The final whitelist selection

For Private Sale Round A & B Synapse Network

Synapse Network is pleased to announce the final selection of 300 whitelisted people to participate in the Private Sale Round A & B. The selected people have successfully passed the KYC process and will have 24 hours to make the investment. We are happy to observe that we are oversubscribed also in this round. Synapse Network seems to be one of the most requested projects this summer.

Below we are presenting the full whitelisting process to prove the legitimacy of the whitelisting process.

Whitelist and reserve list for both rounds in one place:


The preliminary data:

955 new people have registered on

A total of 897 accounts eligible for this round finished KYC!
That’s twice as much as in the first round!

  • 881 new people have started the KYC process using Fractal

Round selection

  • 386 people chosen Round A


We prepared the spreadsheet containing every person who registered and passed the KYC process. The spreadsheet includes two columns:

Assigned consecutive number


You can find a table for Round A under the link below:

You can find a table for Round B under the link below:


For the avoidance of any doubt, we are publishing the SHA256 online hash file checksum function. Anyone is able to check the hash value — this proves that the data has not been tampered with.

Round A SHA256:

Round B SHA256:

You can check it by yourself, for example using PowerShell, or any other SHA256 :

Get-FileHash .\fileName.csv -Algorithm SHA256 |Format-List


We used a whitelist selection contract that is available to check on our Github repository under this link:

The contract was deployed to the Polygon mainnet, verified and available to check under those links:

Private A:

Private B:

The contracts are keeping a link to the Google file with data included in the CSV file as well as it contains a SHA256 hash of the CSV file.

Private A:

Private B:


The contract asked Chainlink for a randomValue

Based on randomValue, x unique numbers in the range from 0-to-n were generated

Where each new unique number was also a new randomValue for the function, and n was the number of participants who registered and passed the KYC process.

winnerSeed = uint256(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(previousWinnerSeed, i, nonce)));
winnerIndex = (winnerSeed % kycCount) + 1;

Using the contract, we selected 100 and 200 random numbers matching the numbers from the CSV files for Private A and Private B rounds. Everything is verifiable on-chain, links to transactions are posted below. Those numbers and corresponding addresses will be able to be the first to buy when the sale starts.

But it was not the last on-chain picking we performed. For all the remaining addresses, we selected a number that indicates a place in line in the whitelist reserve lists.

Private A Whitelist TX:


Private A Whitelist Reserve TX:




A CSV file with first 100 investor for Round A is published here:

SHA256: 11E2C9F0C30A314B79C2421E642E6615C25E1849A4B60A4954DC148F1C36C18F

A CSV file with queue assignments for reserve whitelist for Round A is published here:

SHA256: 7E7AC395B0118C3BDAA72D5639D717C22DA179DA0B3CEF1FA3CBCCBD9370D8D8

Private B Whitelist TX:



Private B Whitelist Reserve TX:





A CSV file with first 200 investor for Round B is published here:

SHA256: 36C6EA8B07C52BFFC405DC1C24D64215B88F681301875F49EB0EBB3C2EA3783D

A CSV file with queue assignments for reserve whitelist for Round B is published here:

SHA256: 8EE232B74A6BEE3CCD201B878584E3BEC01CA92BE1CA572093ACA341D28C0CFD


Whitelisted people for rounds A and B will be able to invest immediately after the sales begin.

This means that they will be able to buy on 25.06.2021 at 9:00 AM UTC. They will have 24 hours to invest; after that time they will be blocked in the investment process.

Probably not everyone will invest from the first participants and not everyone will invest 500$ (max limit). If that happens we will divide the remaining value by 500$ and round it down. We will contact another batch of investors from the queue and allow them to participate. We will repeat the process several times.

Investment schedule (The same for both A and B rounds):

25.06.2021 9:00 AM UTC — whitelisted investors are allowed to invest

26.06.2021 9:00 AM UTC — whitelisted investors who did not invest yet are blocked from investing.

26.06.2021 9:30 AM UTC — contacting/publishing first batch of reserve investors data.

26.06.2021 11:30 AM UTC — deadline for batch1 of reserve investors

26.06.2021 12:00 UTC — batch2 start

26.06.2021 2:00 PM UTC — batch 2 end

26.06.2021 2:30 PM UTC — batch3 start

26.06.2021 4:30 PM UTC — batch 3 end

26.06.2021 5:00 PM UTC — batch4 start

26.06.2021 7:00 PM UTC — batch 4 end

It is possible that the sale will end before the last batch of investors. The further the position in the queue, the smaller chances of participating.

Thank you for participating in this stage of the sale. We are happy to announce that we were able to successfully end the first Early Stage Community Round that was oversubscribed 30x and Provide Sale Rounds A & B that were oversubscribed 8x.

The next officially open round is the biggest one directed to our community investors — COMMUNITY SALE for 800 000 USD is opening on the 5th of July and its rules will be introduced on Tuesday 29th. Stay tuned!