ICO HUB partners with Synapse Network to support the project’s substantial growth!

Synapse Network
2 min readJun 8, 2021


Synapse Network is announcing the partnership with the ICO HUB. The hub will provide active support in building the marketing and community wing for Synapse Network as well as investment in the project.

Synapse Network is a complex and robust product, providing a decentralized world and investment technology ecosystem. Synapse Network is a revolution in the current investment models, limited only to one-chain technologies or excluding market participants, super early-stage investors. It creates the first cross-chain based ecosystem for complete investments management and is the first one bridging the world of DeFi with traditional markets.

ICO Hub is a media outlet and investment company providing information on upcoming projects, AMAs, discussions, and much more on dedicated media channels! ICO Hub manages different platforms that are the official source for information on new and upcoming initial coin offerings (ICOs) and possible investments.

Synapse Network has just announced its early-stage community investment round opening on the 15th of June. If you want to get more details on how the first investment round works, read the article: https://synapsenetwork.medium.com/synapse-network-is-opening-its-early-stage-community-investment-round-on-the-15th-of-june-fc65811dcdff

This partnership is aimed to boost the project’s visibility and awareness at all stages of investment.

The future is decentralized. The future is here. Synapse Network — one place to rule them all.
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