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10 min readJan 29, 2024

Tell us briefly what exactly is Galaxy Games and what your team experience is in relation to the gaming and blockchain industry, as you probably already know our community would love to learn more about you all!


So, Galaxy Games is a gaming studio dedicated to crafting unique gaming experiences that bridge the gap between web2 and web3 communities.

Our main title is Haunted Space. Haunted Space is a top-tier AAA game, developed on Unreal Engine 5, and is divided into Single and Multiplayer modes giving you access to satisfying story content and social interactions with people from all around the world..

Regarding the company, we are around 40 people of which 25–30 work on the game development side and 10 work on the commercial/marketing side of things with me.

Please check this medium article for more info about the team:#

Galaxy Games Team Overview


That sounds very interesting, just the fact that you have UE5 and plan to appear on so many platforms is pretty good news and will certainly please your potential investors, as well as our community!

What do you think is your strongest point, is there anything that will give you an edge over the many competitors in your space? As we know gaming is a very big sector in the blockchain ecosystem!


I believe that the strongest aspect of our project is simply how we offer tangible, real solutions to the three main problems in the crypto-gaming community:

1. A clear deficit in game quality.

2. Players are turning away because many games have unfair, predatory ponzi-based money systems.

3. The difficulty of attracting gamers from established platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

Regarding point 1: We are developing our game on UE5, we won the Epic Mega grant and the Forbes Best NFT award. Moreover, you can check on our Twitter some gameplays regarding our game and decide for yourself if it looks just like a normal Web3 try at gaming endeavors ->

Galaxy Games Gameplay Preview

Furthermore, in a few days, you will be able to play the demo of our game directly on Steam, giving you a little preview of the answer for my point 3, as well as spoiling you a little about the trajectory of our project.

Regarding the second point. with our partner and incubator (Seedify) we are learning from all the past games that collapsed in the previous bull run to create a fair economy that will not crush our game beneath the weight of greed and shortsight.

As we mentioned before, we are certain that at least our SinglePlayer game mode will be listed on Steam in the next months and then on Playstation and Xbox during this year.

Haunted Space video published by PlayStation

Haunted Space Announcement

Haunted Space E3 Preview

Haunted Space video published by IGN

Haunted Space IGN Showcase

Haunted Space video published byXBOX

Haunted Space XBOX Showcase


Can you believe that 15 years ago, if anyone had told me that I would be able to play and earn money at the same time, I would probably have laughed at them and said: It’s just a child’s dream!

And yet, today that dream, for probably many of us, is becoming more and more an actual reality with projects like yours leading the field in terms of quality and vision.

But what exactly are your plans for the future in terms of developing your project in the gaming industry and what innovations do you plan to introduce to attract new users?


In addition to developing the single-player assets that attract traditional gamers to our ecosystem, we are also focused on streamlining the user experience for easier access from both the crypto and mainstream communities. Our easy onboarding system features user-friendly elements such as noncustodial wallets and seamless integration with debit and credit cards, among other innovations.

Regarding the growth strategy, we are looking at the e-sport sector. We plan to host large-scale tournaments to reach a broader audience and increase community engagement with our players, our orgs, and our partners.


It’s important to be also able to reach the more casual gamers who are more interested in using platforms such as PS5 or Steam, but In my honest opinion if you are already thinking of adding in elements of what veteran gamers like best, i.e. e-sports, ranking systems and ladder climbing you have already charmed half of the gaming world population, well done! I remember the ESL days when everyone admired the players of Quake Arena, CS 1.6, and many others.

Both your profile on the X portal and your game Haunted Space refers to outer space and the cosmos, please tell us why you chose such a scenery.

Do you think that what is called science fiction today will one day be our reality? Also, can fans of games and computer graphics expect other settings in the future other than the endless expanse of the cosmos?


So regarding this, Luca, our founder, has always been passionate about space exploration and space-themed games.

By the age of 16, he was deeply immersed in game development, creating the initial prototype of Haunted Space in 2018. As the development of the Singleplayer version of Haunted Space progressed we realized the need for a deeper, more innovative connection with our audience.

It was in 2021/2022 that the idea of a web3 Multiplayer was born. In general the multiplayer will not only be in space but I can’t spoil more about it since we will release more accurate info soon regarding this topic on our Twitter and Discord channels.


If the boss has a passion for games and has been working on his own for years, then he is certainly doing his best to make it a great game, with success and quality in mind for the future, and it is always nice to know that we won’t see just a single ecosystem as an open space and that we are already thinking of differentiating between multiple environments, this will add to its freshness and longevity!

Our community has already asked many times about the details of your tokenomics, surely this is the deciding information for many people whether they will invest in the project or not, can you tell us more about it? Our community will certainly look forward to any information on this topic.


Currently, we can confirm all the details of our Private Round:

- The token price is set at $0.01.

- Upon Token Generation Event (TGE), there will be an immediate 10% token unlock.

- This is followed by a 3-month cliff period.

- Post-cliff, there will be a 14-month non-linear vesting schedule, with monthly releases ranging from 5% to 7.5%.

It’s important to note that the price for our upcoming Public Round is $0.015 per token, making the current Private Round offering significantly more advantageous in terms of pricing.


Numbers have incredible power, we know this because we see how they affect our lives every day, I’m glad you shared what you could with us, it means a lot to our users!

Please tell us what is the token you are offering in your ecosystem. What will investors and players be able to do with it, are there any profits waiting for them? I’m sure they are as curious about the game as they are about the usefulness of your token, tell us as much as you can about it!


Our token is set to be the cornerstone of our gaming ecosystem, offering both direct and indirect benefits:

- In-Game Hard Currency Purchases:

Our token allows for the acquisition of our Hard Currencies, which are designed to establish a robust foundation for our in-game economy.

- Staking for Non-Inflationary Perks:

We decided to integrate non-inflationary perks instead of random rewards that just generate token dilution to create a real experience for our users instead of just an APR at the end of the year.

Users can stake tokens to access exclusive benefits such as:

- Participation in special events.

- Eligibility for our Creator program.

- Rewards from multi-game leaderboards.

- Clan creation and management tools.

- Access to limited edition skins and NFTs.

- Airdrops making them benefit from the success of the titles

A crucial aspect of our token release strategy is starting with a lower Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) compared to many recent game releases. This approach showcases our commitment to organic market growth, steering clear of the unsustainable ‘pump and dump’ cycles observed in previous bull runs.

Additionally, our non-linear token release schedule is thoughtfully designed to be more sustainable. This strategy aims to prevent heavy token influxes that could lead to market instability. Our goal is to cultivate a stable and genuinely useful token within our ecosystem, supporting both the game’s economy and player engagement.


Very interestingly described and logical sounding. All in all, I think you and your team have everything already set up for success: you created a wonderful product, you have an experienced team, an interesting system that combines tokenomics with InGame Currency in your ecosystem, you are already building internal checks that have the specific objective of reducing inflation and most importantly you want the game just to be good: everything connects to make perfect sense!

The key to success in today’s world is clout, I’m referring specifically to marketing and advertising, can you tell us more about your partnerships, marketing efforts, and plans for the future?


In our marketing efforts, we’re adopting distinct strategies for each title. For the single-player game, a premium game available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox, on which we already plan to launch a robust campaign. We’ve partnered with a leading Web2 PR and influencer agency to maximize our reach in this field.

This campaign will utilize various channels such as prominent media outlets (including platforms like IGN), influencers, industry events (like our presence at this year’s GDC), and targeted paid advertising.

Conversely, the marketing for our free-to-play multiplayer game will be more progressive and organic. Each update or new mode release will be accompanied by strategic marketing through influencers and paid advertisements.

In the Web3 domain, we are forging partnerships with other gaming projects, DAOs, and similar entities. A key element of our strategy is leveraging our upcoming NFT collections as a significant marketing tool.

We’re also planning diverse paid promotion campaigns, including token drops to foster Web3 user adoption and hosting tournaments with real-money prizes to attract traditional Web2 gamers.

Our ultimate goal is to engage a diverse user base through these interconnected and complementary strategies, all converging towards a shared objective of widespread engagement.

Community Questions



1) Do the factions of the Genesis passes have still some use?

2) Owning multiple/all factions has some kind of utility at this point?

3) Also if you rebrand the passes as Galaxy Games OG collection will they still have factions and rarity or will they all be the same?

4) When will we approximately get a detailed list of all the OG pass benefits well explained or an updated whitepaper including them? Also for newcomers, I think we need an updated and ordinated infographic set and possibly remove the outdated ones that create confusion


1) Factions are representing futures guilds in our ecosystem, there will be updates on this side and a big refresh, btw Factions do not correspond to rarity at the moment and all of our Genesis Pass prizes have the same rarity.

2) Absolutely, you can read our last medium article regarding our NFTs, you get bonuses in the staking platform + future drops/in-game earnings/gifts will be amplified depending on how many of them you hold.

3) At the moment we are not rebranding them, btw they are our first collection as a project so they will give advantages and benefits in the Galaxy Games’ future ecosystems

4) We updated them yesterday in our discord channel, and our Whitepaper is currently in the works, but is still coming out very soon


Yasmine Lee

Will we have any kind of buy-back systems or token burning in the future? Do you have any Anti-dump mechanism for holders who may want to dump during green wave sessions?


Absolutely yes we integrate a buyback system that leverages purchases made by Web2 users (with Fiat currencies) to drive back the value progressively in the token.

Once collected these tokens will be managed by our treasury to drop them in specific marketing actions that lead to more users being onboarded

Token burning is not yet confirmed at the moment, but I’m a fan of this particular proposition… *

Regarding any anti-whale system right now we think that the best anti-whale system is a large liquidity that we will achieve through marketing actions and rewards.

By the way, we will for sure consider some useful integrations in the launch phase and the following growth phases.



We have all seen how the current market situation is too unstable and is set up to restrain investors. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in the current market situation? And also why should your token holders continue to hold instead of playing with the volatility?


Crypto markets are always unstable, we all know this and they are also one of the reasons why so many people come to the crypto world:

The most important thing that we have to keep in mind is that the tech behind this sector is strong, people are building a lot and now since the BTC ETF approval, the eyes of the big players are set to be in this market, with talks of another ETH ETF and more coming.

We cannot predict the future but the crypto market for sure has enormous potential, and the only way I see this potential being squandered is a total collapse of the world order, because, at the end of the day, Crypto won’t die unless a total catastrophe annihilates the free market.

Considering this: the most important part is being able to build a solid product for the audience you want to target, while, also keeping in mind that our TGE will happen once market conditions are consolidated and we are ready to enter the market to make a big splash.

Regarding user loyalty, you can refer to the Tokenomics questions we answered before, and the more we progress the more utilities will grow, giving no reason for holders to dump their bags.

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