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7 min readNov 30, 2022

In response to the needs of our community and to return to the underpinnings on which the Synapse Network is based, we present the latest updates on the development activities we previously teased!

What has already been implemented:


As part of our development activities, in addition to our launchpad development services, we will also focus on various software as a service (saas) solutions. As part of these services, we are working on:

  • Expanded set of smart contracts, tokens, and DAO for one of our new branches
  • NFT presale DApp, smart contract, bridges, token and NFT for a second avenue of development

SNP price portal mapping → Currently undergoing the debugging process for the code responsible for live price updates.

Ability to claim tokens only on the currently selected network → this has eliminated the problem of too much RPC overhead.

Twitter Points Raise → Introducing a beta version of Twitter Points Raise which is a social gamification element for our community, the TPR is in its first iteration and will be expanded with more features in the future.
What specifically happened?

  • Integration with Twitter API
  • Extension of database structures with additional tables
  • Introduction of scores counting and tracking mechanism
  • Preparation of a branch department for counting these scores
  • Entering the first phase of Testnet integrations

NFT Sale Change → changing the sale flow, with sale wizard updated to properly depict ticket sales for various NFTs draw, rather than just being a deposit (as in the case of regular sales).
What specifically happened?

  • Introducing a new sale flow in ticket form
  • Streamlining and modifying the process of purchasing tickets for SNP NFT sales
  • Writing a dedicated component for front-end integrations
  • Introducing validation for ticket prices


  • Fix for NFT project details — wrong display → Fixed errors related to the presentation of data regarding purchased NFTs.
  • Fixed issue with white screen on FCFS sales when parent’s sale is in progress → Fixed the error of a “white screen” appearing when the primary sale has not yet been completed.
  • Fixed: staking list always loading on Rinkeby and infinite API calls when API isn’t available → Eliminate data refresh issue when API is unavailable.
  • Fixed: when the user is not authorized the console is full of repeating 401 errors → Eliminated errors regarding requests due to lack of user permissions e.g. When the user was not directly logged into the dApp platform.
  • Fixed: translations → Correction of errors regarding translations.
  • Changed: using AxiosInstance in user service → We have optimized the way our platform communicates with the API.
  • Fixed staking loader display.
  • Fixed: connect wallet doesn’t show up again after being closed once.
  • Fixed: mobile view for finished project is stretched beyond the browser.
  • Fixed: make the scroll bar look consistent with the app’s UI d → make the layout more consistent.
  • Fixed: mobile view is stretched beyond browser width → necessary updates for clarity of platform use on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: reduce the number of duplicate API calls when initiating the application while visiting the profile page → optimize DApp’s communication with the API.


1. With the new month beginning, we created a new set of Telegram stickers for our community. Miss Synapse — coming in as the latest addition to the Synapse Team — is a persona created with the idea of developing our brand hero, i.e. the main character, and the first digital member of Synapse, going forward our Miss will solidify her position as the brand representative of the Synapse Network project.

The collection closely follows the reality of what our community likes the most, namely the Cyberpunk climate, and the Cyberpunk culture developed around many of the latest media. If you haven’t used our stickers yet, you can add them simply by clicking on this link here.

At the same time, we ran a short survey in which all of our users could freely take part. The question was what type of sticker our community would like to see coming next, with an easy choice found in the “Diamond Hands” sticker set.

2. In addition to the stickers, we heralded a new engaging way of connecting with you all: the contest for choosing the first mascot of our project lasted almost the entire month of November, with many entries coming to melt the Synapse Contest judges hearts.

Our users showed their creativity, with dogs and cats dominating our polls, but with fierce competition coming from owners of less mainstream pets; the winner can look forward to a prize of $50 in $SNP tokens and a care package for their pet of the same value.

We will also be giving away two consolation prizes of pet goodies for the second and third-place competitors. The results of the contest will be announced soon.

3. A several-minute overview of our project has also appeared on the Youtube channel “Blocks & Alts”. The author takes a closer look at how our platform works and what it can do; you can watch the video directly here on Youtube

4. This November has been full of many interesting new activities for everyone. To warm up our team and our community now that the cold has come, we have started a series of cyclical quizzes “Synapse ABC” to engage with more users and get to know you all in a more direct manner.

Synapse’s goal is to teach and entertain at the same time, by educating our community in a non-traditional way. Our quizzes are going to explore your knowledge and your ability to put your thoughts out in an engaging and exhaustive manner, and as always, we also want to give something back to the people that are always supporting us.

This is why we have also allocated a sizeable prize pool to the Quizzes, with the three people achieving the highest score rewarded with a thousand $SNP tokens for each quiz. Quizzes take place twice a month, to participate simply join our TG channel and wait for it to start here.

5. We also announced a new partnership with the Naoris Protocol project. Naoris is working on a cyber security protocol, with their team being a huge proponent of decentralisation. Their main focus is the development of network security, and as such, their ideals perfectly align with what we are looking for in a partner project.

6. Analysing the current market situation and analytical data, we have decided to reduce the APR by 50% for all new staking pools. It is important to note that present, ongoing stakings will retain the previously selected rate, it will only change if you change your staking path or level after we have integrated the new APR system.

7. After many months of collaboration with the Meta Fighter project, we have released a ‘Case Study’ about the MF project and our partnership, describing some of the specifics resulting from our conjoined efforts with the team behind this amazing arcade classic fighting game. If you want to read more about the case, simply check out our Medium.

8. Following the current situation of the cryptocurrency market, we also decided to analyze the behaviour of various projects that have appeared on different launchpads. This comes in combination with a deep dive into how Synapse functions, and an analysis of our methodology.

We want to better understand how new projects behave during a bear market, and we want to share this knowledge with our users, so if you are interested in the more technical aspects of crypto development check out our analysis, which is available here.

9. The current times are certainly not easy for any cryptocurrency market investor. We know this perfectly well, which is why we have prepared an interesting article series for you on how to survive those tough times and not be overcome by stress. Be sure to read the first article of the series on How to Survive in the Crypto Jungle.

10. To make it easier for you all to find key information about our project, we have organised all the important links in one place, be sure to check it out specifically at this link.

11. A significant highlight of November was the implementation of the long-awaited ‘Twitter Points Raise’ solution. Every activity on Twitter related to our project will reward the user with points. In the future, points earned by our users will be able to be exchanged for a variety of prizes. If you are interested in how to link your Twitter account to our platform, please check our overview on the matter here.

12. At the end of November, we organized some great fun for you. First, we turned off the fee that applies to the purchase and sale of our $SNP tokens and then we launched a “Buy & Burn” action, specially tailored for Black Friday. We had planned this for a while, and we decided to deduct the tokens sold in a 24-hour window from the tokens purchased, with the resulting sum simply being burned.

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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