The Synapse Investors Protection Program Already Makes a Difference

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4 min readAug 10, 2022

This current market state dissuades a lot of projects from building up their foundations, and yet the Synapse Network has managed to introduce one of its most valuable features during those difficult times.

After careful consideration and deliberation, soon after the crypto winter started, Synapse introduced a new feature to its already vast array of tools, with this latest introduction coming in the form of a community safety net with the Synapse Investor Protection Program.

Specifically aimed to ensure the best possible security for the Synapse Network userbase during the various fundraising events hosted by our team, the Synapse Protection Program has been a resounding success, giving us the much-needed stability that this bear market requires.

While adding another layer of quality control to the already strict process of project selection that we employ to choose the teams that will be featured on our Launchpad is already a success, our analyst’s research has shown that this feature has already repaid Synapse in multiple ways, all equally valuable in regards to what they bring to the Network and, more specifically, to our community.

With the introduction of the Program, Synapse has managed to safeguard its investors, while empowering another one of its core features, the Synapse Launchpad, which has now contributed to the funding of dozens of promising projects, creating a loop of positive interaction that will be able to stabilize the trajectory of Synapse growth even more, while also helping all the members of the Network reach their goals.

The various objectives of the Investor Program, such as:

  • New Quality Control Improvements.
  • The implementation of new criteria for projects that have already joined the Network as Partners.
  • The implementation of a new set of internal rules for all the Synapse partners specifically aimed to better the Synapse Ecosystem as a whole.
  • The introduction of much stricter safeguard protection tools, such as immediate refunds of their allocation of all projects not respecting the new Synapse ruleset.

Have been successfully achieved, giving all of Synapse’s users multiple additional layers of protection while utilizing the Synapse features, and, more importantly, when investing in the various projects hosted in the Synapse launchpad.

We believe that with this introduction we have shown other projects in the DeFi ecosphere that nurturing your community is crucial for the success of your project, and that by setting new standards of quality in such crucial aspects of safety development the entire DeFi space can be made better.

This launchpad addition is made of what Synapse always tried to bring to the DeFi ecosystem and to our partners, prioritizing utility, security, efficiency and long-term strategic integrations over the short-term gratification that may be brought by lacklustre solutions made for quick releases.

Even well-planned and executed integrations are often unable to provide a secure environment for the userbase ending up being absolutely useless or even detrimental for both project development and community growth.

The program is an important addition that will be tweaked to always keep our investors safe depending on multiple factors, like market conditions, technological advancements and security measures improvements, with the present iteration being explained in a more detailed rundown here on our medium.

The Synapse Network has made its way to the top of the DeFi investment ecosystem by relying on its solid foundation and on our faithful community, and we are proud to have created a feature that is so valuable to both our users and our partners.

We have taken another step toward the realization of our vision, and the Network stands proud as one of the most stable and secure investment ecosystems in the DeFi space.

The fact that fewer projects are able to pass our scrutiny after the introduction of the Investor Protection Program also gave us the chance to narrow the scope of our interactions with our partner teams in the most efficient manner, granting us a greater insight into what we can expect from them in the future while kick-starting their organic growth in the present.

As always, stay tuned to the various Synapse Network media channels to never miss an update and don’t forget to check out our Medium to understand exactly how each new Synapse Integration works.

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