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  1. UpOnly! is lining up to be the premier data directory for play-to-earn gaming and Metaverse projects. Please explain, especially for new users, what UpOnly is and how it all started?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

UpOnly is a data directory for metaverse and play-to-earn projects. The idea for UpOnly came from when I observed the massive public interest in play-to-earn games and there’s influx of new projects in the space. Seeing new projects launching everyday and then realizing that there is no go-to place platform for all information required by gamers and investors, made it obvious that this was an addressable market gap.

UpOnly addresses that pain point by becoming a reliable data provider for the Play-to-Earn and Metaverse industries, the equivalent of what CoinMarketCap does for coin prices and volume. This will allow investors to find clear and concise play-to-earn and Metaverse data. Think of us as a P2E and metaverse compass!


Well explained.

Happy to add a lot of very much needed value to the Play2Earn and Metaverse Fields.

Natthapol Assarasakorn

For instance, investors and gamers will use UpOnly to check out the latest play-to-earn games, know the details about the game, and decide what to play. The same applies to Metaverse. They can view insightful data such as the trading history of land parcels and strategize what to buy. On top of that, UpOnly will host a decentralized infrastructure for spectators to predict the outcome of play-to-earn gaming events using the native $UPO token. The platform will be built on Polygon and will be the first of its kind to offer such an option for play-to-earn games.

It will benefit multiple parties such as gamers, investors and also project owners as they can list their projects with us with $UPO tokens.


That’s the narrative we’re aiming for. All community members can keep that in mind and spread the word about it. An aligned narrative is always important.

Natthapol Assarasakorn

Exactly, we’re the first mover and will lead the industry with data and project information.

We aim to target both crypto veterans and newcomers as there’s a growing numbers of players and users. It’s exactly what the market needs.

It’s important for the community as we’ve observed conversation in different communities that people are constantly seeking for the next hidden gem and credible source of information.


UpOnly makes it so much easier for users to find quality projects. Come to UpOnly, check essential data and decide what to play or Metaverse land parcel to buy.

2. What will make UpOnly the project of choice for investors? Please explain what it is about your project that makes you believe in its success? What is your strongest point?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

UpOnly is currently solving the biggest pain points and problems in play-to-earn and the Metaverse. There is no denying that users are overwhelmed by the number of new play-to-earn games launching everyday, in addition to existing ones. At this time, users have no idea how much is required to play a game, how much they can earn, or the most lucrative games to enter. At the same time they have no website to know the best choice of Metaverse digital lands to purchase or how to find the most promising project. Knowing the market, the industry and providing a solution for a common challenge is our key strength.

UpOnly addresses these pain points. Visitors will come to UpOnly to carry out research and make data-driven decisions on what games to play and which Metaverse assets to buy. We will empower them to make confident decisions, boosting investments in blockchain gaming and the Metaverse. As noted earlier, our prediction platform is also unique and currently has no competitors. Our key concept is solid and the platform has so much potential.

For example, the platform can evolve to be a ‘contribute-to-earn’ model for contributors to share project information. Viewers can use $UPO tokens to vote and rank the contributors. This is our plan in a later stage when we widen user base. It’s a data-driven, community-based platform.

Besides strong concept and execution mentioned above, having a unique proposition is definitely a key success factor.


And the right partners and team members on board.

UpOnly will be a great success.

3. A lot of people here want to meet you, can you say something about your team? Who is responsible for building the project? Tell us a little bit about your past, people like stories!

UpOnly is a wholly-owned company with a team of 25 employees currently working on the project. The number continues to increase daily, especially as we prepare for the beta release in the coming months. Some of our community members are also well aware that UpOnly collaborates long-term and shares resources with Nakamoto Games and may wonder about the relationship. Tor, the CEO of Nakamoto Games, is a very good friend of mine.


We do have the best marketing and tech partners and overall all needed connections in the crypto space.

Natthapol Assarasakorn

Exactly, each brings their expertise to the table.

My background is in working tech, ecommerce, and gaming industries before getting involved with crypto. Tor and I regularly exchange business ideas and views about projects in crypto space. We can expect long-term collaboration and tactical marketing with Nakamoto Games team in terms of Nakamoto Games being the first play-to-earn data provider for UpOnly.

I’d like to mention that we appreciate partnership with Synapse Network very much. We highly value your advice as we know you’re strong in crypto gaming and technical development.

4. Can you tell us something about your marketing strategy? What are your plans for the future? It would be great to hear more about your roadmap. Are you planning anything special for your community who will be with you from the beginning?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

Our marketing campaigns are currently ongoing with a lot of cross-community promotions between our partners. The majority of our early-stage investors are utilizing their large-scale influencer partnerships to reach millions of potential investors and users. Our essential partners are play-to-earn games that stream their mainnet online data to the UpOnly website. The community can expect to see collaborations between play-to-earn and Metaverse projects with UpOnly in the coming months. Growing the community is crucial for us as well. We do cross-channel communication we will feed information in different channels. Not just about our project but we’ll educate the community about interesting P2E and metaverse projects primarily.

In terms of the roadmap, the first beta version of the UpOnly data directory will be released in Q1 of 2022 and that is the first big milestone. In the short-term, the roadmap is to conduct three different IDOs before the end of the year and also get listed on a centralized exchange. We truly appreciate our community, especially those that have been with us from the beginning and have contributed in no small way to promoting the project on social media and other platforms. While we cannot specify any future airdrops at this time, the team will continue to consider the best ways to appreciate our loyal community.

5. Can you please tell us more about #UpOnly features? How do you plan to reward your community? It would also be great to hear about the usefulness of your $UPO token

Natthapol Assarasakorn

First of all, the $UPO token is to be staked by play-to-earn projects that want to stream their data on UpOnly. It is only when they stake $UPO that they can access the user interface and tap into the massive user acquisition opportunity that UpOnly will provide. Another utility for the $UPO token is that it will allow spectators to bet on the outcome of play-to-earn games.

All $UPO tokens contributed by users are accumulated into a prize pool and will be distributed to the winner at the conclusion of each event. There are also plans for a “contribute-to-earn” program whereby people stake $UPO to become verified contributors. Verified contributors will be able to verify and contribute data to the UpOnly platform and be rewarded with $UPO for their contributions.


The $UPO token is the heart of UpOnly’s eco-system.

Farm: Stake $UPO on $ROSN.

Governance: Hold $UPO and vote.

Fuel: Use $UPO to bet on Play to Earn Games.

Data Management: Play to Earn Projects stake $UPO to stream their data on UpOnly and acquire users.


6. We know that UpOnly is very interested in the idea of the Metaverse. Can you say more about how you will look to attract fans of this trend to you? Tell us more about your “Metaverse Directory” please.

Natthapol Assarasakorn

Currently, people are overwhelmed by new Metaverse projects and land sales, making it difficult for them to decide where to invest and how much to invest. UpOnly Metaverse directory solves the biggest pain point of not having sufficient data for Metaverse digital land plots.

The Metaverse Directory delivers the trading history and past progress of different land parcels. For instance, the parties that have traded a particular parcel, the sale value, and the estimated appreciation value of the asset. We strongly expect that such information will enable investors to make confident decisions and will trigger the inflow of massive investments to help build out the future Metaverse.

People will be able to make better decision making with information required.

Community questions



Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

We target investors, gamers, project owners and spectators. Community feedback is crucial to us as we’d like to build the platform as a tool for community members to find the information and engage with the platform. We focus on educating newcomers in the crypto space as well.


Trum Cryp

Hi explain this quote “”UpOnly will provide comprehensive data on the rapidly growing Metaverse space”” can you tell us examples of the data UpOnly will give about Metaverse projects? And how will you ensure that the data is accurate and correct? will you partner with the projects to get their data?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

Digital land, price, information, projects on metaverse projects for example. We’ve used security measurement to ensure highest security standard and auditing.



Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

It’s open for everyone!

Winners questions



I seen that you have done many AMAs, my question is, what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

We’d like to promote our platform through all communities and community is fundamental to us as real users of the platform. We’ll have to build a data-focused platform first and promote through communities to widen audience and user base.



Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Please see information from our channels here.

Natthapol Assarasakorn

Welcome to UpOnly! — The First Play to Earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform

Analyse | Predict | Earn $UPO

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Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Natthapol Assarasakorn

The platform is built for both crypto beginners and those familiar with crypto projects. The problem we’re aiming to solve is a common issue for everyone.

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