the idea for Cloudname was our CEO Davide V. Let me tell you the story. Davide actually invested or advised investment in tech and subsequently, as natural for all those curious in technologies back in 2016–2017 in crypto. He had the necessity of finding a couple of powerful domains and ended up paying quite a lot, in the 5–6 zeros.

At his own expense, He realized how convenient it was to invest in good names, words. Naturally, He started buying different domains, checking what was trending and He did this as a newbie back in the days. Then reading domain reports on the web, he discovered that more than 440m domains are registered worth more than hundreds bilion dollars.So He started to buy 4 letters, trending keyword domains, emoji domains consistently. And then, crypto and ens domain arose. To make the long story short, He still had the necessity to have a platform that could have helped in increasing Liquidity in the market, and so the tokenization and investment fractionalisation traditional or blockchain.

Moreover, a platform in which to register a traditional or blockchain domain paying in crypto or fiat. On top of all of this, He also wanted a platform that could have helped him spot semantic, social and keyword trends so he could have bought the new or or whatever. And why not also a market in which to rent the domains he already own? Basically to make smart choices, to have fun while investing in domain names. So with the other 2 co-founders, they decided to create a platform that could have helped them and so a lot of other domainers around the world.


Get an overview about Cloudname in this infographic

Question 3.

Can you say something about your team, and about your past? It will be nice! A lot of people from our community wants to meet you better, share your experience with us..


Our team is composed of dedicated and trustworthy professionals: As I was telling u guys our CEO and Co-founder Davide V. comes from Switzerland and is in crypto since 2016 — someone perhaps knows Amun and 21Shares, he was there since the beginning and now rocking with Cloudname (I think I’ve told you enough about him already lol!

All of our team members have been working successfully in VC, banks, crypto, and tech companies for years, most of us in Switzerland, and it’s great to find so much experience concentrated in one small company.

For example, our Data Officer & Co-founder Francesco A. (also Swiss) has worked for IBM and ConsenSys.


This is the team!


Now Francesco, Our co-founder is in Denver at ETHDenver to represent Cloudname


Learn more about us on our website:


Personally, I jumped on board Cloudname a year ago, because I realized that the project was very promising, but most importantly, that the world of domains is super cool and there’s really a chance for so many people to make money!

Maybe it’s time, me and Matthias presents ourselves. My name is Leonardo, I’m SMM of Cloudname and domain trading enthusiast! I’m a digital data expert (more commonly known as Data nerd) and market researcher. I love innovation and that’s why meeting the world of crypto was so natural to me: I’ve known the world of domain investing for a few years and it has always intrigued me because it highlights the great power of “names” in our society. In fact, today the biggest businesses in the world use the web as a showcase, and every website must display the name of the company in the simplest, clearest and most elegant way possible. So domain names investing seemed to me a really good opportunity.


Hi everybody, I am Matthias, working as Junior Marketing Associate for Cloudname. I am fairly new to the crypto sector. Our founder, Davide V. inspired me to dive into it and now I am convinced of the huge potential crypto- and domain trading has. It feels great to be part of the fast development in this area! Hello Synapse Community !

Question 4.

Could you explain the function of the $CNAME token and expand our knowledge about his use cases. People are really interested in earning opportunities via your platform.


Sure, you should know that $CNAME is absolutely not a token like any other. Yes, you’re probably thinking “”Everyone says that””, but let me explain, then you can judge for yourself! The uniqueness of $CNAME resides in its deep connection with the Cloudname domain trading platform. CNAME token is a Utility token allowing users to advance levels platform. Users simply need to hold CNAME tokens in their Metamask wallet to gain access to advanced tools such as Fee discounts, transactions discounts, trend prediction AI autopilot and more.

To explain it simply, the $CNAME token allows domains to be tokenized or fractionalized: what does that mean? It means that if, for example, there is a domain that costs 500,000 USD, anyone can split it into 1,000 parts and buy one part. The fractionalisation process basically allows anyone to access domains that would otherwise be too expensive. Imagine as if a domain were a corporation and you acquired a stake in it!

In addition, $CNAME lends itself to being traded, bought and resold! So basically, the $CNAME is a token embedded in a mechanism that constantly raises and protects its value.


Want some $CNAME?

Join Cloudname x @BreederDodo Whitelist Campaign…

Join Cloudname x @SynapseNetwork_ Whitelist Campaign…

Join Cloudname x @realpolkabridge Whitelist Campaign

And also join our telegram:

Question 5.

Can you tell us something about the Cloudname beta platform? Share with our community how the platform works and what it is designed to do.


This is where my favorite part comes in, because Cloudname Beta is really cool and our tech team is prepared and worked hard on it!

We are currently in the process of implementing the domain buying and selling feature, which will be available from next week, but in the meantime, you can upload your domains to the marketplace!

Our development team has already prepared all the other Cloudname features, which will be uploaded to the platform from week to week! Cloudname users can: Register new, or trade already owned domains, both traditional and blockchain domains

Tokenize and fractionalise domain names with ERC-20 tokens

Receive passive income from your domain portfolio

Discover a huge plethora of analytics to spot future market trends

Price accurately your domains thanks to our domain live price algorithm

Win super cool domains in our lotteries

Receive discounts on fees and transactions


Find out all about our features here on our website:

Cloudname Official Chat

Cloudname Twitter Page

I highly suggest you join our telegram group and follow us on Twitter, because that way you can stay updated on feature updates. I think we are done with this quesion! I could speak for hours about Cloudname features

Question 6.

Why did you choose the domain market? Why do you think it is a future-oriented direction and worth getting interested in? Also, tell us on which network you are building your project, maybe do you plan to use other networks in the future?


As I’ve said before, and I think it’s important that this message gets across to the entire Synapse community. Every decision we make is based on data. And the data speaks for itself: Cloudname refers to a flourishing market that is closely tied to the worldwide digital culture of the 2000s.


Check out this!


The domain market has been growing for 20 years and every day:

  • New domainers buy and sell domains
  • New companies are born and consequently need a website
  • The world of digital marketing is growing rapidly, and the demand for domains to make backlinks is more and more consistent.

Specifically, the world of crypto domains is growing very fast, because now everyone starts to know the benefits of crytpo domains.


Speaking of crypto domains, we have written an article where you can find all the info you need about them

In short, there are a lot of reasons why the domain market is good and has ample room for growth.

Not to dwell too much I would say: try to read a couple of our articles and then, if you want, join our telegram group


Find our articles here:


We are currently building our project on Polygon and we support Ethereum and BSC.

Polygon was the obvious choice given its objectives and approach overlap with us and our community.

Our team strongly believe in cost-effective, sustainable blockchain applications that allows for better user experiences and low fees.

Question 7.

Can you tell us more about your partnerships and projects that support you? I’m also curious to know, what is for you most unique in Cloudname? What would you tell a potential investor to convince them to invest in your project?


In my experiences prior to Cloudname, I had a misconception about partners. I thought that partners just wanted to make money on projects and that their role was mostly passive as an observer. Then with Cloudname, the turning point. We have found partners (and they have found us) who are really smart, who actively participate in our growth and who believe in the potential of the project. They have invested large sums of money but they also give us a boost thanks to their experience. Here’s an overview about some of our partners:

As i was telling, it’s a pleasure to work with them and getting so much positive feedback and trust. You might know some of our partners as exchange platforms, VC and banks, they support us to finance and develop our project as well as to making it know throughout the crypto world. Our partners have a lot of experience in the world of secure and profitable investments in innovation, DeFi, and also in traditional businesses.

In our calls with partners, we often say the word “revolution”. This is because what makes Cloudname unique is precisely the set of elements I described above: Cloudname turns the world of domain trading upside down, bringing a business made only for people with lots of money to everyone, experienced traders and newbies alike.

but yes, if you ask me to find a word that explains the uniqueness of Cloudname I will say “Need Satisfied”: yes, because Cloudname satisfies real needs of people. With us, people are free to manage their investments in a safe, innovative, and profitable way without having to be professionals. Here, to answer your third question “What would you tell a potential investor to convince them to invest in your project?” I would say: Cloudname meets real needs of people. And it does so through the unwavering commitment of a passionate, transparent and knowledgeable team.

So in conclusion: Cloudname is made by people, for people.

Community questions

1. Con Gi

I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?


Here! And we will also announce other major exchanges soon, stay tuned on Twitter

💸 Join Cloudname x @BreederDodo Whitelist Campaign…

💸 Join Cloudname x @SynapseNetwork_ Whitelist Campaign…

💸 Join Cloudname x @realpolkabridge Whitelist Campaign

2. Earlean

Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?


Cloudname is for both professionals and newbies! You can find some educational videos on our YouTube channel:

3. Thomas

Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

4. King

Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?


You can find info and review videos in different languages. Also, join our Discord community, there’s groups in many different languages!

5. Apon

Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term.


I agree with you in fact we are currently working with KOLs, journals and key target personas both of the world of domains and crypto also our project is gaining more and more attention by media and users because of our Great User experience and features we plan tu upload more and more features as written in the roadmap in fact we are in perfect timing with our roadmap and we want to continue like this.

6. Robins
What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?


There are plenty of things we’re conquering in 2022, you can find our roadmap in this infographic

7. Epicelia

Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put the community into consideration?


Yes! We are very glad to have a vivid community and they help us a lot. For example, when we released our beta platform several weeks ago, it was great to have so much feedback from the community.

8. McGlauhin

What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have over competitors? What would be your project secure most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?


Here an old picture that maybe can help you.

9. Brenner

Security and anonymity are always prioritized by BlockChain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?


The cybersecurity threat is a topic we are keeping on focus since the early stages of the project. From the first version of Cloudname, personal informations and backend wallet keys are stored in a specific database accessible only by the backend where those informations are stored encrypted with a specific private key. To protect from unapropriate actions into the application, Cloudname requires a 2 factor authentication. The 2 factor authentication can be performed with Google Authentication. The OTP secrets are stored with a specific private/public key linked only for the user which are encrypted with the specific private key held by the server. Since we manage payments, we have choosen as payment providers Stripe (which will store the payment method for us) and PayPal (which is well known)

10. Rhaza

What are the benefits of holding your token as a long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long run?


The token will grow its value and will be stable for sure because of the connection between the token and the Cloudname features. This correlation makes it pretty profitable.

11. Trinh

Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?


Definitely! It feels like we have just started and more than 90000 people have joined our Telegram community by now. The launch of the beta platform in January was a huge success and now that we’re heading towards IDO, we see more and more interest in different groups on all kinds of platforms

Winners Questions

1. Shavon

What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?


Both, i can assure you we are working really hard on marketing ($CNAME side) and on the main product (Domain), because, as I told u during the AMA, “The uniqueness of $CNAME resides in its deep connection with the Cloudname domain trading platform. CNAME token is a Utility token allowing users to advance levels platform.” And also “ the $CNAME is a token embedded in a mechanism that constantly raises and protects its value.” This thanks to the connection between $CNAME and Cloudname.

2. Jasson

PARTNERS are the most important that strengthen the ecosystems of all projects. Could you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategy it has adopted?


Our partners are venture Capital, banks, excanges ecc. Our strategy is to enlarge our partners pool, not because we want more visibility or money, but because we want to be sure that many people of different countries and cultures can find us, and of course earn money.

3. Spartan Kly

Currently most people’s views and the main focus of the crypto community is on token prices.

So, what are you going to do with the $CNAME team to grow a loyal community and of course to strengthen it, and how do you trust investors?


Many focus too much on prices and forget about the quality of the service that stay behind the token, but this is (my opinion) it’s caused by the storm of shitcoin (sorry for the term) that are populating the web not every token has a good quality project at his back honestly very few project has it but our do. If u don’t believe me, just watch how we will go to the moon next months and especially token remains stable over time because our token is strong thanks to our main service (domain trading)

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

Telegram Announcement Channel
Telegram Global Group




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