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5 min readMay 29, 2024


The Synapse Network team is here once again to update all of you on our current focuses while creating an easy-to-peruse summary of the most recent events that occurred in the Synapse Network. Quite a few things are quietly happening in the background and we are happy to give our users a fully transparent look at the inner workings of our Network.

What has already been implemented:


Our developers have been very busy lately, working on a wide range of tasks across both the front end and back end of our application. Additionally, we are currently implementing several improvements, QoL Updates, and more framework adjustments in the coming weeks.

  • Initiating the replacement process of the component for connecting RainbowWallet: Beginning the update process for the components that facilitates a more seamless RainbowWallet integration.
  • Creating a new mechanism for bonus APR calculation: Designing a new system to apply bonus APR more efficiently to all our users.
  • Creating a tool for token conversion after the token release period post-migration: Developing a tool to handle token value calculations after the migration token release period ends, to streamline the process better.
  • Optimizing staking calculation processes for the zkSync network: Streamlining the staking computation methods tailored for the zkSync blockchain.
  • Optimizing our cloud infrastructure for better resource utilization: Enhancing the cloud infrastructure of our network to maximize efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Preparing new versions of vesting contracts (including Merkle-based and refund options): Developing updated versions of our vesting contracts with added features like Merkle tree support and refund options.
  • Optimizing our “white label solutions” and replacing the provider and core of these solutions: Refining our white label solutions and transitioning to a new provider and core system, to better solidify our quality baseline and future scalability issues.
  • Supporting our partners in market entry processes, up to and including smart contracts creation and deployment: Assisting all of the partners in the launch of their core products, while also developing and deploying the bulk of the smart contracts necessary for a smooth transition into the DeFi ecosystem.


Sugar Kingdom Listing.

The month started with the listing of the Sugar Kingdom project, if you participated in the sales round and are curious about how to collect their tokens and where to trade them, please check out the article below.

Click here to check the Sugar Kingdom listing and claim details

The Fabled Announcement and Token Listing.

At that time there was also a sale of The Fabled project, and although the listing took place in May and this section of our summary is dedicated to April, we had been in contact for a while before proceeding with the announcement, and we wanted to share such good news early on. Also, the listing of the $ABYS token certainly qualifies as amazing news!

Below you will find all the info for the project, as well as their AMA recap.

Click here to check The Fabled listing and claim details

The Fabled AMA Recap

Everreach Seed Round Sale.

We also hosted a seed round for the Everreach project, read more about them in our special article, for now, we are patiently waiting for their listing date and wish good luck to everyone who invested in Everreach with us.

Click here to read more about Everreach

Trading Competition Winners.

At that time we also announced the winners of the trading competition, the highest volume that was achieved by one of our users was over $34,000, As a reward, the user earned $500! Congratulations also to the others who took part, more details can be found at the link below.

Trading competition results

Staking Promotion.

To celebrate the end of the first three months of post-migration vestings, we announced a staking promotion! Everyone who staked our tokens or LP tokens at that time received a 25% bonus to zkSNP Power, we love supporting our community!

Staking promo details

BTC Halving know-how.

We also recently experienced the halving of BTC! This very important event which takes place periodically is described in our article, read it now!

BTC halving article

Crypto Sphere Roulette.

People who like blockchain conferences have had the opportunity to win tickets to an event called CryptoSphere, which only takes place once a year, and they came to find us in Wroclaw! Congratulations to the people who won and see you next year!

CryptoSphere ticket contest

Space Cartels Sales Round.

We started May with a sales round for the Space Cartels project, and the project is preparing for their listing so stay tuned. We also held an AMA with them, and if you’re curious about how it went, you can simply check it out at the link below!

Space Cartels AmA Summary

Solak GPT Announcement

Due to a lack of announced news from Solak GPT and low interest in the sale, we have decided to perform a refund of the invested funds. The funds were sent back to your wallets in the form of USDT on the BSC network.

Solak Refund Announcement

Zeakly May Sprint Challenges.

In May we also launched another sprint on the Zealy platform, anyone interested can join and through simple tasks earn points and prizes!

Zealy Sprint

Michal Celebration Competition.

We also announced a competition to celebrate the birthday of our CEO Michał Domarecki! The task of the competition was to suggest interesting or original projects coming from the blockchain space. The most interesting proposals were rewarded with $100, $25, and $25 respectively!

Michal Celebration Contest

Arrland Listing

After a long wait, we have finally caught up with the listing of the Arrland project! All the necessary information, such as how to receive tokens and where to trade, can be found in the link below.

Arrland Listing

We also had another very interesting project on our launchpad, CARV. They aim to offer nodes, that can be used to monetize your data in a very straightforward way, and we are happy to support such a young, promising project! Together with CARV we also organized an AMA, that soon you will be able to easily find on our official medium channel.

Synapse and CARV partnership

Synapse Network Handles.

It’s everything for today from Synapse Network, as always don’t forget to check out our various media channels, and if you have any specific doubt or a question that you can’t find the answer for our team is always available on our telegram.

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