Synapse Takes Staking to the Next Level.

  • We have constructed 6 different time periods that you can pick in which to stake your LP: 1-month staking, 3 months staking, 6 months staking 12 months 24 months and 36 months respectively.
  • LP staking directly translate into SNP power: from x1.8 to x4.5 — here we multiply the SNP tokens x2 and only then count the multiplier.
  • When adding your LP to the Staking pools, we will automatically calculate how many SNP tokens are in your LP.
  • Depending on the type of lock you chose ( time period) and how many SNPs you have in your LP your APR can range from 13.5% to 210%.
  • All of our Staking pools will only count the amount of SNP tokens you have in your LP, not the SNP +Stablecoins.
  • During the Staking period, there are no claims or prizes to make, this is specifically to maximise the prize amount reached at the end of the time period you choose.
  • To Unstake without a penalty, you will need to wait for the whole time period to end.
  • You can make an emergency withdrawal whenever you need to, but you will lose the rewards on the withdrawn amount plus a set penalty fee.
  • After more than 75% of the time period you chose has elapsed, you will get access to a special time slot in which you can convert the prizes you have already earned by:
    Taking half of them with a SWAP to our DEXes and exchanging them for a stable coin.
    Add the other half alongside the SWAPPED stablecoins to your liquidity.
  • As the Added Liquidity, we have primary tokens and new tokens summed together, and new rewards are calculated. Users that have staked with a previous APR will maintain the old one, while new entries will have the recalculated APR.



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