Synapse Network announces: Now It’s Time For Our Community To Shine!

Synapse Network
3 min readJan 24, 2023


This latest release is something we’ve been working on for quite a few months, and we’re releasing something that we are proud of having built!

It’s something that supports and defines Synapse’s philosophy, and it’s something that has been really important for the DeFi space in the past year or so: preparing for the next bull market!

Synapse Network Research Army

Synapse Prep: Community Involvement and Reward System

It’s a place where anyone interested in project research or who has direct contact with a project they consider valuable will be able to exchange knowledge and prepare a comprehensive analysis for us to go over.

This is something that will have a lot of long-lasting repercussions on Synapse’s launchpad trajectory over the years, for even if we try our best we won’t be able to check every single project out there.

So find brilliant underrated projects to our attention, improve the network as a whole and get back some hefty rewards for your time!

We have already developed a subset of secondary activities for all the members of the Research Army, such as our polls or the Special Ranks Reward System, just to give you a little preview of what’s coming.

But the juicy, succulent meat of the matter for our new soldiers comes in the form of our commission fee System, specifically created to reward the members of our Synapse Network Research Army.

For each analyzed project that is accepted by the team and ends up being on Sale on our platform, the finder will get:

  • 1% of success fee +0.5% for buyback & $SNP burn for research which ends with approval on our side and sales on our platform
  • 2% of success fee +1% for buyback & $SNP burn for research and direct connection (direct contact) which ends with approval on our side and sales on our platform

The % is calculated based on the total sold amount, which means that:

If the project will sell tokens worth 95k out of 100k on our platform, you will gain:

  • 1% without direct contact = 950$ + 0.5% for buyback & $SNP burn = 450$
  • 2% with direct contact = 1900$ + 1% for buyback & $SNP burn = 950$

We have also prepared a number of other activities, such as:

  • Guaranteed allocation for the most active Synapse Network Research Army members (individual for each project)
  • Special polls in which you will be voting on which projects are worth joining our ranks

This, and much more, is what expects our community in the future. The forges are billowing, the army is ready, and we will find our way to the top of the new market that is going to explode when the new Green Wave Comes.

The conclusion is one, and one only: the Synapse Network is providing new opportunities to the worthy, and the Synapse Community is the worthies of them all!

So Come And


Synapse Network community launch on CREW3

This is not the only action we have prepared for you! We are proud to announce the launch of our community on CREW3! Many interesting challenges and tasks await you on this platform, including some that are cyclical and renew daily or weekly!

Complete the tasks and collect XP!

You can also find a leaderboard on CREW3, an extremely important tool that will be directly tied to your rewards every new cycle!

Each month, the TOP3 members on the leaderboard will be rewarded with 20$ worth of $SNP tokens*.

What’s more, each month we will burn the number of tokens corresponding to the amount of XP you have accumulated during that month!

What does this mean?

If all community members in a given month accumulate 100 000 XP by completing shuffles on the platform, we will burn 100 000 SNP tokens.

Isn’t that brilliant?

Don’t waste time and sign up for our CREW3 community today!

To be up to date with each new Synapse Network Opportunity don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media!

  • Tokens will be added to 1-month vesting and will be claimable on our platform