The GemStarter team is pleased to announce the release of the MVP. Launching the platform early is critical because it is one of the fundamentals to the target market, assessing market conditions, and the next round of funding.

Light-speed timing from new idea to MVP launch is critical and GemStarter proves to deliver product promises immediately. As a result launchpad will be soon available to new projects and ready for community investment.

You’ll find the following features on the platform:

  • Startups can now submit their projects and start fundraising
  • Investors can view the list of projects on the platform with details of the terms and details of the investment.
  • Investors can create a profile on the platform without using passwords, using Web 3.0 signatures
  • Investors can participate in the investment with the help of selected stablecoins.

Soon we are launching the first project on the platform which will be the GemStarter project as a Proof of Concept.

ATTENTION: If you are interested in testing the platform and giving feedback to launchpad MVP — please write to us on and enter “Beta test” in the email title.

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