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3 min readMar 30, 2022

It’s with a great deal of pride and delight that Synapse is ready to announce the release of its First NFT Collection, with the Genesis Synapse NFT Project Release.

This is a historical moment for the Synapse Network, with the NFT ecosphere being one of the most related to the Synapse Creed, and the web of connection that we have built until now being particularly rooted in the NFT scene.

We have helped many brilliant projects shine in their own way in this niche, and we believe that we are prepared to finally make our own entrance and show to the world what Synapse and its team is able to do with the right inspiration.

But we can’t forget what we are and why we are here, and that’s why our NFT collection won’t only shine in terms of designs and creativity, with multiple designs specifically created by the best artists in the space to give the Synapse community the highest tier of product they could receive from such a drop, with more than 1000 NFTs being available for an airdrop to our userbase.

Of those 1000 NFTs, you can expect to see a never before seen attention to detail, with each of the customizable designs being curated on its own, tweaked to never get stale or repetitive, and of course, polished to become one of the singularly best collections released on the market yet.

And since we are breaching into something new with this collection, we want to give it a twist all around, with the NFTs being a direct airdrop for the community during our gleam campaign, to make a great release even greater.

Gleam campaign is available here:

Number of NFTs which will be airdropped: 1000

Gleam start: 30.03, 8:30 AM UTC

Gleam end: 01.04, 6:59 PM UTC

We are very excited about this event, with the Synapse Genesis NFT project being one of the biggest focuses of this quarter, high-quality integrations and amazing creators developing their dream designs thanks to the Synapse Network.

We won’t be able to release the names of some of the artists that worked with us during the creation of this collection due to the elusive nature of the brilliant minds that aided our collection creation, but we don’t want to let our community down, so we’ll just say that people are able to check many of their operas in viral compilations and modern art analysis channels!

For a long time, the NFT sector has been dominated by quirky designs, with a lot of qualities but without a real soul.

Synapse is looking to change this perspective, by giving highly valuable, artistic takes of the NFT world in our Genesis Masterpiece collection, while staying true to the Synapse Creed and giving ample benefits to the owners of our NFT collection with multiple tangible benefits.

We will be releasing multiple updates in the following days, so stay tuned to our announcement channels and don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

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Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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