Orbital7 Private Sale Whitelisting results

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4 min readJun 5, 2024


Another competition has concluded, and we at the Synapse Network are once again surprised by the always growing number of participants.

Winner lists:


Additional information

  • Total entries: 5191
  • Total wallets: 126
  • Total wallets after verification: 68
  • Chance to win: 73,52%


We prepared the spreadsheet containing every person who registered using Gleam and passed the KYC process. The spreadsheet includes three columns:

  1. Assigned consecutive number
  2. ERC20WalletAddress
  3. Points (Total points)

You can find a CSV under the link below:



Off-chain deterministic drawing using a seed from the last block of the Ethereum network before the registration deadline is a method commonly used in cryptocurrency lotteries, contests, and promotions related to blockchain. This type of drawing aims to ensure the fairness of the process and minimize the risk of fraud.

In this drawing method, determinism means that the result of the drawing is always the same for a specific seed. The seed in this case is the last block of the Ethereum network before the registration deadline, which means that it is an off-chain drawing. Off-chain drawing means that the drawing process takes place outside of the blockchain and is not recorded on the blockchain.

In this method, each user who has a wallet with points earned in Gleam has as many chances of winning as points earned. These points appear in the input data as many times as the number of points for that wallet. Therefore, the more points a user earns, the higher their chance of winning. This encourages users to participate in the contest or lottery while ensuring the fairness of the drawing process.

Each account can only be drawn once, which means that a user can only win one prize. This is an important safeguard against fraud that may occur if a person with one wallet could win more than one prize. Therefore, contest or lottery organizers use this rule to ensure the fairness of the drawing process and increase user trust in their actions.

In summary, off-chain deterministic drawing using a seed from the last block of the Ethereum network before the registration deadline is a method that ensures the fairness and transparency of the drawing process. This is an important safeguard against fraud that ensures user trust in the organizers of lotteries or contests.

Verifiability of the lottery means that the lottery process is transparent to anyone who has access to the source code. Every user can download the source code and independently reproduce the lottery process to verify whether the result of the lottery is consistent with what was announced by the organizer of the lottery or contest. This is an important safeguard against fraud and ensures fairness in the process.

When the source code is offered, the lottery process is much more transparent than traditional lottery methods. As a result, users have full control over the process and can be assured that there is no fraud or manipulation of results. Furthermore, this lottery method encourages participation in contests or lotteries because it increases user trust in the organizer.

In addition to enabling the verification of the lottery process, the source code also facilitates the repetition of the lottery process in the future, for example, in case of contesting the results or when the organizer wants to conduct another lottery for the same users. In this way, lottery or contest organizers can ensure the fairness of the process while building user trust in their product.

In summary, offering the source code for the offchain deterministic lottery process that includes a seed from the last block in the Ethereum network before the registration deadline, as well as lottery chances dependent on the amount of points in the Gleam wallet and the possibility of winning only one prize per account, is a method that ensures fairness and transparency in the lottery process, increases user trust, and encourages participation in lotteries and contests.

A CSV file with winners is published here:


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