Dutch Crypto Investors partners up with GemStarter

Gemstarter.io, the next level DeFi Multi-chain launchpad platform has just announced the partnership with DCI

DCI is a collective of like minded individuals that aims to promote, educate and inspire crypto enthusiasts. They actively invest in the most high-potential projects in the crypto space. With their expertise, they help strengthen marketing efforts and accelerate user onboarding. Dutch Crypto Investors has an extensive network of partners with the likes of VYSYN Ventures, DuckDAO, NFT Tech, Beyond Finance and many more. DCI has recognised the immense potential of Gemstarter launchpad and are committed to help with the project’s development and delivery.

Gemstarter.io is a unique launchpad project. Gemstarter allows investors to follow projects from the point of conception and invest at a stage investors feel comfortable. Therefore the project provides public sale opportunities to those who show the most faith in projects at their earliest stages. Gemstarter will support the incubation of these projects by matching them to institutional partners.

About GemStarter:
Gemstarter.io is a unique launchpad project that brings back investment opportunities in early-stage start-ups to all of you.
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