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8 min readJan 2, 2023

In response to the needs of our community and to return to the underpinnings on which the Synapse Network was based, we present the latest updates on the development activities we previously teased!

What has already been implemented:


In December, we worked intensively on a “multi-tenant” solution, which will let us begin to use the same “code base” for multiple projects that want to raise funds under their brand, simplifying the process of building up multi features projects for every one of our partners. But what is a multi-tenant?

  • Multi-tenant is an environment that offers the opportunity to use our technology and know-how in the form of a white-label solution.
  • Multi-Tenant was specifically developed by Synapse to provide an efficient and easy-to-use solution to a wide variety of situations.
  • This product serves to make our tech-labs service solutions available to business and institutional customers.

Admin panel → we are working on a unique environment that will directly influence our platform and its features.

  • This is one of the in-house solutions that we are preparing to release, allowing faster and easier management of all elements of the dApp.
  • The Admin panel has been built up from scratch, and due to the meticulousness and patience required, this multi-layered solution is still being worked on as we are speaking.
  • With this solution, will be able to:
    Manage all aspects of platform maintenance
    Add claiming
    Run and monitor the sales process

All while having a designated Administrator privilege that will let us intervene in those aspects of platform development swiftly, without the need to change massive swats of our architecture.

Twitter Points Raise → working on specific aspects of Twitter Points Raise

What actually happened?

  • Migration of data associated with existing developers’ Twitter accounts to new ones.
  • Attempt to get Twitter API elevated access (requires individual permissions by Twitter)
  • Fixing the problem of having to reconnect the Twitter account each time a login happens.
  • KYC:
    Fixed KYC problems for some cases where the user changed wallet on Portal and Fractal
    In one case it was a “manual” repair on our side, in another case, it was a matter of re-interpreting the data that came back from fractal.

Working on vesting changes:

  • Users will see only projects in which they participated
  • Further division into rounds


  • Fixed: Staking — Loader is missing so that the application has time to load real staking information → faster presentation of staking data
  • Fixed: The same decimal precision should be used for all amounts on the sales summary page → make the presentation of amounts in the sales process more consistent
  • Fixed: Error message blinks on projects page → Fixed display error
  • Fixed: Improved interaction with smart contract → Fixed many bugs related to the interaction between dApp and smart contract
  • Fixed: Mobile dev SNP Power is incorrectly called points on top of site info → Improved display of SNP Power values


The month began with the announcement of the results of the MASCOT competition. Two beautiful dogs and a cat were on the podium. Once again, we congratulate the winners and, above all, wish their lovely pets good health!

Twitter Contest Results.

Not only that! One of the winners decided to donate his winnings to the animal shelter in a touching display. People have big hearts, the donation was successful and we hope that our actions have bought some of the less fortunate animals out there a slice of happiness!

Amazing Winner Animal Shelter Donation.

The next competition that we hosted was prepared together with the Naoris Protocol project and required a bit more cleverness, as you had to actively participate in the live meetings in order to gain knowledge about the questions that appeared in the quiz.

We are pretty happy with our results will strive to give you something even better next time. For now, we want to congratulate the winners and remind you that the winners were contacted by email on 22.12, so be sure to check out your inbox, and the spam folder of the email you used to sign up for the contest!!

SynapseXNaori Contest Winners.

Curious about how to motivate cryptocurrency communities during a bear market? Are there any proven ways? How approach the bear market in a manner that will ensure growth even during the worst times for the industry? Check it out right now in one of our newest informative articles!

Synapse Medium How to Navigate the Bear Market Article.

Of course, a single contest wasn’t enough for us, and to bolster the Christmas Spirit of our team and community we prepared another game for you. There is only one December every year, and we wanted to make the most out of this wonderful month. The new contest asked our participants to create their own Christmas cards referring to Synapse Network. You could win three times $50 each in $SNP tokens, plus an original Synapse Network branded mug! Your creativity exceeded our expectations, and the results of your work can be seen in this post, congratulations to the winners!

Synapse Christmas Contest Winners.

We have also entered into a new partnership with the Crypto Mayhem project, a new ecosystem operating in the metaverse realm, creating a game that is not only intended to attract gaming fans but also cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The Synapse Network is fully supporting Crypto Mayhem, incubating it in some tiers while also providing the cutting-edge solutions they need.

Crypto Mayhem Partnership Details.

To celebrate this partnership, we also held a quick competition, in which you could win early access to the game Crypto Mayhem is working on, winners will need to check their Twitter inboxes to see if they got their Win notification!

Crypto Mayhem Contest Status.

December also started with the launch of a series of surveys, which aim to explore the behaviour and inclinations of our community when it comes to investing and learning the crypto market. These surveys will help us improve the entirety of the Synapse project and will give us all the tools needed to prepare a new series of exciting events for you. The first question was a classic: What gives you more profit, TRADING or HODL?

Synapse Surveys.

The second question was to find out which of the major blockchains is the safest for you:

Synapse Surveys Part 2

Thank you for all your votes!

We are all one big family, and a family needs to support each other! We encourage you to share your thoughts and the ideas that are on your mind, on our Telegram channels or even simply in the comments under our Twitter posts! An example of such a post is the one below:

Synapse Twitter Announcement.

The Crypto Sphere event will start on the 4th of February 2023, and Synapse will be sure to not miss it! Meet us, have a word with the upper echelons of Synapse, and hear a lot of interesting things about crypto, marketing, or investing in precious metals in the city of Wroclaw. The Synapse Network is a gold partner of the event, and we are looking forward to seeing many of our community members at the event, more information will be coming soon!

Crypto Sphere Event Update Number 1

Synapse Network also offers a whole range of technology-related services, which we often mention because due to the front position of our launchpad! We want to let you know that those tech integrations aren’t only for show and that our B2B partners are exploring those solutions even during this winter.

An example is the “Token as a Service” feature — our product includes the complete preparation of your token for the launch, making it a very useful tool for newly formed teams.

For companies, this saves time and guarantees the creation of a token by experts in the market, while the community members won’t have to worry about token security or stability.

But it’s not all, we have also multiple internal contests related to more social aspects of the crypto community. Remember that by commenting on our posts, adding suggestions or quoting them, you are increasing our reach but also collecting activity points which you will be able to convert into various goodies, with more and more options coming in the future, so we encourage you to interact with the Synapse ecosystem as much as you want, try it with this post related to our tech services:

Synapse Tech Services Twitter Announcement.

Synapse has always watched the market closely and analysed every important event that happened in our ecosystem, and in this period of great turmoil we decided to explore some of the events that happened recently, thus creating the article: “The Rise and Fall Of FTX”, the first of a trilogy- in which we focused on the history of the FTX to give you a bit of background info on what went wrong and why for the institution. The FTX article trilogy finale will be published soon, so check out the first parts at the links below.

The Rise and Fall of FTX P1

Part two deals with the darker sides of the FTX business, Alameda Research, and points out the risks that an uncontrolled life of debauchery can bring to even brilliant people. We are sure that you’ll find many interesting details in the second part of our article trilogy linked below. :

The Rise And Fall of FTX P2

The Christmas tree, the decorations, delicious dishes, the family next to us, oh these holidays! To celebrate the holidays, we also held a quick competition, where you had to show us what your Christmas tree looked like, and believe it or not, each one is a special window into the personalities of their creators!

The main prize was a Christmas ball with the Synapse Network logo on it, the winner has already been informed that he has won by a PM message sent by our wonderful team!

Synapse Christmas Tree Contest Details

Christmas is an amazingly beautiful time, but we know that the holidays bring a lot of movement to many markets, and a reliable defence against bots is necessary when you are navigating the DeFi ecosystem during periods of fast interactions!

Also, skilful management of your project is important, especially during a bear market. Remember to properly protect your token from any unwanted movement, thanks to the Synapse Network Anti-Bot solutions! You can read more about it here:

Synapse Anti Bots Details

And finally, as long as we’re talking about Christmas, we couldn’t leave out the wishes either! So our team has edited a short but heartfelt wish directed to all of the members of our community, and to everyone that needs some encouragement with the new year coming so fast!

To check out the video, simply click on the link below.

Happy Synapse New Year Everyone!

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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