Introducing GemStarter, the first cross-chain DEX and Crowdfunding platform for everybody

The cryptocurrency world is still considered new, even with the thousands of projects that currently call it home. Every day, new projects are being launched to the market, and new ideas developed to solve certain problems in the society. The solutions keep evolving and the technology gets more complicated. For a single individual, it is impossible to keep track of every single thing that is happening. With this technology being new to many people, and new protocols being unveiled every day, the space has become very complicated.

There are more than 1,000 blockchains in existence currently, and even more platforms built on these blockchains. The biggest blockchains include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance. Coingecko has listed 6496 coins at the moment, which are either from independent blockchains, or native coins for platforms based on public blockchains.

These high numbers can be very overwhelming, with the technology being confusing for new entrants in the market. For instance, Ethereum is a blockchain with its native token, ETH, but there are hundreds of other protocols serving different purposes and with their own tokens, that use Ethereum’s code. The continued growth of the blockchain industry means that these will keep increasing.

There are many tokens — the same tokens being available on different blockchains.. this aspect is very confusing especially for users without information. Same tokens can be on different blockchains and lack of cross-chain transfers. Therefore, holders of these tokens cannot easily transfer between each other, unless they are in the same blockchain and have relatable wallets.

The DeFi space is the newest in the blockchain space. Its solutions are meant to change how users interact with financial services and offer more trading, borrowing and lending options. However, this solution is compromised by high gas prices, which beats the essence of the solutions in the first place. Gas fees are found on the Ethereum network, and are the charges for performing a transaction on the network. Since many DeFi protocols are developed on the Ethereum platform, some of these gas fees affect their functionality.

Recently, Ethereum gas prices have reached a record high, with some DeFi users reporting estimated transaction fees exceeding $1000. The high fees mean that the loans on the DeFi protocols are getting more expensive, instead of being cheaper. Additionally, trading is favoring whales who have more funds, which is unlike the real reason behind DeFi, which is focused on making trading accessible to all.

The crypto world is becoming more complicated by the day. New ideas and projects are being launched, with some employing advanced technology, and using the smart contracts of other blockchains. It has therefore become a maze that can confuse many.

This is why we are building Gem Starter — next level DeFi Multi-chain platform that will make cryptolife easier. Our platform will allow users to participate in fully secured and reliable features such as crowdfunding, private and public sales, liquidity mining, staking, multichain swapping and many many more. We aim to bring as many cryptocurrencies and as many blockchains as possible into one Decentralized place that you can manage using our Tools. Our pools will offer automatic whitelisting with infallible KYC process as well as several types of swaps available. We also plan to create The First and The Only truly crypto-oriented business incubator.

This is just a taste, the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye on us with our social media below for more exciting news coming soon! 🚀🚀

The future is decentralized. The future is here. GemStarter — one place to rule them all.

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