Early Stage Community Round open!

Synapse Network is opening the first round of sale for 200 whitelisted people in 1 hour at 11.00 AM CET (9.00 AM UTC). The smart contract will be open, investors will be able to use it to make their first investment in the project.


  1. Make sure that your WHITELISTED wallet is connected with synapse.network

2. Make suere you are logged in:

3. Go to Participate page:

4. You should see details about project and investment

5. Make sure your wallet is whitelisted:

6. To start buying process, first you need to choose the currency

7. Next, you need approve the smart contract interaction by clicking the button “Approve to buy”

8. After confirmation you can proceed to buy:

9. Enter amount (min 1 max 250)

10. Click buy and confirm the transaction

11. You will see two messages during the investment process

Please be aware that transaction confirmation can take some time to finish.

12. CONGRATULATIONS, you are now happy Synapse Network Token investor

Thank you for participating in this stage of the sale. Consequently, we will soon announce our TGE and additional sales phases:



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