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Eden — this term is familiar to everyone around the world. We associate it with plants, sunshine, animals and beauty, in a word, paradise. Can you tell our community why you chose such a name for your project and, what Eden will be for the common people and for you?


As you noticed — Eden means the abundance that we have in nature. We want to remind societies that the richness of nature is available to us. Our planet gives us free, fresh, bio food and medicinal plants.

Eden has been designed in such a way that everyone can use it — you don’t need blockchain knowledge or any NFT, you just install the application and use the gifts of nature and herbal knowledge in Eden.

Our main recipients will be non-crypto people, so we don’t create any barrier to entry and use of Eden which creates great potential for international development in these times of rising food prices and the need to return to nature.


Definitely nature is, at least for me, one of the most important things in life, so I am glad that even in the world of cryptocurrencies there are ideas and, above all, people who want to remind us of it and bring it closer to us.

Now that we know briefly what Eden is, tell us a bit about your team, what mission you want to fulfil being in the world of blockchain and crypto, and what experience you have. When building your brand, and competing in the world of technology, it is worth having a good background.


Our mission is to create a map of edible plants in the world. Our team includes specialists with extensive experience, for example, our Creative Director is Katarzyna Brych, who won one of the most prestigious awards in the advertising industry: including KTR and Kreatury, Golden Eagles and Effie. She worked for such brands as Media Markt, Raiffeisen Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nutella, and Samsung Service.

Our team also includes Joanna Adamiak, who runs the PR agency FACE!T in Warsaw and is a member of the American association USPR (Unified Strategies Public Relations), which brings together several dozen PR entities, including from the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Israel and Great Britain.

Our CEO also has many years of experience in the IT industry, as he was responsible for projects for BMW in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, as well as for Getin Bank and Alphabet.

Developers have experience in the blockchain industry.

Eden also brings together specialists in the health industry — herbalists, naturopaths and health enthusiasts, and in the coming months and years, we will focus on cooperation with well-known health influencers in Poland and around the world.

You can find more about our team on our website!


I would like to invite everyone to the Eden Project’s social media!

Website: https://oureden.io/

Telegram: http://t.me/edenchateng

Discord: https://t.co/gb9gE1RRnF

We are living in difficult times, unhealthy lifestyles, fast food and lack of exercise are the everyday reality for most of us, and you are here to help, how do you want to reach people whose daily life is based on bad habits, how do you want to show them that the proper way looks different, that nature should be the right choice for all of us? What benefits and bonuses await your platform users and $EDEN holders?


Great question! In the previous message, we presented some people from our team with extensive experience in building a marketing strategy and this knowledge is crucial in answering your question.

We are already seeing a change in the trend of bad habits in the world. The trend of eco, wellness and self-care is dynamically developing in the world. And we like trends… like most crypto users ;). Nowadays, the trend of green projects is moving to crypto and Eden is currently probably the greenest project in the crypto market.

At Eden, we have prepared a separate communication strategy for different groups of our non-crypto end users. These groups include:

- parents with children who can take their children on an adventure and discover the treasures of the forest

- people looking for savings on rising food prices

- people interested in changing their eating style to a healthier one and changing their eating habits

- people who want to gain or improve their knowledge of natural medicine

- users of geocaching applications

- people who want to reconnect with nature

We have prepared separate creative communication for each of these audiences, including different copywriting and different reach channels such as FB, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, traditional media, and influencers.

I also strongly focus on communities of influencers dealing with the topic of zero waste, bio, natural, plant food and natural medicine.

You also asked about bonuses for application users — they will have access to additional courses and more Wild Pharmacy and Wild Kitchen recipes, will be able to receive remuneration in EDEN and make purchases in our online store, and use the entire ecosystem of our functions.


I agree that the trend is clearly changing, especially in the developed world, we are seeing these changes whether it is in Europe or the USA, people are recognising the problems they have created themselves, climate change, increasing pollution, increasing statistics showing that people are getting more and more cancer… I myself have several people in my family who are going through this — believe me, it’s not pleasant. Fortunately, our planet offers us medicines and food in the form of plants, vegetables and fruits that help us to stay healthy, it’s great that you see this direction and want to develop in a way that puts nature and its benefits on a pedestal, well done!


Yes, I agree with you! That’s what we want to show to people — that we can live healthier by connecting with nature!

What does the future of your project look like, for the time being, you are focusing on the central European area, do you plan to expand to other areas in the future? Can you tell us more about your roadmap and the process for the future adoption of your project globally?


The first paid zones in which we will reward users for adding plants on the map will be in Poland. In the coming months, following our roadmap, we will focus our activities on the Polish market to start expansion after a few months. Starting in 2024, Eden will expand to more countries as we adapt the content of the application to different geographic zones, including different plants, e.g. in Spain, Central Europe or Asia. Currently, we are also talking with partners from the USA — keep your fingers crossed for us!


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for myself and the whole team — the idea of the project is beautiful and I firmly believe that it will succeed in showing the power of plants in many parts of the world, Asia seems to be an interesting destination as the societies there still live very close to nature and use plants!

What types of plants and natural goods will be allowed to be marked on the map and which will not? We are also interested in the question of safety, what about when an inherently bad person, labels poisonous plants, so the question is, how is the plant information provided by users verified for safety?


On the map, you will be able to mark wild, edible plants, such as fruit trees, fruit bushes, herbs and mushrooms, as well as water sources and wild rubbish dumps in forests.

You’re asking about safety — it’s very important. In Eden, there are several stages of verifying the added plant. We are working on an AI model that will verify the species of the plant from the photo. The next level of verification is the assessment of the added plant by our users, who, standing next to the plant, will be able to confirm that the plant is in a given place — such users will be motivated and rewarded for these verifications. The last stage of verification is performed by members of our team, qualified people who will randomly check photos of plants and verify their correct labelling.

In addition, Eden has an extensive Knowledge Base with several hundred edible plants with a photo, description of health benefits and comments — just like in an atlas — so that everyone can make sure of the plant species on their own. Remember the basic safety rule — if you don’t know what kind of plant it is, don’t pick it.


I am very pleased that you are approaching the safety issue in a responsible way and that you have people who know the plants and are able to verify that they are factually correct. I am also glad that you will be able to indicate the source of the water, that is very important, water is a basic element of our life, so why use chlorinated tap water when we can use the purest water flowing in the mountain streams? Great idea!

Tell us more about the app you are developing, we know that you will be using AI to classify plants, among other things, and that users of your app will be able to take part from time to time in expeditions organised specifically for them, can you tell us more about what such an expedition would consist of?


Eden is not just an app where you can find free wild food. It is also cooperation with health experts who will publish courses in the field of natural medicine, plant cuisine, health and plant recognition. At Eden, we also enable farmers to add their farms to the map and connect with local people. In addition, in Eden you will find a Marketplace where our users will be able to buy valuable and healthy products with gained Eden coins.

Expeditions will expand Eden’s offer, both with local expeditions that will allow for community building and joint activities, and international expeditions where the Eden community will be able to explore our world in an exciting tour with guides.

An example of a local expedition will be weekend workshops on identifying edible mushrooms, which will be conducted by health experts in Poland and abroad. At the moment, our team includes the creator of the largest channel about mushrooms in Polish social media, which during the weekend expedition in the season shows up to 100 species of edible mushrooms and teaches them how to identify them. Our goal is to build cooperation with many such experts in the world and organize stationary courses.


I really like the idea of an expedition, when I was a little boy I used to go often to collect mushrooms with my parents, sorrel, berries… Your project reminds me of those good times when everything was simple.

In a word of conclusion, if you had the opportunity to talk to a typical meat-eater or a person who is not familiar with plants, how would you convince this person to take an interest in the Eden app?


I hope that the current difficult economic and political situation in the world will not lead to a situation where the use of Eden will be necessary for many social groups.

Suppose that the world is moving in the right direction, how can the people of Eden benefit? The fact is that the trends of eco, wellness, zero waste and natural medicine are developing strongly and people are increasing their awareness of health and natural products. This shows that there are lots of people willing to take advantage of the benefits of nature, and there will be more and more of them.

It is worth noting that wild plants are the healthiest food in the world, so even the most enduring carnivore needs to add other ingredients to his diet sometimes.

Another example is cricket flour (which is currently heavily promoted in EU countries) — as humans, we still have a choice — to use worm-based products or reach (even occasionally) for free fresh bio fruit.

Being in nature relaxes you and improves your mood. Reaching for wild fresh bio plants improves our health. Eden also gives access to pure spring water. People who have health or financial problems can find knowledge about natural medicine and support their health on their own with herbs growing around them and people who want to save money on food will have such an opportunity with Eden.

There are many opportunities for many social groups. Even people who don’t eat many plants on a daily basis can benefit from a walk or the benefits of nature.

We also launched our Zealy to encourage more people to our project, the airdrop is 3,000,000 edencoins. You can check it out here — https://zealy.io/c/eden/


Great answer, I hope all the goals you have will be fulfilled and people will appreciate your hard work and our queen — nature! And now we will move on to questions from the community!

I also encourage you to take part in the tasks organised by #Eden

Winners questions

1. Milagror Herrmann

The Crypto Market is still recovering, do you plan to launch now or wait till the market is fully recovered?


We’re launching next month. Our main users are non-crypto people, so we are not dependent on the condition of the financial markets. Our marketing campaigns will be aimed at city dwellers and we want to get started now because the first edible plants in nature are starting to appear!

2. Livius Livi

Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?


Yes. Burn and buyback will be done every day! Please see our green paper in which we described the details of the tokenomics. https://oureden.io/greenpaper.pdf

3. Anette Centano

Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audits of smart contracts?


We use a contract that has been proven for years, created and audited by Binance, and we consulted it with an auditing company that confirmed that the contract is simple and has been used for years on the BSC network.

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