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10 min readNov 18, 2021

Question 1

Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself and about project? What exactly is #ZukiMoba for crypto enthusiasts?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

Hi #SynapseNetwork community, I am PheLan, currently I am working as Business Developer of Zuki Moba. I have 5 years of experience in the video game industry and am specialized in growth strategy and team scaling up.

It is my pleasure to be here today to talk about Zuki Moba. And hope that we could have a great and helpful AMA.

Zuki Moba is a MOBA Esport Game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which is built with a Decentralized Economy application community-oriented. In-game NFT is used to build characters, game items, and Metaverse structures. In addition, Play to Earn mechanism is applied to create economic benefits for Gamers, creating a unique point compared to traditional MOBA games.

In-game NFT is used to build characters, game items, and Metaverse structures. In addition, Play to Earn mechanism is applied to create economic benefits for Gamers, creating a unique point compared to traditional MOBA games.

The game is built based on the traditional Japanese snowball game (Yukigassen) which famous throughout the game world by its attractive nature of sports, fun, competition, and attractive battle online and can develop into a global e-sport game.

Our missions are to bring you the most novelistic gaming experience and the most lucrative earning opportunities while promoting the expansion of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystems and the mass adoption of blockchain applications. Zuki Moba’s mission is not just to create an e-sport game but a platform game that connects crypto owners with gamers and streamers. These three components will create a sustainable ecosystem that makes gaming, sharing, and in-game peer-to-peer exchange famous worldwide.

Question 2

Can you say something about the core team members of #ZukiMoba? Will be nice to hear little bit about your experience.


Phelan | Zuki Moba

About our team, I would like to share an image of our team from #ZukiMoba

Mr. Dan Ngo, our CEO, who has been operating 2 traditional businesses in tourism and personal rental real estate and 07 years of experience in Crypto investment, training self-development thinking and team development. He also has more than 5 years of management in the field of ADS Marketing (website, youtube, Facebook). He is also running development cryptof.ventures, ecoinbanks.com

Mr Lucid Hoang is our CTO. He is also the Founder at UFIN Founder at OnicGame and the Co-founder of Vero Farm. He is also the Advisor at Jeritex Advisor at Moniwar Latoken Vietnam Country Manager. He has 5+ years of experience as Blockchain Project Manager and 4+ years of experience in entertainment games development for Asia market.

Ms. Kellie Nguyen, our Global PR and Marketing, who has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, used to work in Media position (running ads, booking KOL, booking newspapers, monitoring KPIs…) for P2P Digital Agency, one of the big agencies in Vietnam specializing in Branding. Marketing Manager of Ben Thanh Invest Real Estate Company. Owning an advertising agency — specializing in Branding for Brands such as Tan Son Nhat, Sweethome Bakery, Hy Lam Mon, Botani Vietnam… 03 years of experience participating in the development of a number of Crypto projects as a bridge between founders and a number of exchanges as well as international partners to expand foreign relations.

And we have Mr. Des Nguyen — Content Creator and Designer, Mr. Jordan Duong — Account Manager, Robert Lam — Community Engagement and Strategy Lead. All of us have more than 5+ years of experience in business.

Question 3

We all just want to know: What makes #ZukiMoba different from the other games?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

As you can see in blockchain, or specifically GameFi market, there is not many moba games. Those games currently are just RPG or card games. #ZukiMoba is the perfect combination of Moba — the game genre that has made its own spot in the video game industry and Blockchain — the hot trend right now and so many years ahead.

Many gaming projects are facing the loss of players shortly after the games are released. This is partly because the attractiveness of the game is no longer enough to keep the players and investors to stay longer with the projects. Understanding that point, Zuki always wants to renew ourselves and bring to our users the best experience like the first day. Combining MOBA gameplay, the most prevalent type of game in the world with many successful examples like LOL, Battle of Legend,… Zuki is expected to reach the most diverse clients possible.

Also with the experienced developing team including people with many years working in the gaming industry, we know what the market needs and provide them with the best product integrated with the high-en blockchain industry. When playing ZukiMOBA, you and other players will find it both strange and familiar, so it won’t take time to get used to it and start to earn money with ZUKI.

Question 4

Can you please share for us some numbers, details like ZukiMoba’s tokenomics? It’s important for our investors to know everything about your project!


Phelan | Zuki Moba

There will be two tokens that will be used in #ZukiMoba, both based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain in $ZUKI (Governance token) and $GEM (Sub-token).

The token $ZUKI is leveraged for governance and other actions within the game. The game involves a battle between token-based characters called $ZUKI” and players can collect items, collect GEM, breed the characters, and train them game characters.

While $GEM is used for trading between Zuki and can be converted into real-life money, $ZUKI is a governance token that lets owners have a say in the development of the game. $GEM is also a token tied to the Zuki economy and has seen a major role. The attention has not just been focused on $ZUKI, as the Zuki economy’s other tokens are seeing demand as well, especially $GEM token. Zuki Moba players can earn $GEM as rewards and when they battle in the game’s battle mode.

Yes, besides earning and collecting $GEM and $ZUKI, the Zuki Moba economy’s tokens can be purchased and sold on exchanges like Jlaunchpad, Binance, Okex, etc.This is our Tokenmetrics for $ZUKI, for more details, you can look at this graph.

- Advisor: 5%

- Marketing: 10%

- Reward (Stacking — farming — Play to earn) & Liquidity: 46%

- Airdrop: 5%

- Development Fund: 5%

- Seeds: 4%

- Private: 8%

- IDO: 2%

It isn’t surprising that a game like #ZukiMoba has a sizable play-to-earn community, and with a growing base of players in emerging economies. #ZukiMoba has two in-game currencies, both based on the BSC blockchain in Zuki (Governance token) and Gem (Sub-token). The total supply of $ZUKI will be and the amount of $GEM will be unlimited

Question 5

Im really glad to know more about your NFT Marketplace, when you want to relase it? And what makes your marketplace more unique from the other’s?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

Our NFT Marketplace will be released this quarter. Beside the function that players could buy/sell/exchange their NFT heroes, NFT characters, etc there, we will have an unique function called Renting

This function will give the players a win-win situation

There are a lot of players who have fancy NFT Heroes and they don’t have enough time to play their game, they could use their characters for rent and earn a fee from it.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of players, who don’t have enough money to own their own fancy character. They could go to the marketplace, rent any characters they want with a reasonable price

Question 6

Strategic partners and backers is a key CRITERIA on which investors looks at a project to decide whether or not they will invest in. Who are they in #ZukiMoba?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

We have collaborated with some of the big launchpads such as LaunchZone, BSCStation, BinStarter, and KrystalGo. They are our strategic partners and will help in launching Zuki Moba’s IDO.

LaunchZone is the first and best incubator on Binance Smart Chain. They currently have 70k holders, 200k followers on Twitter, and 100k members on Telegram. With an amazing community and excellent products, LaunchZone was titled Star Project by Binance Smart Chain. LZ Swap (formerly SwapX) ranks 4th on the list of Top Decentralized Exchanges and ranks 2nd in terms of users (Dapp Radar).

Besides, we have received support from a lot of big and famous crypto ventures and capitals. Some of them are Kyber Ventures, X21, AlphaMoon Capital, CoinLab, Onebit Ventures, etc.

And we will have news updated continuously via our Telegram channel: https://t.me/ZukiMoba

Question 7

Marketing is always seen as a big problem of every project. So what is your plan to implement your marketing strategy, and make the project become more and more popular?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

We have collaborated with LaunchZone, their Telegram community has more than 110k members and their Twitter has more than 226k followers. It will be a big advantage for us to expand and find more new potential customers

Besides, we will collaborate in term of doing AMAs with many big communities in crypto space for marketing our project such as: BSC Army, DTS, , Ufin, Jlaunchpad, Hora Os, Moniwar, VNDC, BAS, ROCKET, so on. Especially #SynapseNetwork

We also prepare some giveaway and bounty programs in the near future not only to honour our loyal users but also to create more attraction with new users.

We are working with partners who are private investors: both are large joint ventures and influential KOLs. These teams are an important part of our project which help us develop communication and stick with the project.

Question 8

We also want to know about how will you do to expand #ZukiMoba user’s community? Say something more about your method’s to make the community bigger


Phelan | Zuki Moba

I believe that you are familiar with Moba Game, especially DOTA. And I have no doubt that you have watched some streamers

Influencers and game streamers collaboration is always a great way to help the game to reach the potential game players. And we could not also ignore it.

We have connected many KOLs to support the project. In addition, after launching, we will also continue to expand this network to bring the game closer to user

We are planning to collaborate with some of famous game streamers in order to market and expand our player’s community.

We will maintain and support the online community continuously so that we can support players in the most timely manner when problems arise. We also prepare some giveaway and bounty programs in the near future not only to honour our loyal users but also to create more attraction with new users.

Question 9

Can you please share for us information about your roadmap and the upcoming events for the last month of 2021?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

So far, we have done the R&D step for all aspects to launch: Market Research, Game and Technology. The beta version of gameplay has been successfully launched in Q3/2021. Upcoming events for #Zukimoba is a whole series of PR and definitely a huge IDO event.

And very soon, at the beginning of 2022, there will be an official game release along with NFT market and token listing on CEX. And in the future, Zukimoba will be able to host global E-sport events that attract gamers around the world. As you can see a famous Moba game: DOTA in the long run.

Question 10

Please explain for everybody: How can we participate in #ZukiMoba’s IDO?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

- On LaunchZone: https://zukimoba.lz.finance/

- On BinStarter: https://gleam.io/q47xU/binstarter-zuki-moba-whitelist

- On BSCStation: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVsSP82O_jWviYCT8F5fa8Fh_JmOfarotHjjAniQ2Eo8TTpA/viewform

- On KrystalGo: https://go.krystal.app/projects/9

For more detail and the instruction for participating our IDO, please follow us via our Telegram channel: https://t.me/ZukiMoba

We hope that #SynapseNetwork community participate our IDO from each platform!

Winners Questions:

Question 1


On your website you dont mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you havent, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

The main advisor and development team are both experienced. So they are both aware of the risks in this area, and they can offer many solutions to deal with the risks.

We are also working with 2 big audit companies: Certik and TechRate.
We will have an official announcement about the audit report as soon as possible for our investors to have a definite trust when playing the game.

Question 2

Jack Hunter Gem

Can players give comments so that the Dev team can change the gameplay system to be more reasonable? If so, how does ZUKIMOBA receive such comments?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

#ZukiMoba is designed as an entertaining fighting game with multiplayer mode and focuses on teamwork. 02 modes of gameplay that enable player to stay with the game life from the beginning are:

- Ranking combat: Training, single, team battles. Players can choose to play solo or team up and play against other team.

- Daily quest: Random quests.

There are currently 5 genres of character. In #ZukiMoba game scenario, each player selects a specific role by impersonating a champion — a character of the game — to conduct a series of actions during the match. Each role is designed from the prototype of a champion in the fairy tale and characterized by a set of unique abilities.

Players with different personalities would have different preferences for specific roles, which lead to BIG 5 personality traits in #ZukiMoba game. Including Knight, Beast, Witch, Healer and Tanker

Moreover, #ZukiMoba allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle and trade token-based creatures.

Question 3

Fumiko Tanaka

Where can I buy it? Also all the links to all your social media platforms if possible?


Phelan | Zuki Moba

- ZukiMoba’s IDO will be launched on 4 launchpads: BSCStation, LaunchZone, BinStarter, and KrystalGo

- And Yes, here is some information about our communication channels

Website: http://zukimoba.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/ZukiMoba

Group Global: https://t.me/ZukiMobaGroup

Group VietNam: https://t.me/ZukiMobaVietNamese

Group China: https://t.me/ZukiMobaChina

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZukiMoba

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZukiMoba/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZukiMoba

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ZukiMoba

Discord: https://discord.gg/dcNf3tPCJa

Medium: https://zukimoba.medium.com/

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/zukimoba

SubStack: https://zukimoba.substack.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zukimoba/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ZukiMoba/

TiKtok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ZukiMobaOfficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQi8wpDHQhfdcGP_LVnsEGg

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