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10 min readApr 25, 2022

IKONIC is a dedicated NFT marketplace for esports. Your NFT Marketplace will allow gamers to buy, sell and collect the best moments in gaming history. This certainly sounds interesting, please tell us briefly what exactly is Ikonic?

Sebastian Diaconu

Thank you for asking. IKONIC is the world first dedicated NFT Marketplace for esports and gaming collectibles. The entire ecosystem is designed to allow people to create (additional) revenue streams through lifetime Royalties collected on all the secondary sales happening on IKONIC Platform. If you like, we can say that IKONIC is for esports and gaming what NBA Top Shot is for NBA. Collectibles are not a new concept, but only the current technology allows us a proper implementation for esports. So, I would say that we are creating the proper environment for an old concept.

Let’s talk about your members. Ikonic has a team that I’m sure the community will devote time to. Can you tell us how you met, what you did before and who you are?

Sebastian Diaconu

It’s my pleasure to talk about my team. Alex, our CTO has over 20 years experience in Telecommunication, Metaverse Gaming, AI, VR, and Blockchain Development leading large 50+ teams. Co-founder of the first decentralised NFT/Gaming/Metaverse/AI platform, Metacraft.pro, Confluence.World and participant in the Gaming communities, specifically combat games. Our CMO, Maxime, has over 14 years in the branding, marketing and growth within tech startups and token projects. Taken several token projects to 100k+ community members with 36k+ token holders at Poken Company. Marketed several sold-out NFT collections.

Michael, our Head of BD, has 12 years in gaming start-ups, business strategy and organisational operations across VMC Game Labs (EA & Ubisoft), Clauf GmbH (first esports studio), Cybersport Media (ESforce Investment Holding), Dota Hero Guides Projects, and more. 9 years strategic consultancy and completed 3 company acquisitions. Founded first esports and gaming investment holding, livestream platform, TV studio, federation, league and magazine now working in crypto & NFT gaming.

Myself, Sebastian Ionut Diaconu, 14+ years working in tier 1 banking, FX markets, and blockchain. Initiated one of the first native NFT Platforms called Maxonrow in early 2018. 30+ years experience in Gaming. Ex CEO of Crypto exchange and Dubai based CEO of Enterprise/Government Blockchain Solutions.

As you can see, we have a very diverse team, with plenty of experience in different fields, located all over the world, Europe, US and Asia

As NFTs is a very important part of your project, please tell us about the opportunities you will offer your community through NFTs, it is certainly a broad topic, isn’t it?

Sebastian Diaconu

NFTs, are, indeed, a very broad topic. Our focus will be, as I mentioned before, on creating and collecting outstanding moments from esports events and games and create revenue for the creators. But that is not all. Pack drops created in collaboration with our partners, competitions, rewards, creators pools and, have I mentioned Metaverse yet? Yes, we will have a Metaverse as well.

NFTs are a pivotal part of our ecosystem, no doubt, but IKONIC is more than that. We are creating an entire ecosystem, a way of creators and fans to interact beyond buying/selling NFTs, keep people engaged on our platform.

In the end, the NFT use cases are very wide and we are focusing on maximizing their utility in esports and gaming-related ecosystem


It’s nice vision to connect technology, metaverse, nft and money in one place, no doubt most of us are here for profit, some of us are here for technology or fun, but if you were to combine all these things and create something unique? That is certainly what you are planning to create, and that is a very good idea!

Sebastian Diaconu

Yes, Piotr, that is exactly what we are trying to do: offer something appealing for anyone who will be part of our ecosystem. The added value comes in diversification. Just one last thought: despite the diversification, we will always stick to our mission and vision, which is related to the esports and gaming.

You have very interesting points in your roadmap, including XBOX native integration, 3D NFT support and trophy room, batch minting and many more. Could you please tell us more about your future plans in terms of project development?

Sebastian Diaconu

All these features will be available at launch, this very quarter. Our platform, with state-of-the-art UI/UX, is in the last phases of testing and will be launch simultaneously with the IDO.

Gamification of the platform, which means that we will have daily tasks, quests, mini-games that will give experience, level up, climb the Leaderboards, will make it very appealing and engaging for gamers. Playstation and mobile integration is in our roadmap as well. Metaverse, I mentioned about it earlier, is part of our Roadmap as well, starting the development towards the end of the year, with NFT Galleries, Gaming rooms, Livestream halls and virtual rooms where creators and fans can get together. NFT pack drops, new templates, Collections, and competitions shows that IKONIC is far to be a short term project. We have years of new products and developments ahead of us. I hope everyone is ready to become part of our IKONIC community!


It all sounds really good, competition between participants, prize system, surprises, big platforms like Playstation or mobile devices… You have really big plans and achieving them all is certainly a big challenge. But once you achieve what you set out to do, the world of crypto will be open to you! Keep going guys!

Sebastian Diaconu

Without challenge, there is no reward and recognition! Hard work and perseverance always pays off. And you always have to dream big to achieve amazing things. We are enjoying the journey, no doubt, but never losing sight of our objectives

You want to offer people the opportunity to create their own NFTs in a simple way through your platform, how will a user who creates his NFT thanks to you be able to earn money? We have many new users here, please explain it to them.

Sebastian Diaconu

One of the first objectives we had in our sight, when we first starting to design the platform, was to create a very simple, intuitive, easy to use and visually appealing Platform. And our team did an amazing job so far, no doubt. So let me explain how it works:

You upload the gameplay video (either is XBOX or PC at launch or other platforms later)

Trim the video to capture the outstanding moment and choose the aspect ratio (various options) to increase the visual impact

Choose a template (the gallery will expand constantly)

Name the NFT

Mint the NFT

That is, in a nutshell, the whole process. I don’t think it can get easier that this. Regardless you are a pro or a newcomer, the whole process is extremely intuitive. Of course, we will have video guidelines, FAQs, but I doubt most of you will actually need those. We know how Crypto and Blockchain platforms are very complicated. We aim to change that perception. And what better way to convince the traditional gamers to accept Blockchain? A very easy to use and attractive platform

What is the $IKONIC token? What is its usefulness, how will users be able to use it and why was it created? Our community is certainly also interested in how they can earn money with $IKONIC. Feel free to tell us as much as you want about your token!

Sebastian Diaconu

And I’m so glad you asked. I think it would be good to start with a list of utilities that the token has and go in more details from there.

🔸Buy & Sell NFTs

🔸Livestreams & Events IRL & On the Metaverse

🔸Creators’ Pool


🔸Pack Drops

🔸Gamification + “Play to Care” Rewards

🔸Bonus APY for IKONIC NFT Token Sales


And now let’s dive into it. At launch, the platform will be available on 3 chains: Ethereum, BSC and Polygon. on BSC, besides native token and USDT, you can use IKONIC token to mint, buy/sell NFTs. And this is one utility. For Metaverse, livestream events access will be possible only with IKONIC tokens. Competitions in real life, access with IKONIC tokens. Creator’s pool will be exclusively possible with IKONIC tokens, allowing the creators to continue their creations and get APY rewards on it. Royalties, of course, can be in IKONIC as well, no doubt. And I left the last, but not least, the staking. This will have 3 tiers, will different staking levels, different rewards, very attractive APYs and more. The list of utilities for $IKONIC token is always open. More will be added, especially with the addition of the Metaverse

With so much competition, we’re curious what would you indicate as the most phenomenal product in your project? In closing, is there anything more you would like to share with our community?

Sebastian Diaconu

Thanks for these questions. I mean, competition always makes us be better and want to deliver more, isn’t it? Competition is healthy. The most phenomenal product is the entire IKONIC ecosystem. NFT Marketplace, gamification, Metaverse. And, besides that, we will also have an Indie Game Incubator, aiming to incubate the next Roblox and offer the possibility for our community to get access to exclusive content. Our team is really creating an amazing ecosystem. I’m super happy to be part of IKONIC and what a journey has been so far. What I want to say, before we start the community questions, is that IKONIC is aiming to become a point of reference in the industry. We are not here to be part of the trend, we want to set it. It’s a bold aim, but this is what we have to strive for!

Winners questions

1. Sekuna

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

Sebastian Diaconu

Agreed. Our primary and secondary market sales will bear a fee. According to the estimation, revenue from the NFTs sold on our marketplace should, alone, sustain the future developments, without being necessary to sell $IKONIC tokens to get extra income. And that is just the beginning. Metaverse is offering more revenue streams, pack drops, brand collaboration and more. We have a sustainable model, no doubt

2. Dawn

My question: Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?

Sebastian Diaconu

Very good question, no doubt. Yes, as we are focusing both on traditional and P2E games, the traditional gamers are more reluctant to the crypto space. Therefore, a very intuitive platform, offering a seamless experience, is a must, no doubt. And I think we did an amazing job there. There are already some platform teasers on our youtube channels, so you can preview how the platform works, already. As for partnerships, we have a huge pipeline of P2E games, traditional esports players and teams, esports events ongoing discussions. Their fanbase and our community will help IKONIC to grow how we envision it will. KOLs can have a major contribution on adoption, no doubt. In the end, it’s about education and adoption

4. Garret

What are the benefits of holding your token as a long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long run?

Sebastian Diaconu

In a word: staking. In more words, staking and the huge amount of features and products we have in our Roadmap. The attractive APYs, unique rewards on each level, from NFTs to exclusive events or competitions, it will be a strong motivation and help increasing the TVL, which will reduce the selling pressure and increase the demand. The benefits will outweigh the term of locking the tokens, I have no doubt on that. Being part of IKONIC community goes beyond the token.

Community questions

1. Walton

Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Sebastian Diaconu

We are releasing an article with a full description of the Tokenomics. But in a nutshell, 1.5 Billion $IKONIC Tokens, almost 32% will be available for Private and Public sale and the most drastic vesting schedule is for the team, which vesting will start only 1 year after listing. We are rewarding the investors, the team is here to sustain the project long term

2. Le Hai Dang

Have you been audited? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds, scams and rug pulls? How strongly built is your security put in place?

Sebastian Diaconu

Security of the funds, platform, smart contracts and tokens are always of major importance for us. Our Smart Contracts will be audited by HACKEN. We will have Lossless as extra security layer for our token and the Token Smart Contract will be audited as well. And we will have a Bug Bounty Program, to ensure we are detecting vulnerabilities before they will affect our ecosystem. There are many aspects to take in consideration and our Market Maker will also support to make sure that, beside liquidity, our Tokens will be held in a secure environment.

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