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10 min readMar 22, 2022

Gravis Finance wants to build a unique ecosystem offering multiple products related to DeFi and NFT. Can you briefly introduce us to your world and also introduce yourself to the community?

Darth Andeddu

Hey everyone, my name’s Darth Andeddu (ye[p, I’m the founder. I have 15 years of experience in business, 3 years in VC and over 5 years in cryptocurrency (since late 2016). Since 2018 have been involved in projects as Product Owner, Founder and a consultant.

So, our Gravis Finance ( — unique ecosystem that unites DeFi with Gmart NFT marketplace for in-game assets and the highly anticipated online game — Evervoid. At Gravis Finance, we provide all the necessary instruments for managing your crypto assets on any chain.

Gravis finance ecosystem consists of 3 main parts: Evervoid, Gswap and Gmart. Also we have two our own tokens GRVS and GRVX.

Evervoid ( — a revolutionary game that comes out on mobile devices 2022 with a well-balanced economy, colorful graphics and unique features from the ecosystem.

Gmart ( — the first NFT marketplace for gaming assets, “STEAM” on blockchain. Buy and sell your favorite NFT assets from any game on any blockchain. Coming out on mobile devices in the 2022.

Gswap ( — multi-chain AMM DEX which combines high functionality with a simple interface and advanced DeFi functions: liquidity migration from other exchanges, staking, Yield farming, Auto-farming, etc. By using multi-chain bridge you can quickly move assets from one blockchain network to another. We use our own blockchain nodes to quickly process transactions and orders. Now on BNB, Polygon, and Heco, coming soon on Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche and Near.

As making money is the main goal of most investors in the crypto market, can you tell us something about the earning opportunities on your platform and about the usefulness of the $GRVS token?

Darth Andeddu

Well, we have two own tokens. $GRVS is the platform’s native governance token.

GRVS holders form part of Gravis Finance’s DAO and can help shape the development of the platform —

such as by deciding how treasury funds should be spent or how the

ecosystem fund is allocated. Also, GRVS can be used to buy premium in-game items such as unique ship skins, elite-tier equipment, or even asteroids.

The second token is $GRVX. It’s earned by playing the game and as a reward from staking/farming/autofarming. Can be used to buy in-game assets, such as loot boxes, characters, etc. Is a cross-chain bridge currency that can be exchanged for any asset in any supported network.

We’re exploring the possibility of using our token not only as a DAO token, exclusively for the purchase of premium assets in the game but also as a universal token of the entire ecosystem. Indeed, it’ll also allow you to save on commissions; we’re adding a feature that offers reduced commission when trading on Gmart (if you’re a token holder). There’s also an opportunity to trade with zero commission on Gswap. Of course, Gswap, as a result, becomes more attractive for its users as the total commission is reduced, ending in larger profits.

Here’s a pic that will help:

We are very curious about the Evervoid you are building, could you give us an idea of the concept you are working on? We have a lot of fans of games here, and the opportunity to earn money by having a nice time playing is also great. They are certainly curious about your game.

Darth Andeddu

So, one of the Gravis Finance products is the “play to earn” game Evervoid. Now its gameplay is quite primitive because our task was to build strong tokenomics allowing to earn on any market rising or falling. Don’t forget that the main goal of a player in blockchain games is profit. So it doesn’t matter how many million dollars you spend on high-poly models cool gameplay graphics and sound effects. If your game is not profitable it will all be in vain. That’s why in the first release we created a super simple gameplay similar to the text games of the 80’s. That’s why we did a great job with the economy of the game. So none of our assets have ever fallen below initial sale value. We understand that the most successful games won’t be browser-based because browsers aren’t designed for triple-A games, and your channel width may not be enough for high TPS. That’s why we are focusing on mobile development and we will show the first mobile game release as early as mid 2022.

We develop the game based on the best practices. Every player, regardless of their budget, will be able to build their strategy. We have play2earn elements (such as daily missions) that allow players with a minimum budget to collect loot, accumulate it and sell it. Of course users who are more immersed will find it easier to earn through experience, but Evervoid is a non-linear game. The fact is that you can’t build sustainable tokenomics on linear models. That is, you can’t just buy a ship and bring in more profit than you spent on it. This is a Ponzi scheme. Our tokenomics is built on randomness (lootboxes), cross-chain arbitrage, careful study of all materials, and a comprehensive strategy. And, of course, we will simplify it. However, we don’t make it a priority for people with big wallets. The balance lies in the non-linearity of the strategy. More money won’t necessarily get you better results.

Please note that the system where you constantly earn simply by buying some assets is fundamentally wrong. The market is becoming more mature, so the earning models are becoming more sophisticated. Most likely if some project offers to put a dollar in one place and take out two its tokenomics is not well calculated or it is a scam. That’s why we developed a complicated system where by selling and playing you can make a profit. The more sophisticated your strategy, the more profit you can make.

An important topic I would like to touch on is Gswap — which is a decentralized multi-chain exchange with liquidity migration option and NFT bridge, can you please tell us more about this? The possibilities you offer are really interesting and we all want to know more about how these products work.

Darth Andeddu

Great question! Mates, let me dive into history a little bit. We really started with Multi-chain DEX and Crosschain Bridge. As of March 2021, I assumed 2021 would be the year of the development of bridges and multichain exchanges. And there were certain prerequisites for that. However, over time, we realized that being just another one DEX, even if with a cool design and fast operation, is not enough. We actively switched to developing a global ecosystem and shifted our focus a bit.

However, we developed our own Yield Farming and released it. And what you really don’t know is that we’ve already developed and tested our auto-farming technology. It’s a really unique feature with auto-recompound function.

And the most interesting recent update that we are preparing is the ability for users to reduce commissions(!). This is important because we want to provide the best conditions for token holders. Simply being a user-friendly product with a nice interface is no longer enough — we want to show our users that it is also profitable.

It’s simple — you want more profits? Come to us and farm your favorite tokens on our wonderful autofarming. Coming soon.


Auto-recompound function sounds really nice, keep it up!

Darth Andeddu

Just because of IDO preparations we haven’t released it yet, but after IDO we will lauch it. We have some special aces but we keep it for after Public round just to keep on groove

We can say that your project is not lacking anything, because you even want to create your own marketplace, you call it Gmart. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

Darth Andeddu

Gmart: is not just a marketplace for our NFTs, it is a marketplace for any gaming NFTs on any network. Right now it only works with our NFTs, but we already have 10+ partnerships with different games, on more than 5 networks.

In essence, we want to turn Gmart into a blockchain-based Steam. It will be a place where users come looking for their favorite assets or assets from a new game. A place where players exchange news, chat and share NFT assets. We are absolutely sure that within a very short time this product will be in a huge demand.

On the one hand through the use of multi-chain we greatly expand the market and give the user a choice on which network he wants to play. On the other hand we give positioning not to become just another marketplace, but create a place where players connect. That’s why slogan for Gmart is: WE CONNECT GAMES.

Another feature that allows you to earn more on the platform will be the Smart NFT Portfolio Management technology which is unique on the market. Since NFT become a real asset and you need to see your buy point and P&L, we developed a very interesting tool which gives you a detailed idea of how much your collection is worth, how much the floor price has gone up since you purchased your NFT and visually tells you the best time to buy or sell NFT. Despite the fact that this is not something special for, for example, Centralized Exchanges, this technology is not present at the NFT market. This greatly reduces the quality of your profit analytics.

Can you tell us something about your marketing, what’s your vision of the project in the next years? Strategic partners and backers are really important for you too, can you tell us more about the people who work with you and support #GravisFinance?

Darth Andeddu

Initially, we didn’t pay much attention to marketing. We were developing the product itself. In some ways marketing is a trick, that is, we spend money to get people involved and tell them how great the product is. And we just created a good product in and of itself.

lol, it was a joke!

We understand the importance of marketing, so we’ve been paying attention to it for a very long time. For example, we cooperate with BlockSolFi, who helps us and knows our product. They don’t just provide us with some services, but they participate in creating its concept and add their components.

We also pay attention to partnerships — yes, yes partnerships! — with advertising and marketing companies that help make our product more visible, to show it to users. For example, we really appreciate our strategic marketing partner Solus. What’s interesting is that most of our key partners become part of our family, part of our ecosystem. And we no longer just have a customer-contractor relationship, but a relationship built on mutually beneficial cooperation and synergy.

And we gonna add at least 100–200 games this year on Gmart!

What would you tell a potential investor to convince them to invest in #GravisFinacne? Imagine you are new to crypto, what would you mention as the best thing in your opinion about Gravis that will surprise everyone positively?

Darth Andeddu

For beginners, a piece of advice — do not to invest in crypto. LOL.

The first thing you need to do is to study the project carefully. We spent almost a year developing and testing some parts of it. We are absolutely sure that the project can become a diamond in the long run. First of all, because we are developing an ecosystem which can, with the right approach, turn into a great combine for saving (which is making money)

We create a product that helps investors make daily profits by trading or selling NFTs, farming, staking and managing your portfolios. It’s a daily job, not a touch and go game. It’s market, almost the same as traditional. And to earn here you need to b here everyday. No magic pill, sry

I’ve always talked about the right strategy for Evervoid, but that can also be extended to an investment strategy. There are no miracles. If you don’t have a strategy, you get rekt.

Winners Questions


Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

Darth Andeddu

I used to build a tradtional business always zero to hero. So that’s why all of our products are carefully made to bring profits for covering our burn-rate. And 1000 users on gmart with $300 everage monthly cheque can cover 25% of our current burn rate.


Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

Darth Andeddu

Yes, but it better works with players. We will try to attract traditional players for blockchain games, it’s an attractive and ambitious idea I guess


I read that you are about to release land that represents not only your game but your entire metaverse. But can you provide more details about the characteristics of this soil? What role will this land play in your ecosystem? Is developing this land among your main goals?

Darth Andeddu

Yes, our main priority on Q2 is lands. It’s be the central part of the game. With no lands you wont be able to create your base and mine resources. And the main thing here is that anyone can get a land. The premium lands would be tradable, but non premium could become a premium one with some work done on them (like terra-formation and stuff). So anyone has a chance to become a mogul. And the last thing, there were some questions about IDO. Specially for Synapse network we gave a chance to grab our GRVS tokens for the private round price. Dont miss a chance to do it.

Thank you all for your questions and attention. Our IDO on Synapse Network begin on March 22. This is the first part of our token sales.

Join our community and may the force be with you:

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