GemStarter is introducing SYNAPSE NETWORK — its dedicated, ground-breaking and truly cross-chain ecosystem

GemStarter introduces Synapse Network. A truly cross-chain technological ecosystem that is bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market.

  • Synapse Network creates the first cross-chain based ecosystem for complete investments management
  • The technology is fully cross-chain adjusted
  • The Synapse Network investment ecosystem is the first one bridging the world of DeFi with traditional markets
  • Synapse Network Cross-Chain ecosystem includes 5 advanced products: Accelerator, Launchpad, DEX, DeFi Marketplace, Investment Syndicate

Launchpad, accelerator, decentralised exchange and other elements of the investment ecosystem will soon be managed via one cross-chain platform — Synapse Network.

The Synapse Network is the step ahead — the extension of the GemStarter launchpad project, already successfully introduced as a complete working product. GemStarter has been known as the bridge to a new world of fundraising across all smart-contract-based blockchains. Accessible for everybody, with a democratized tier system redesigned from scratch and allowing for investment at any stage of project development.

Synapse Network is the expansion of the currently working solution. It is a revolution in the current investment models, limited only to one-chain technologies or excluding market participants, super early stage investors. “At Synapse Network we want to go beyond being a launchpad — we are also harnessing the power of decentralized finance and blockchain to democratise blockchain incubation and fundraising.” said Michał Domarecki, Synapse Network co-founder. Synapse network is an absolute game changer on the market. The idea of the Synapse network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

Building on existing tech, and pioneering to solve a market inefficiency Synapse Network is offering 5 ground-breaking products to the investment market:

  • Accelerator — an access to accelerator & incubator for start-ups and entrepreneurs where ideas are converted into working products
  • Launchpad — a chain-agnostic platform matching projects and private investors enabling investment opportunities in early-stage start-ups to everyone
  • DEX — a safe, simple and user-friendly cross-chain decentralised exchange
  • DeFi Marketplace — a simple and secure platform allowing token holders users to stake their token, earn rewards and APR, and participate in the events
  • Investment Syndicate — a network of trusted and reliable VC funds, business angels, tech partners, private investors and blockchain projects, providing fast-track access to capital, technology and partnerships

The product development led to providing a fully rounded and exhaustive solution which is unique on the market. Synapse Network in its final form, it is a complex and robust product, providing a decentralized world and investment technology ecosystem.

“We are not building crypto projects only for the crypto enthusiasts, like most of the others on the market, we are building this for everyone — globally.” said Paweł Łaskarzewski, Synapse Network co-founder. The assumptions of creating a network and an ecosystem in such a dimension is unique on the scale of the cryptocurrency market. It is the first solution of this type to increase blockchain adoption by connecting it to traditional markets and to democratise investment in crypto assets. The real investment revolution is coming.


Due to the sudden influx of new investors, partnerships with multiple global entities and the introduction of new lead advisor figures, we have expanded the scope of our project to massive degrees.

With our marketing phase already planned, and the incredible attention gathered by our Gemstarter launchpad, we will be focusing on the rebranding of our ecosystem, moving ahead of schedule the release of various services and features.

The Synapse Network is coming to life, bringing with it a revolution in multiple fields of the digital market, and to better match the expansion of our ecosystem we have adjusted our tokenomics.

Our total supply has gone from 50 million tokens to 500 million tokens, changing some elements of the tokenomy structure.

You can find the general information about our SNP token in the graph below.

You can find our post TGE and vesting periods in the graph below.

The future is decentralized. The future is here. Synapse Network — one place to rule them all.
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