Synapse Wins the War on Bots

Fanadise’s token, Fantoken, was launched on Thursday. Synapse’s anti-bot mechanisms immediately kicked in to maintain stability on the market.

  • Investors, hoping to get rich quickly, buy as soon as it is possible to trade, raising the price for a fraction of a moment to $ 1.1. Approximately 7.3x increase.
  • The price then drops to around $ 0.48 (3.2x), before rebounding to around $ 0.67 (4.46x).
  • The rate then starts to decline and hover at around $ 0.35 (2.3x)
  • Then we jump again to the value of $ 0.55 (3.6x)
  • None of the investors bought more than the limit, (ie. the anti-bot mechanism worked).
  • The significant drop in the rate was caused by the sale of tokens bought outside the stock exchange, before the DEX entry period. For example, a few larger trades that benefited from a high rate that significantly lowered the rate:

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