Synapse Network platform open

for Early Stage Community Round KYC!

Thank you for participating in the Early Stage Community Round! Today we are opening our platform for registrations and KYC requirements. Eligible participants will be able to fulfil all requirements that are necessary to meet the KYC assumptions. You have 24 hours to complete the task — the deadline is June 12th at 9 AM UTC.


  1. Prepare your wallet in the Metamask. Make sure you use the whitelisted wallet.
  2. Go to our platform at:
  3. Connect wallet

4. Choose your account

5. Click Register

6. Fill the registration form. Check “BSC Wallet is the same as ethereum wallet” if it is true for your case.

7. Sign message

8. After registration, you will get the information about KYC. Click the link on the banner.

9. Now you can go through the KYC process, please fill in all the required data such as

a) Sign Up with your email or mobile phone
b) Provide country of legal residence
c) Provide your wallet’s currency
d) Provide your wallet’s address
e) Provide the identification document name and picture
f) Verify data captured
g) Provide your selfie
h) Provide your address and residential address proof

Thank you for providing your KYC. Below you can see the process step by step.

After reviewing, please wait until 14th of June ~9:00 PM UTC for the final whitelist announcement.

After registration and KYC please wait until 14th of June ~9:00 PM CET for final whitelist announcement.



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