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9 min readSep 12, 2022

It’s been a while since your debut on exchanges such as MEXC and Pancakeswap, and this time you’ve presented us with your first game, ‘Evermore Knights.’ Please tell us more about Evermore Knights!


Thank you! Evermore Knights is a Play-and-Earn game produced by Creo Engine through our in-house studio, Nomina Games. It is a turn-based JRPG featuring Anime style NFT Characters and Weapons.

The game’s main story revolves around the journey of a Commissioner (the player) assigned with a mission to find the source of the ‘Dread’ surrounding Temeris. The storyline will develop as the journey continues, unveiling each character’s faith in the game.

The story will introduce characters with different backgrounds, characteristics, and conflicts. The game’s key characters are Grana, Mammon, Curtis, Astral, Trista, Laslow, and Quinn. As the chapter progresses, the game will introduce more characters, monsters, and enemy bosses.

In the game, players can also engage in Player-Versus-Player (PVP) Battle, side quests, mini-games, collecting cards, and many more.

There are also many secrets and additionals currently under development. Be sure to be one of the earliest players in order to enjoy it to the full extent.


I did short research on your game earlier, the mechanics remind me a bit of the famous Heroes of Might and Magic or Disciples, I am a fan of those games! Sounds interesting, I’m glad you are already in the advanced stages of releasing this game, I would love to play it.


Hahaha.. I can tell you are my type of guy as well Piotr! Seems like we have the same taste in gaming! Definitely! As soon as it’s released, we’ll definitely blast the news.

I am a fan of turn-based RPG game. Many of us, myself included, are curious as to what the game mechanics will look like, what users will be able to do during gameplay, and what they want. Go ahead and share your in-game photos and insights with us. Game lovers are certainly looking forward to it!


Sure! In Evermore Knights, players are given four free characters at the start of the game. Players can choose four characters in their battle unit. Each of these characters has assigned statistics and elemental attributes.

Players will also have to mix characters, combine skills and analyse elements of enemies and use them to their advantage on the battlefield.

Each battle earns the character’s Experience Points (EXP) to level up. Players can equip weapons, armour, and accessories to boost their stats. Each character will also be assigned certain types of weapons to equip. For example, some characters can only be equipped with swords, and some use bows, daggers, and more.

Characters in the game will have a unique set of skills. One of these skills is called the Ultimate skill. The ultimate skill can be cast whenever the MP bar is fully-filled.

Each ultimate skill (or ‘Ultimate’) has its name, unique animation, and visual/sound effects. When triggered, these Ultimates can inflict significant damage on enemies.

Enough of the explanation; please feast on these images and videos with your eyes!

So these are example of characters within the game, each with different equipments, skins and body type.


The mechanics and possibilities such as having several characters and a variety of skills make the game interesting without a doubt, however, the competition is not sleeping! I believe you will defeat all your opponents, as well as the monsters in the game!


Yes! Depending on the set-up and skill set, you can even beat a stronger enemy. We got many features in the game other than just the skills to keep you guys busy!

Interesting, so what kind of NFTs will be on sale at the INO event?


Great questions. Although free characters are given at the start of the game, they will have certain limitations. However, players can invest in NFT Characters and NFT Weapons to build stronger parties that will result in faster ROI.

At the INO event, we will offer two types of NFT chest boxes;

NFT Character Chest Box

The NFT Character Chest Box contains an NFT character for players to use in the game. The chest box is also a mystery box, so there is a slight chance you’d be able to obtain a 4 or 5-star Unique Character (with 3-star being the most common)

This is what the Character box looks like. And these are the example of characters you can get from the chest:

NFT Weapon Chest Box.

The NFT Weapon Chest Box is also a mystery box, and players will have a chance to get a rare 4, or 5-star weapon (with 3-star being the most common). Players can equip weapons to their characters and boost their stats.

And these are examples of the weapons you can obtain. Depending on the rarity, the colour shown in the background during the summoning and the picture will be different.


The weapons look great! It’s also certainly a super option to expand people’s ability to embellish their characters, it’s a vast expanse of space for all sorts of possibilities!


Yep! With the correct combination between the character and the right weapon, the player might be able to use an unusable skill. Not to mention that each weapon has a different passive, you need to find one that suits your character’s build.

How much does each NFT Chest Box cost?


The Chest Boxes will be priced at 75 USDT for each NFT Character chest box and 37.5 USDT for each NFT Weapon Chest Box. These are exclusive prices for INO Events. Needless to say, as these chests contain the first batch of Evermore Knights NFTs, they are a bit special compared to the ones you’ll summon or find in the game. I don’t want to spoil too much. If you want to know more about it, go get your ORIGIN NFTs and find out for yourselves!

I heard about the ‘Skill Cards feature in the game. Could you explain what that is?


Skill cards enhance your Characters, providing them with passives, stat bonuses, and even equipable skills. For those who are familiar with early adopters MMORPG games such as Ragnarok Online, should know just how precious these cards is due the advantage they can bring to your characters, some can add more HP, giving your tanks enough Vit to hold their ground. Some can increase your AGI, perfect for hunters and assassins to equip. Please use your imagination for the rest!

What is the benefit of purchasing these NFTs at INO events?


Alright, it’s time to spill the beans!

So there are 4 key benefits to purchasing these NFTs in the INO:

  • The first batch of the NFT Chest Box contain highly sought origin characters and weapons. These NFTs are called the ‘Origin Type,’ this type of NFT is more potent than normal NFTs that will be released in the future. They hit harder, hold longer, and evade faster.
  • Players can start the game strong, using well-built characters and more capable weapons to fight enemies, clear missions, and dungeons. This means players who invest in these NFTs will have faster ROI.
  • Players with a full NFT team (4 NFT Characters, each equipped with NFT Weapons) will receive more in-game benefits.
  • Interoperability Support in CreoPlay. These NFTs will have additional utilities in other games under the CreoPlay platform. This is the Unique Selling Point of the CreoPlay platform.

As for this, allow us to keep it under the wrap for now. In time, all our partners and players will be able to enjoy this benefit to the fullest.


It looks like you put a lot of emphasis on benefits and earning, this is very good news, our community rejoices!


Thanks, man! We want everyone to be satisfied playing our games and can enjoy the benefits to the max!

Okay so… How can players earn in #EvermoreKnights? Everyone here loves money in addition to having fun, explain it to us!


Hahahaha! I have to agree with you about that statement!

Players can earn ‘Evergems’ in Evermore Knights by completing daily quests, playing adventure mode, and engaging in PVP battles. The ‘Evergem’ can be swapped to Creo Engine’s governance token ($CREO). Of course, the more NFT Characters and NFT Weapons the players use, the higher your chance to complete all the abovementioned tasks, thus fastening the overall ROIs.

Almost all our own-made games have no secondary cryptocurrency in them. As such, you’ll need to collect the in-game Premium currency in order to trade to our $CREO.

You can earn Evergems from a lot of activities within the game, such as PVP (will earn the most from here), Adventure (story), and completing quests!


1. Aron Males

How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project?


We got almost 80 people in our studio. They are all in-house and are very professional in what they do. Some of them used to work for huge game studios and publishers. Some even have experience in building their own games with their team members. So it’s safe to say that they are very capable, both on-chain and off-chain

2. Hunter Morris

Bad things can happen to some tokens (like Luna) due to the exploitation of chain behavior by cyber attackers. This event shook users’ trust in crypto. Does your team have solutions to completely prevent such exploits in the future?


This one is also a good one. Well, if we’re talking cyber security then I have to first explain about our system. These games are not On-Chain, so there will be no harm if any irresponsible parties break into the game, as the real assets are not located in game. Setting that aside, as a manner of protection for our users and players, we are contracted with one tof the best IT security contractor in our country.

3. Anna

Hello! Currently, many projects are moving towards the adoption of NFTs, however, Creo Engine has many types of NFTs, what is the advantage of having different NFTs, and is there one in particular that appeals to the project developers?


This is an excellent question! As you can see from the video explanation, we have a platform called CREOPLAY, where interoperability happens. I can say that the more NFTs you own, the more chance you can interconnect with another game even before the game enters our ecosystem. It means that you won’t be able to expect the NFTs that you own will connect to what and how many games are ahead. The more interconnectivity an asset has, the higher its value of it.

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