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5 min readJan 23, 2023


The Synapse Network’s latest feature represents both a huge improvement to the already stacked set of services proposed by the platform, while also being a great opportunity for any project looking to build up its foundation during this latest downtrend.

While there is a lot of fear and unrest during each new bear market, veterans of the space are aware of the opportunities that foundationally sound projects are able to exploit.

By creating utility and value in a downtrend, we are already setting up for the big shift that will happen once the situation gives everyone more freedom in their business manoeuvres, developing at the same time features that can help other projects whitstand the market conditions of the period.

Synapse Marketing Studio is aimed to both multiply project marketing outreach and influence while solidifying its position in negative conditions.

By proposing multiple customizable marketing plans, project owners will be able to choose the perfect fit for their businesses, working together with some of the best experts in the space in a flexible and efficient manner.

We had already shown our community some of the most valuable features available in the Synapse Marketing Studio, but today we want to give our partners a more complete run-down of all the major tools present in the service.

Keep in mind that those are the guidelines Synapse will follow while tailoring a completely customized plan for each project, and as such, the final implementations will vary a lot for each client.

Studio Operations.

This feature is based on Operational marketing, and as such it’s based on entering deeply into the client marketing structure, understanding and improving all the key features in the system.

Here, we focus on the organization of internal marketing structures and care

for the proper functioning of the entire logistical infrastructure that the project owner has built up.

Some of the services included are:

  • Networking, partnership creation and coordination copywriting and outreach, visibility on partners’ websites and press release publications.
  • Community management, contest and event creation, deployment and management, information management, data gathering and data analysis.
  • Direct line of communication with the Synapse Team through a dedicated spokesperson available 8 hours a day, complete with access to the Synapse Network partners programs.

The Studio Operations works at its best when the Client decides to use other services part of the Marketing Studios, such as our Social Media, Community Management, Paid Media or the All In One Solution.

Social Media.

We build up, develop and manage all the main Social Media platforms of the business, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

As part of the Social Media services, it is also possible to set up and run threads on different media channels, like Reddit, 4chan and the major crypto publications like Bitcointalk, Cointelegraph and Crypto News.

This service includes:

  • Creating Social Media plans based on a previously developed strategy, reviewed and approved by the relevant members of the client project.
  • Flexible Planning and implementation of various Social Media Marketing solutions.
  • Social Media graphic and animation support, including the creation of product

and project teasers.

  • Social Media Moderation in all of its forms, from moderation to middle and upper-level management.
  • Creating and implementing contests, tournaments, airdrops, events and various community activities.

Paid media.

We provide comprehensive support for paid campaigns on multiple platforms, such as:

  • Bitmedia
  • Evadav
  • AdShares
  • Ground Zero
  • Traditional channels: Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter

During each campaign, we are responsible for the length estimation and budgeting of the campaign, and the creation of graphic materials, banners and content for the implemented strategy while including campaign monitoring and optimization services.

All movements and actions during the campaign will be reported to the client project team working in conjunction with our experts.

Marketing automation.

One of the most valuable services in the Marketing Studio is our comprehensive marketing automation service based on Synapse’s newsletter tool.

We set up the tool, connect it to your website, and create all email paths and automation complete with unintrusive pop-ups and custom-developed Landing Pages, sending the specified content of your newsletter to the subscribed clients.

Newsletter services are often slept upon in the current marketing landscape, even when with the right set-up and incentive they can heavily influence your final product sales.

Community Management.

We specialize in building a strong and high-quality bond with your community utilizing the Synapse Community Building strategies.

As a part of the Community Management service, we specifically operate on the 2 main platforms that we are the most proficient in:

  • Telegram
  • Discord

We will be providing the backbone of Moderation and Community management services while giving our client projects the choice over the secondary members of their Community teams.

Our experts will be in charge of :

  • Setting up Discord server, Telegram group, Telegram bots, Discord bots
  • Taking care about the good quality of conversation
  • Creating FAQs on Telegram / Discord and additional materials
  • Responding to community questions
  • Organizing some activities like Quizzes, Polls
  • Posting announcements on Telegram Announcements Channel

Influencer marketing.

We will create an effective influencer marketing strategy for you, and what’s more, we will connect it with all the appropriate KOLs.

Thanks to this solution, you will have a chance to build interest in your product both in local markets and on a global scale, due to our wide and extensive network of multi-level KOLs strategically spread in all the major regions of interest.

We also cooperate with various KOLs for pre and post-listing shilling services, also opening up the possibility to support SAFT signing and control the performance of their services in a more direct manner.

Video creation and animations.

We can create and manage a video or animation campaign using stock shots, edit video materials for interviews and YouTube publications, and develop your own set of video marketing tools.

We can develop a summary-based campaign of your latest community events, educational content for your userbase, promotional material, quick updates, set up video AmA and much more.

We are able to adapt to the different aesthetics required by our clients while keeping up the quality of our final product in a way that fits the targeted ecosphere, showcasing all the strengths of the client projects in a professional, captivating and profitable manner.

Marketing Studio Conclusions.

Topping out at thirteen different features present in a single service, all mixable and customizable to create a final product that is both highly flexible and highly precise in meeting the targeted objectives, the Synapse Marketing Studios is one of our most valuable features, and we are proud that we managed to develop and deploy it in this rough period for the crypto market.

By building ourselves and our partners up, we are priming the whole Network and all of its users to catch the next wave of green, and we are looking forward to bringing even more opportunities to our community and all of the members of the Synapse Network.

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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