Investor Protection Program. A New Era Of Secure Investments is here

  • For starters, we will be ramping up our quality control procedures to ensure that no stone is left unturned while checking out the possible issues an applicant project may have.
  • Then, we will be adding multiple additional criteria to projects that have already joined Synapse.
  • We have introduced a new set of internal rules for our partners to ensure that the Network as a whole will be focused on the same task of improving community standards.
  • Projects that skirt the rules or don’t follow regulations will have to give back to the community all or part of their investments, depending on the severity of the infraction.
  1. The Synapse Network will require all projects to maintain their token price above IDO price until 41% of tokens from the IDO Sale have been distributed or for 7 days from the listing, in case the project released more than 41% of their total tokens on the listing day. The same rule also applies to the public rounds.
  2. If the project is listed on a decentralized exchange, the amount of locked liquidity should be at least $200k and the minimum lock-in time is until the vesting schedules for private rounds end. In case the project raised less than $3million total the liquidity may be proportionally lower, but never less than $100k.
  3. We will not tolerate cases in which the liquidity pool from tokenomics is sold by the project itself under any kind of excuse, like building up their initial liquidity or other malpractices harmful to the actual investors.
  4. The Synapse Network will greatly increase its efforts to obtain and share information amongst other top-tier launchpads about known investors who are known to dump tokens on the market in harmful ways. In addition, we will actively support projects to eliminate seedy VC funds contributing to excessive price dumping during the project’s most crucial phases.
  5. The Synapse Network will make sure all projects provide the smart contract addresses for their vesting pools such as marketing, team, advisory, etc. for active monitoring.
  6. We will require all projects to pass strict security audits to avoid over-centralization and blacklisting/honeypot features.
  7. The Synapse Network will require to shorten the time between the IDO/Public round and the listing date as much as possible. If the listing is significantly delayed or postponed, the funds will be returned to the investors and the IDO/public round will be repeated on a date closer to the listing one.
  8. If the project makes negative tokenomic changes for the investors between their IDO/Public rounds and their listing, this may result in a 100% refund of the raised funds.
  9. All projects must present a solid strategy for the provision of a single place to transfer 100% of their tokens to all launchpads at the same time. Many times we have encountered a situation in which tokens were distributed at different times for various launchpads. We will always insist to implement those changes for easier access.
  10. The Synapse Network will reserve the right to do a full or partial refund in the following cases:
  • the project performs malicious movements or acts in harmful ways
  • there is a critical technical issue with a project itself
  • there are significant concerns about the integrity of the project team



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