Early Stage Community Round Summary

People fighting to the last $SNP token! &
New whitelist announcement!

We are pleased to announce that the early-stage community round was finished today with great success. We were impressed with the excellent results and the number of people applying for whitelisting. At the end of the day the community presale resulted in:

  • 54 000 actions & responses made by our community
  • 6 000 people who applied for the investment
  • 30 X oversubscriptions on the platform

The historic moment has become a fact. The first real sale on our own platform has just ended. Today we tested the entire system in battle and it worked perfectly! Thus, it was a proof of concept of our Synapse Network ecosystem.

Summarizing the results obtained from the first sale on our platform, we closed the sale in 4 rounds:

Round 1:
170 from the first 200 addresses from the whitelist invested. Most people have invested a maximum allocation of 250$.

Round 2:
37 addresses were added to the next round from the reserve list, 27 invested.

Round 3:
12 addresses were added to the next round from the reserve list, 6 invested.

Round 4:
6 addresses were added to the next round from the reserve list, 6 invested.

The fight for $ SNP tokens continued until the very end. Our community members fought until the last minute for the last amount of $ 220. At the end, one lucky person was able to buy the remaining 1 DOLLAR allocation at the very end of the sale. That was a real fight for the last dollar!

The average cost of the tx: 0,0023202651242128 around 5$

As you can see the transaction cost was stable and we didn’t have any gas wars.

Consequently, we are happy to introduce you to the conditions for the next stage of investment rounds.

Investment Round Details:

Private A round:
50 000 USD will be distributed to 100 people, the max investment will be 500 USD per person. A KYC will be required. Private A round rules apply.

Private B round:
100 000 USD will be distributed to 200 people, the max investment will be 500 USD per person. A KYC will be required. Private B round rules apply.

On June 17th, 2021, at 9:00 AM UTC we will be opening the whitelisting, where a pool of people will be drawn to be able to join the investment. We will provide the gleam whitelisting process with several tasks to do — please go to https://gleam.io/JxlgL/synapse-network-private-rounds

Whitelist applications will remain open until June 20 at 9:00 AM UTC

On June 20th after the whitelist is closed we will work on the selection of the applications to remove all not eligible entries. We will then send a confirmation email to the 2,000 investors who were drawn in the same transparent manner as in the previous round. This selected group of 2000 investors can take part in the KYC process and register on the platform.

On June 21st, 2021, at 9:00 AM UTC we will open our platform for registrations and the KYC process. People will have 24h to register on our platform.

On June 22nd, 9:00 AM UTC— If someone hasn’t signed to the platform yet — he will lose his chance. We are closing the registration process, awaiting Fractal KYC results, which can take up to 3 days. At that particular moment, we will ask everybody who registered on our platform to precise: which round they want to be registered with — after this choice, we will select 2 “pools” to draw participants for specific rounds

June 24th, 6:00 PM UTC we will close the KYC process and draw participants based on their KYC approval and on their round choice.

June 24th, 9:00 PM UTC The Final 300 Whitelisted people for both rounds announced — The other set of Whitelisted people that got their KYC approved will be landing on a reserve list, where they will be able to join the sale if the members of the primary list fail to show up.

June 25th, 9:00 AM UTC Opening the sale for 24 hours (for those 300 whitelisted people), both smart contracts opened (one for round A and one for round B consecutively).

June 26th 9:00 AM — 7:00 PM UTC — additional slots available to buy if needed

June 26th 8:00 PM UTC — final announcement of the sale ends.

More information will be provided during the presale rounds.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the first stage of investment in the Synapse Network early-stage community round. We are glad that it was so successful, and most of all we managed to prove that the first product from the Synapse Network ecosystem works. In the first investment round, we showed that the launchpad is no longer in the MVP phase, but is a real viable product. As a result, we will soon be able to announce the start of new projects on our platform.

Stay tuned!



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