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10 min readMay 7, 2024

We want to open up with a wide and solid question. Please tell us about yourself, your team, and your project. For how long have you been in the crypto market, and why did you decide to create a blockchain-based game when there are so many competitors around? We are also curious as to why you chose to go with turn-based gameplay mechanics, it’s a cool solution and makes amazing games when properly utilized, although it’s not often seen in blockchain games.


I’m the Founder and CEO of Space Cartels. I began learning programming at the age of 12 by reading “Symphony C++”

Over time, I shifted my focus toward front-end development. Throughout my career, I have created hundreds of websites and applications, including browser games for brands like Lays and TicTac.

Our entire team and I are huge fans of board games. I had been thinking for a while about creating a game that combines strategic thinking and mechanics from board games with the accessibility of mobile phones — this is one of the reasons why Space Cartels is a turn-based game, as most board games are. However, I have to ascribe to Axie Infinity most of what inspired me to create a game combined with blockchain technology, while the idea behind Space Cartels is more nuanced to pinpoint.

I myself have been in this market since 2019 and, as a programmer, I immediately loved blockchain and its possibilities and as an entrepreneur, I’m fully aware of the possibilities behind it.


I understand you like interesting reads for sure, and no doubt you know how to code from a technical standpoint, from what I know of both Lays and TicTac they would not settle for mediocrity. Space Cartels seems like a turn-based strategy game I would enjoy very much, I grew up on Disciples or HoMM 3, and to this day I still sometimes like to play something more similar in vibes to old-school games.


Awesome, then you will definitely like Space Cartels!

Let’s talk about the game, can you briefly describe what Space Cartels is, there are certainly a whole lot of gaming fans here, they’d love to hear what your game is and how they can play it!


So… Space Cartels is an economic turn-based game where you become a Cartel Boss on Planet X in the year 2266.

The game is divided into multiple seasons, each lasting up to 21 turns. Your goal is to invest initial resources in developing your cartel so that its net worth after 21 turns is as high as possible. The higher the value of your cartel at the end of the game, the larger the share of the prize pool you will receive.

There are several unique aspects of Space Cartels:

1. Each turn lasts 8 hours, but you only need 10–15 minutes to make your move each turn.

It doesn’t matter whether you execute your move at the beginning, middle, or end of the turn. This makes Space Cartels an ideal game for busy people who don’t have time for other, more time-consuming games, but still want to have fun, compete with other players and earn.

2. You can join a season for just 1 USDC without any additional investments, so Space Cartels is a game for every wallet size.

3. Space Cartels is a game of skill. We avoid randomness and pay-to-win solutions to let the player express their abilities to the utmost.


Sounds interesting, a game that offers the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence, build something individual for each player in terms of having a Cartel in this case, and the chance to defeat your enemies and in the process win rewards seems like the perfect combination!

There are quite a few games in crypto that take place in a futuristic tomorrow, this means you have chosen an already popular theme on which to build your brand, a solid choice that many of our users will love!

Can you mention any stories or anecdotes from the game development process that particularly stand out or are inspiring? What is the behind-the-scenes process of creating a game such as this?


It might not be a specific story, but an interesting fact is that the Total Supply of the SPCA token amounts to 226.6 mln and the action in the game takes place in the year 2266

When it comes to creating this type of game — it’s definitely very similar to creating a board game. Every time we add a new mechanic, it has to be thoroughly tested, as it could destabilize the entire gameplay leading to catastrophic consequences.

However, we have the advantage over traditional board games in that we don’t need to print a whole new paper game to introduce new changes


I know from experience that projects that over-complicate the mechanisms they implement often make a mistake because the average user finds it difficult to understand how they work, I am glad that here you are testing everything meticulously and not complicating things, the game should be simple, clear and above all people should have fun thanks to your gameplay, and the fact that they will be able to earn extra money is the icing on the cake!


Yes, exactly!

Please tell us more about your marketing and advertising, can you say something substantial about your partnerships and plans for the future? The community is curious to see what your next steps to get more eyes on the project will be!


This is a huge topic.

We have multiple partnerships with gaming hubs such as GameFi and GameSwift, but the biggest partnership will be announced soon — right before the listing.

A globally known Twitter influencer has decided to invest in our project. I can’t reveal the details yet, but he will likely announce his endorsement just before the listing is on.

As for our marketing propositions, I would divide them into two parts.

The first part focuses on building hype around the token itself. This is our priority because a well-performing token automatically boosts everything else.

That’s why we are starting with a relatively low IMC to achieve the best possible result on the listing day. A successful listing should ensure that the token continues to perform well afterward.

In terms of marketing the token, constant collaboration with global influencers, press articles on well-known industry portals, regular spaces, interviews, and AMAs are a must.

In fact, the real work will begin after the listing, because we are not a project that just wants to raise funds and then not care. We are raising a minimal amount of funds to cushion us before our listing, then we will do everything to ensure the token performs at its best.

The second part of the marketing strategy is focused on advertising the game itself. If the token performs well on its own, it will naturally promote the game, which is our main goal. However, the game promotion will also include:

- Regular organization of seasons with added prize pools, where you invest i.e. 1 USDC, but can win $100 or more.

- Play for Airdrop — an incentive in the form of a promised airdrop for players. It’s worth mentioning that the airdrop will be divided into four tranches, released every two months with vesting, so even in this aspect, we try to make it healthy for the token. The first tranche will start vesting three months after listing.

- Collaborations with influencers who focus strictly on web3 gaming.

- Partnerships with established Twitch streamers, including those from the web2 market.

- Partnerships with other web3 projects and games — you will be able to find resources needed in their games on our platform and vice versa, resources needed in Space Cartels on their platforms.


It looks like you have a very well-planned campaign that can be followed along thanks to your overview and your docs, and we truly appreciate the care put into making sure that it goes well. Marketing is the key to the success of any project and any product, we know this very well because we live in an age where if something is not advertised it doesn’t really “exist” among the common knowledge of the mainstream masses.

I’ll just keep hoping that all these plans will come to fruition and that you will achieve all of your objectives!

$SPCA is the heart of your ecosystem, whoever owns it will be a very active, remunerative player! Please tell us about the usefulness of your token and describe what makes it valuable.


I haven’t mentioned this yet, but Space Cartels is not just one game, but an entire universe with games with a storyline of cartels on Planet X.

Our first game, called Space Cartels is already live. However, we have almost finished our second game — named Space Cartels Hacking. This is a simple puzzle game similar to Mastermind that we are going to release two months from now.

We are also conceptually working on a third game called Space Cartels Arena, which we plan to release in the next year, and we know will be incredible for many people.

The three main utilities of the SPCA token are:

1. Monthly Premium Subscriptions — that you can buy using SPCA tokens. We don’t like most pay-to-win mechanics, so our premium accesses won’t give players any advantages but will unlock some extra features that speed up the game. For example, a player will be able to plan certain actions in a turn, allowing them to make their moves not in 15, but in 10 minutes.

With every premium purchase, 50% of the SPCA will be automatically burnt, and the other 50% will be our profit. This will decrease the Total Supply of the SPCA token month by month.

2. NFT Upgrades — In Game, you start with the lowest cartel rank of Recruit, but over time you can advance. To advance you must earn a certain number of Glory Points by doing various tasks across all of our games.

However, upgrading your rank isn’t easy: you must also burn a specified amount of SPCA tokens. Upon burning your rank will be increased and permanently saved in an NFT badge which you can sell like a normal NFT.

If you achieve the rank of Boss in one game, you will be a Boss in all of our games, making cross-game progression even more relevant.

3. Staking Rewards — for the first 24 months after listing, by staking SPCA you will receive rewards from a special pool called “Staking” that we have included in our tokenomics.

After 24 months, 90% of the net profit from all our games will be used to buy back SPCA tokens from the market and add them as rewards for SPCA stakers.

This mechanism will ensure that new capital continuously flows into the SPCA token increasing its value over the long term.


It seems to me that under the name “Space Cartels” there is a huge ecosystem that will offer a lot of content and gameplay opportunities. We will find it very hard to get bored there, I am proud that our compatriots are developing in the Blockchain space and have such interesting ideas!

I’m delighted that you share our dislike for P2W treatments, everyone must have the same chance to reach the top, in everyday life we rarely experience fairness, but in games, we can create it and that’s magical! Moreover, the pay-for-convenience setup lets you build more trust with your users, bringing more profit in the long term.

If you were to convince an undecided person to try to play Space Cartels and invest in the $SPCA, what would you say to them to make them optimistic about your project and join your community?


If you enjoy board games, and strategic games, or have ever played Ogame — you should definitely try Space Cartels. If you often think about playing something, but actually don’t have time — Space Cartels is also perfect for you. The Gameplay will only take up to 15 minutes every 8 hours. You can play when you would normally be scrolling through social media — and remember, you can make real money in Space Cartels.

If you want to have more exposure to a project with long-term development plans in your crypto portfolio, you should definitely invest in SPCA. It will be a deflationary token for our entire gaming universe and will also allow you to earn passively through its staking capabilities.

As I mentioned before, our priority is to maintain the high value of the SPCA, because we realize that a healthy token drives everything else in this market.


I used to play Ogame! I remember the time when whole internet cafes were filled with players, they played different games, Quake, Unreal Tournament, and CoD, but also a lot of similar Ogame-like titles, they even had whole clans! Good old times!


Yeah, I also remember it!

TOP Questions

1. Zoid

Is Space Cartels accessible to users from non-English speaking countries, and what efforts are made to engage diverse communities?


The game is currently only made in English, but we plan to implement a language-switching system. Then we will be able to add many different languages to the game easily.

2. Aoao

What strategic elements make Space Cartels appealing to players interested in economic simulation and resource management?


Good question, because in Space Cartels, the law of supply and demand is in effect. This means that if more players buy a certain resource in a turn than sell it, that resource will be more expensive in the next turn.

This means that while playing, we need to predict market trends based on global events that occur each turn, and we can always only see three events ahead.

3. Tham Ngan

What standout features of SpaceCartels give it a competitive edge over rivals?


What definitely sets us apart from other competitors is our unique turn-based system, which requires players to spend only about 15 minutes on each turn.

Most competing games still require players to actively participate for long chunks of the day and do not offer the same level of freedom as Space Cartels.

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