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Me3 AmA Summary.

Who’s behind your success? Tell us about the members of your dream team in terms of their experience in cryptography. What stories from previous years influenced your current adventure with #Me3?


That’s a great kickoff question, Piotr. I’ll break it down into a couple of parts if you don’t mind. I’m a CEO, with a track record of successful exits in traditional finance, spearheading our strategic vision. Our COO, leveraging expertise in operational efficiency, ensures seamless execution. Our CMO, a marketing expert, drives our brand and user adoption by following the latest trends and proven practices. Our engineering team is well-versed in blockchain development & brings the technical backbone, while our cybersecurity experts fortify our platform against threats, ensuring a robust and secure Web3 experience. Let please break it down also into previous ventures.

Several different industries were related to biometric authentication. When it comes to collecting, storing, and managing biometric information, cryptography is the main focus, as the industry’s standard protocol for security. Through this venture, we saw how useful, effective, and powerful cryptography can be when approached and used correctly. We also saw the potential dangers of incorrect cryptography applications. Using this experience, we developed our Keysmith solution, which is a specific cryptographically secure, non-custodial digital asset management solution, that simplifies and speeds up new user onboarding and asset management processes.

I know, It’s a lot to take in!

Finally, Our cyber security team members have previously worked as smart contract auditors, which further helps us keep our solutions secure both on-chain and off-chain.

Throughout our careers we had to navigate various challenges, adapting to dynamic market landscapes. So far, our resilience and ability to embrace change have been key drivers behind Me3. We’re now applying our proven strategies to navigate the complexities of the crypto space, fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to shaping the future of decentralized finance with Me3.


I have to say that I am very impressed with the breadth of experience that you and your team in the project have at your disposal, it is not often in this industry that you find people who can boast of such a level of cyber-security skills for example, it certainly creates a sense of security in the community, and yet this is only your beginning and everything is still ahead of you!

Keysmith sounds like a magical password to a secret #Web3 garden. What unique features does it offer to take new users on your fascinating journey? What makes Keysmith the key to the #Me3 world?


Keysmith is a really important product, but the most important thing is to see how it works within our ecosystem so you can better understand the underlying principles of Keysmith itself. The Me3 ecosystem is designed from the ground up to make sports and esports betting and engagement simple and fun. A big barrier to adoption for those fields is the difficulty of creating a personal crypto wallet and the challenge of using it accordingly.

So our ecosystem has 3 main products that make it very easy to get into cyber-betting in web3:

1. Our support-to-win platform, lets users stake and win on their favorite teams and events.

2. Keysmith, which makes user onboarding simple and fast through their Google and Apple Logins.

3. The Me3 wallet which makes buying swapping and on/off ramp as frictionless as possible for users who have no experience in crypto

So by leveraging these 3 platforms, we plan to revolutionize sports and esports betting for fans. And Keysmith is a key part of that ecosystem letting us not just target current crypto users but any Web 2 user!


It looks like a very important aspect for you and your team comes in the form of your community, and bridging the gap which was that people from the “traditional” world often find it difficult to join the web3 world by bothering with complex mechanisms, integration with Apple or Google will help you a lot in getting new users.

Keysmith sounds like a great step in the right direction for our ecosystem as a whole well done! Additional motivation through the possibility of winning prizes or on/off ramp integrations will also help your future customer retention a lot I believe.


Absolutely. It’s crucial for us to actively engage with our community and foster steady and organic growth within our ecosystem to ensure its long-term sustainability.

You claim that your #Me3 token is not just a tool but a power source for your ecosystem. How does this token artifact empower the community to influence the fate of the #Me3 ecosystem? What unique properties make this tool stand out?


The #Me3 token transcends the ordinary, embodying the beating heart of our community’s strength. More than a simple asset, it’s a beacon of influence, guiding the #Me3 ecosystem toward our shared goals. Its distinctive features distinguish it from typical tokens, empowering holders to actively steer our communal path forward.

I’ll keep it simple, and try and break it into 3 parts.

- A pivotal aspect of the #Me3 token is its governance role. It empowers holders with a voice in key decisions, ensuring the ecosystem evolves through collective wisdom rather than top-down directives. This community-driven approach not only shapes the future of #Me3 but also reinforces the principle that every member has a stake in our progress.

- Beyond governance, the #Me3 token fuels the ecosystem’s economy, enabling transactions that drive engagement and reward participation. Its versatility enhances its value, serving various purposes from incentivizing contributions to making services more accessible.

- Ultimately, the #Me3 token symbolizes unity and empowerment. It offers our community the tools to forge a future that values inclusivity and sustainability, marking our collective journey with the promise of shared success.


We know how important it is for the community to be able to decide together with us what direction to take and steer the ultimate fate of the project, after all, they are our customers and they often help us all to choose the right direction, to avoid the mistakes that everyone makes but aren’t so easy to spot from an insider perspective.

I think it also builds more faith in the project and its future since it brings so much transparency to the table. As for the usability itself, the token needs to have as much of it as possible, good that you thought of that! The more services you offer, the more value you give to your brand and therefore to your token, keep it up!

From discounts to token tricks — what’s the special power hidden behind these mechanisms? What tricks do you employ to encourage holding Me3 tokens? How does this unique feature impact the overall ecosystem puzzle?


We really think the value of our token is in the fact that we DON’T have any tricks! The primary purpose of Me3 is governance and staking rewards for our support to win platform. That’s a real, tangible, valuable business service that also bleeds out into the mainstream territory. Our incentives are structured to encourage long-term holding of the token and there will be consistent staking rewards programs that aim to keep our token holders happily engaged in the running and promotion of the ecosystem.

Because we have a valuable service to offer with the support to win platform, the revenue sharing from this service will always provide a stable backing for the token price and a reason for adoption.

Web3 is simply a better solution for betting and Gambling in general, with a theoretically lower barrier of entry and higher cap, so we are not using any kind of tricks to provide value. What we are doing is leveraging the power of decentralized systems to make a better solution, and letting the community collectively get involved through the token and DAO.


That’s a very good idea, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, there are three more questions to go and then we’ll move on to the community questions!

Tell us about your conquest in the world of #Esports and what it means that the Hype Pool is your secret weapon. What interesting challenges do you present to the community to build interest and maintain hype?


Our journey in the realm of esports has been nothing short of exhilarating, marked by triumphs, challenges, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, the Hype Pool emerges as our secret weapon, propelling us to new heights of excitement and engagement.

I’ll break this down into a couple of parts:

- The Hype Pool isn’t just a passive spectator sport; it’s a battleground where fans become champions, and alliances are forged through their shared passions and their fervor. By staking in their favorite teams’ pools and rallying support through social media, fans become active participants in the esports narrative, shaping the destiny of their chosen champions.

Moreover, our emphasis on inclusivity and community-driven governance ensures that everyone has a stake in the game. With participation by invite only, we foster a sense of exclusivity and camaraderie, rewarding loyalty and dedication.

What surprising ideas do you have for the short and medium-term developments of your project?


Good question to answer right now as we are in the middle of launching our next phase of development, our first major release will be a specialized version of the Hype Pool for the Crypto community which will go alongside our token launch, anyone participating in our private sale will be a part of this launch and event along with Select KOL.

This hype pool will be focused on the crypto communities and allow them to bet on their favorite projects. Hype Pool is like a social engagement competition plus betting. In Hype Pool players can increase their team’s chances of winning by betting and completing social media tasks.

It’s also displaying an alpha release of the support-to-win platform and a future product offering for brands and event holders. It’s also the key to our first incentive program.

Participating gives players access to our incentives program. We have taken ALL of our marketing budget and put it directly into this incentive program. So we are making it with our community in mind first. And everyone can check out all the details here:

Me3 Wallet

The community is a key player in this unique world. How do you plan to enchant the community to actively participate in the token management side of your project? What unique features will you apply to ensure that token holders feel part of this extraordinary adventure?


Wow! Wasn’t expecting for everything to delve so deep into our plans! Our strategy includes implementing decentralized governance, staking incentives, and transparent communication to involve every token holder in #Me3’s journey. Exclusive opportunities and rewards will further enhance community ownership.

Additionally, e-gaming partnerships and upcoming events will drive engagement, fostering trust and strengthening our community bonds. Together, we’re creating an extraordinary adventure with active participation from our valued community.


That’s a wrap from our side Ladies & Gents!


1. Xio

In how many ways can I make passive income? If I can easily bet other tokens to generate income then what would be the main incentive for users to acquire the ME3 token? Have a good day.


One of the main utility cases is that we have a 50% reward mechanism that is returned to token holders either through rewards or as a burn back option. This will allow sustainability for the medium and long term for token holders, with some layer of passivity too.

2. Ebenezerado

Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long term. How can Your Project convince users invest to in your platform for more long-term holdings?


Getting users in the long term is one of our primary concerns. The biggest tool we have to keep people engaged is the staking and reward mechanism. It’s a tool that leverages the platform and the revenue from the platform.

By managing it actively and keeping the rewards exclusive to the community we can reduce short-term token holders and reward the true supporters.

3. Chriss Bell

Is your project a community only for English-speaking countries or for users not of other languages?


In our Genesis Round, a number of our Key Investors were from Indonesia. TokoCrypto now Binance, and Evos (No 1 Esports gaming project in Indonesia) are examples. We have a dedicated Bahasa-speaking Channel that can be found here:

Me3 Official Indonesian TG

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