Anti-BOT service, the working solution by Synapse Network

Listing: The Problem.

BOTS are to blame for everything.

  • The ability to listen for pending transactions.
    To trade on the DEX, the team needs to add so-called liquidity. Liquidity is nothing more than a pool of cryptocurrency pairs with a suitable ratio to one another. It is from this pool that the user buys or sells on DEX. A sensitive moment for trading on DEX is when liquidity is added. When the team adds liquidity to the DEX and allows you to start trading, it is done as a blockchain transaction which is subject to the same laws as all other transactions. Transactions wait in line for their turn to be approved — and bots can detect such a pending transactions and react to them accordingly. This brings us to the bots’ second strategic advantage.
  • The ability to arrange your trades in the correct order
    A bot can prime a buy transaction to execute immediately after an added-liquidity transaction. This means that from the user’s point of view, both of these trades will take place at the same time and when the DEX user receives information about the possibility of trading, it will be too late for any purchase at a reasonable price — as the bot has artificially raised the price. When unaware people start the purchasing process at an inflated price, the bot will sell purchased tokens with a huge profit after a few moments.

What is Antibot?

  • Time that the mechanism will be activated after liquidity has been added.
    It should be remembered that a long protection period is not necessary — we want the market to regulate the token price to the maximum extent by itself. We know, however, that the first minutes after adding liquidity are the most susceptible to bot-related price manipulations. This is when the mechanism is most necessary.
  • Time allowed between individual transactions in the anti-bot window.
    One of the mechanisms for detecting bots is the speed of transaction execution — in particular the time between individual buy / sell transactions. Data analysis showed a very precise threshold that allows you to identify bots and block them effectively. Our mechanism also allows this threshold to be precisely adapted to the needs of the project.
  • The maximum number of tokens to purchase the pool added as liquidity in the anti-bot window.
    Another mechanism related to securing the token price and preventing an artificial influence on the rate is limiting the maximum number of tokens purchased. This value is defined as a percentage of the number of tokens in the pool when adding liquidity so that, as the value of the token increases, the amount for which you buy or sell the token also increases. The mechanism was designed in this way because, as the token price increases, the willingness to manipulate the rate decreases.




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