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Please, tell us something about yourself and your team! We are all here and we are all curious about what the main goals and vision of Orbital 7 are. Also, could you explain to us how you want to use interesting and profitable trends such as Runes and BRC20 in your ecosystem?


Hi everyone, my name is Mike and I am the COO of Orbital7.

I am in charge of the day-to-day operations of Orbital7 and work very closely with different members of the c-suite team, including our CEO, head of finance, head of marketing, and the chief technology officer.

Orbital7 is essentially an infrastructure project that represents a comprehensive suite of development tools specifically designed for Bitcoin-centric networks. Orbital7 aims to streamline and simplify the process of creating, managing, and utilizing digital assets on Bitcoin-centric networks, including Runes, BRC20, and the Bitcoin Network itself.

Our team gathers the best that the industry has to offer and together we are bringing an innovative project to the Bitcoin Space, something that the world had yet to see.

Our management team consists of over 40 years of collected cumulative experience, with team members who have occupied c-suite positions for the world’s largest financial companies including Vanguard, Blackrock, and Binance.

Our team members have also advised a large number of other projects who have successfully launched other infrastructure projects, already underlying a solid network of connections, the strength of our team, and the overall success of our various endeavors.

We are excited about the tools we are bringing to this space and the positive impact they will have on developers and projects.


#Vanguard #Blackrock #Binance I’m going to highlight this because people often don’t realize how much experience the teams developing projects in the blockchain space have! You have a lot to boast about and that is significant for any potential investor, especially because those particular mainstream giants have been interested in the crypto-verse for a while now.

How does Orbital7 plan to attract and retain developers and users on its platform? Please tell us more about your plans for marketing and promoting the project!


What is truly cool about Orbital7 is that it’s the world’s first super modular tool suite on Runes, BRC20, and Bitcoin Networks and essentially what we are here to provide are multiple plug-and-play tools that no other projects can currently supply on these specific Bitcoin Based Networks.

Based on our discussions with projects currently on the network and projects soon to be launched, there is a natural tendency for these projects to become users on our platform, noting there are no other alternatives — apart from the expensive custom-built solutions that you need a full team to create from scratches.

So we expect to see an influx of users from day one. We are however not only relying on the organic use and traction of the tools, which, once again, wanna point out is very high.

We have also launched a number of marketing campaigns over the last few weeks and have a lot more coming soon, that are aimed at educating the community about our offerings and promoting the project more generally.

We have launched our Zealy and Galxe campaigns aimed at promoting the project. We have also launched a testnet campaign, which allows the community to test out our products, familiarise themselves with the offerings, and otherwise give us some data about how to make our tools better prior to our official launch.


It’s good to hear that you are approaching everything with caution, especially in these times which are most dominated by marketing issues from projects that either don’t understand the importance of a good campaign, or that decided to focus on other priorities. We can see at every turn that a product that doesn’t invest in marketing is usually just lost in the waves, ignored by the masses and we at Synapse, as well as the #Orbital7 team, are well aware of this issue. Seeing our partners utilize all of their tools is always a great look and Orbital7 has shown their potential every step of the way.

What specific benefits does Orbital7 offer to new users? Can you please tell us more about your $ORBI token and the platform you are developing? What are some key aspects of Orbital7 you wanna highlight for us?


Orbital7 will offer new users a suite of revolutionary tools that are not offered by any other projects. These tools will significantly reduce the costs of launching a project and save a lot of time on back-end development. So there’s a lot to be excited about both for people already in the industry, and for people just joining the DeFi world.

In terms of our native token $ORBI, the token will be used to get access to the platform and tools. Under our revenue model, 50% of the tokens will be burned and the remaining 50% will be reinvested back into the project.

Given that we will be burning 50% of the project, as our tools become more well-known in the DeFi landscape and other projects begin to use our tools more often, there will be greater burning of our tokens, which will create some positive price action in the long term. So as our project grows, the value of the $ORBI token will grow with it.


This is great news! Burning tokens can be a brilliant maneuver in terms of marketing but above all, if you play your card wisely, you can make the token price rise both in the long and medium term. And we all know that everyone is looking forward to this kind of price action, both, project and investors, we can already see the outline of a great move on your part!

What are the anticipated milestones for Orbital7 over the next few months and what goals do you plan to achieve?


So we have come a long way since the start of our journey, with a lot of our tools now in Beta phase and being tested. As we get closer and closer to our TGE, the suit of tools that we worked so much on will be ready in its final form, a polished product ready for use by the Public.

We are currently targeting our TGE for late June — which will be announced very soon.

The Token will be launched on the BSC network but will be bridged to BRC-20 in the future.

Post TGE there are some exciting initiatives that we have built into the roadmap, including launching an Orbitall7 Suite omnichain solution — so that we can extend the functionality to other networks, specifically the EVM network.

Post TGE, once things have settled down and we have nailed all the details on the 7 tools we currently offer, we will be further boosting our market research arm, to understand the different pain points and further market gaps. As we identify more market gaps similar to the ones we have already entered, we will look at incorporating additional tools into our suite specifically to match and cover clear developer demands.

Our roadmap aligns with our vision of becoming the leading infrastructure provider on Bitcoin-centric networks. To do so, we have built into our roadmap key milestones to continue to build our offering, including an affiliate and referral program, while also continuing to research and develop the needs of Devs, digital infrastructure architects, and programmers and to build further functionality for the network.


We are all aware that the creation of such a complex project is surely difficult and time-consuming, especially on the technical side, but I believe that everything you plan to create will be finally released and everyone will be able to use your tools without any trouble, to the benefit of the whole crypto world!

What partnerships and collaborations have you established as a project to support the development of your ecosystem? Tell us more about the range of activities in which you undertake partnerships, and how can they help you stabilize and grow.


Our partners are really important to our project and have been pivotal along the way.

Some of our few bigger partners include Genesis Capital, Maven Capital, Gains Associates, VivaTech, ChainGPT, Seedify, Synapse network, NeoCortexAI, AWC, Sentry labs, Ordify, Fairum Ventures, Tulpar Capital, Qu Ventures, Alphahunters, Castrum Capital, Mooboots Dao, DCI Capital and Trendsetters.

We are also incubated by Ordify. With our partners, we have run several joint marketing campaigns together and we have had the opportunity to introduce our partner’s communities to our community and vice versa. A number of our other partners are providing us with some solutions that will be integrated into our offerings, e.g. the tech to help us offer an omnichain solution in the future, some bots, etc.


The list is impressive, the more people willing to help and collaborate with each other the better, there is a saying that together you are stronger, this is true in every aspect of life, especially working in the Blockchain space, the support and knowledge coming from multiple different niches of our ecosystem is invaluable.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages and weaknesses of the different tools offered by Orbital7? Tell us briefly about the main tools you offer!


We are currently developing 7 tools. I will quickly give you a summary of our tools to give everyone an idea of what we are building.

Our first tool is the Apex Fungible lock — This innovative tool is designed to allow project developers the capability to lock the total supply of these assets, effectively preventing any unauthorized or sudden increase in supply that could adversely affect the asset’s value or market stability.

The next tool is the Comet Airdropper — The Orbital7 Airdropper is a tool meticulously developed to facilitate the effective distribution of tokens across Bitcoin Centric Networks, including Runes, BRC20, and Bitcoin networks. It empowers projects to launch comprehensive airdrop campaigns aimed at their community or stakeholders, guaranteeing a broad and equitable token dissemination

We then have the Genesis Inscription/Token mint: The Orbital7 Inscription Minter is a powerful tool designed to empower developers with the ability to create tokens on Bitcoin-centric networks through a highly customizable Inscription generator.

Next is the Nova Token/Inscription Burner: The Orbital7 Token Burner was developed as a secure and straightforward solution for managing the supply of tokens. By providing a mechanism for token burning, it serves as a strategic tool for projects aiming to manage their tokenomics and enhance the scarcity of their tokens

We are also introducing the Nexus MPC Wallet: Acknowledging the pressing necessity for improved security and shared asset management, the Orbital7 MultiSig Wallet leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to extend MultiSig capabilities to Bitcoin Centric Networks, including Runes, BRC20, and Bitcoin networks.

Next is the Nebula Staking Rewards: Orbital7 Stake is designed to incentivize and reward participation and investment within Bitcoin-centric networks. By offering a staking rewards mechanism, it encourages token holders to actively contribute to the networks’ security and stability, fostering stronger and more resilient ecosystems.

Finally, we have the Celestial Vesting tool: The Oribital7 vesting tool is a powerful tool designed and created to assist developers in seamlessly creating vesting structures for their tokens on Bitcoin-centric networks. By adopting the use of a token vesting mechanism, developers can increase the likelihood of their project success, by incentivizing long-term commitment by investors and promoting the general well-being of Bitcoin-centric networks.

So you may be familiar with a number of the tools we have created. But the key thing is that these tools are not available as plug-and-play solutions on any of the Bitcoin-based networks. No other project has introduced these tools as white-label solutions before on these networks. We will be the first to do that and we hope by doing so, we will see organic growth in the Bitcoin Centric networks.


You have a great array of tools, if you play the bull market skilfully, take care of marketing, and foster good relations with the community, you will surely succeed! The very fact that you are in the BRC20 / Runes sphere, shows that you know the market and have been active in the DeFi scene for a long time, all these aspects convince me personally, and that’s my opinion, in no way shape or form is it financial advice, that you and your team are bringing to the table one of the more interesting investment choices at the moment.

Please tell us what, in your opinion, makes Orbital7 worth taking an interest in, especially for people who are new to the crypto world, how would you convince them to trust you?


Orbital7’s vision is to be the leading provider of infrastructure on Bitcoin-centric networks. We are constantly working to understand what developers in this space need and responding with innovative tools, to enhance the broader ecosystem.

Levi didn’t get rich by mining during the gold rush, they got rich by selling necessary products, everyone was using, and we plan to do the same.

With new and exciting BCN projects being introduced to the ecosystem day by day, our tools are going to be very relevant to everyone actually engaging in this sector, as developers are going to need these fundamental tools to build their projects and maintain them in the long run.

So our project is definitely aligned with the broader bitcoin-centric network trends and recent uptake by projects of this network.

Our tools are being created by a team of market-leading individuals. So the quality of our tools will be second to none. We encourage everyone to participate in the testnet campaign and see the great work we have done so far, which I think will show the community that we are building something that will stand the test of time and will be achieving great things.


I’m once again impressed by your foresight, let’s hope that we can hit all the roadmap targets together as partners, for now, we can all agree on the fact that Orbital7 looks to be making some splashes, with a great suit of products and great ideas driving forward the entire ecosystem. I would suggest checking out their project more in-depth here and if you want to get in contact with the Orbital7 team you can simply check out their telegram.

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