Synapse New Launchpad Tiered System Usher In a New Era For Public Sales.

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5 min readMar 6, 2022

Experience a new way of investing with Synapse Network’s community revamped Launchpad Tiered System.

With the newly constructed staking system coming to light, Synapse has revealed an all-inclusive premier method built for the ground up to give the most gains possible to the Synapse Community, and to keep up with the ever-increasing market demands, we are also updating our Launchpad tiered system to better match what the Network has achieved in the past year.

While a lot of projects just provide basic Launchpad features for their user bases, Synapse takes this amazing earning tool to the next level, providing different benefits for each different tier, ending up with amazing rewards for all the most devoted Synapse users, and with the reworked version based specifically on community feedback, Synapse brings in a new and improved take on our already wildly successful Launchpad.

Synapse’s most recent staking article shows how easy it is to get to the highest tiers, sharing all the necessary information to its community members in “The First of its kind Flexible Gamified Staking — Unveiling The Secrets” medium update.

With the multiple benefits awarded to the most faithful Synapse holders, our investors also need to be rewarded in the same way, and with the Launchpad updates, we will see another jump in the value provided by our roster of features.

You just need to choose exactly how you want to build your own portfolio, decide on which projects to invest in, and look at the numbers going up accordingly to your original allocation.

The DeFi ecosystem already lacked similarly built Launchpads, but with the scaling provided by the newly revamped mechanisms, the added propositions, quality of life features and smartly integrated overallocation and FCFS features provide another layer of flexibility to new and veteran users.

We at Synapse have already shown our willingness to adapt our tools and services in response to our community feedback, with multiple quality of life features having been added to the platform after useful tips from our user base, and we wanted to show how the new Launchpad system also reflects this user-driven growth.

We have corrected exploits that were a little disruptive to the normal solutions put out by the Network, put in place anti-deflation shields and started to implement our counter-inflating maneuvers with our token burning event and now with the new staking System.

Another aspect we wanted to address was the need to multiply our reward pool for long-term Synapse supporters, our Synapse Veteran Holders so to speak. The new Launchpad mechanism goes to directly feed this pool, providing long-term holders strong benefits, while encouraging new holders to start their own investing journey with less strict procedures to participate in our newly featured FCFS sale.

And with the massive growth that Synapse keeps experiencing, up and coming users need to have their own benefits, to ease them into this wonderful world of new DeFi solutions, benefits that can easily match our veteran tiered ones, thanks also to the adjustment of our initial Allocation pools in regards to community demand.

Synapse is always progressing to meet the ever-increasing standards of the market, and with how much are we scaling we can proudly say that we have more than met and passed those marks, in great part thanks to the community support we have received until now.

This is why we want to give back something tangible, valuable and important to our users, to thanks the Synapse veterans and welcome the newly introduced members of the Network.

Our newly integratedLaunchpad Tiered System is a big part of this show of appreciation, with much more yet to come, and we at the Synapse Headquarters are looking forward to bringing fresh and amazing products for our users, providing you all with amazing opportunities to navigate this new era of DeFi in a secure and easy way.

So how will the new tier system work? Let’s look at the details:

We have performed hundreds of simulations and the new tier system allows even the smallest IDO raise (50 000$ ) brings large allocations even to the holders on the lowest tiers.

Based on the last projects on average 25% of token holders registered for the sale. It means that 1 allocation calculates for 60.85$. This will put an end to the small allocations. Of course it scales linearly on higher tiers:

  • on Night Owls level you will get 2 allocations — so it is 2 * 60.85$ = 121.70$
  • on Treasure Hunters level you will get 5 allocations — so it is 5 * 60.85$ = 304.25$
  • and so on…

It also scales linearly when the raise is higher. So let’s see here:

  • when project raises 50 000$ — 1 allocation will be 60.85$
  • when the same project raises 100 000$ — 1 allocation will be 121.70$
  • and so on.

Check out the simulation here.

*Please note that entry data is based on actual pool size with addition of 1 whale

It could potentially also scale down, when the number of registered users increases, but no less than 4x of this simulation and 100% of registered users has never happened and most certainly will never happen.

Keep in mind that other features of the Synapse launchpad are still the same so:

  • The overallocation still works like always, so even though you can have X * allocation guaranteed, you still can invest many more.
  • The FCFS round is still open for everyone.

The other thing worth noticing is that holders of 20 000 tokens or more now have clear benefits as premium users. They have guaranteed allocation for every sale, and we were asked for this clear distinction for some time by the members of our community.

Another key factor is that even though the number of tokens for guaranteed allocation could be seen as high, due to the market conditions it is not very expensive, as it’s only 2200$.

Users on the lottery tier should not feel excluded as the chances are very high and also they still have the possibility to invest on the open FCFS round if it becomes available.

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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