Turn Ideas into Reality

The best crypto competition ever!! Be The One to win 10k worth of GMS without spending a single Wei!

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Have you ever thought: “Whoa !! Those Launchpads are so unfair! They only feed on small ones and allow the big ones to earn more and more. If I had created a Launchpad…”

If you thought about it, tell us — how would you build it? How would your perfect Launchpad look like?

So here we are — giving you all an even chance to become our Launchpad Advisor!!

The prize pool is huge. But what needs to be done?

As you already know from our previous articles, we have our vision of how to get Launchpad 2.0 up and running. But what if one of you has an idea that can change this game? An idea that will create a new definition of Launchpad? What if this idea might never be discovered? Maybe you are this person?

Tell us about your idea for the best possible Launchpad ever! Should it be FCFS or maybe LBP only? How would you do that? Remember to be as specific as possible. There’s a lot of tricky elements that need to be considered.

Just send us an email to hello@gemstarter.io with the title: “Ideal Launchpad” including your vision with a minimum of 300 words. We are accepting both Polish and English language.

You have time until the end of Tuesday 20th of April 2021 (11:59 pm UTC).

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

If something can’t be done, you need someone who doesn’t know it, who will come and do it!
Do it for us!
Do it for yourself!
Do it for the entire crypto society!

Prize pools:

  • The best idea that will fit into our whole ecosystem will be rewarded with GMS tokens worth 10k USD and the ability to become our official advisor!
  • Two other people that will bring something fresh to our vision, something that will make it better— will be rewarded with 3k USD in GMS tokens.
  • Every person who will try to create his perfect Launchpad and send it to us will receive a special NFT from us (May-June 2021)

Reward Tokens gonna be vested in the same way as Advisor Pool GMS Tokens. Tokenomics will be revealed soon :)



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