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8 min readFeb 2, 2023


To showcase all the progress that we made during the last few weeks and to keep up our promise of transparency and communication on which the Synapse Network was based, we present you with the latest updates on the development activities we previously teased!

What has already been implemented:


In January, our focus was on the replacement of our outdated sales contracts, and on their upgrade to Version 3.0.

This resulted in changes to the structure of the sales process on our platform, which no longer requires the involvement of a blockchain developer. What has changed?

  • control of opening and closing sales on the backend side
  • no need for manual actions coming from the synapse devs

FCFS changes → We have created a separate avenue utilized for FCFS (First Come First Serve) sales on our platform.

This new feature streamlines the recalculation of the remaining pools allocated for FCFS sales after the actual sale is completed.


  • Fixed: scrollbar appearance consistent with the dApp UI
  • Fixed: a bug displaying the wrong maximum allocation during sales
  • Fixed: LP Staking, staking processing information has been aligned to the staking widget → improved UI display
  • Fixed: the “payout request possible in:” field showed a value less than 0 for several seconds after loading the panel→ bug fix on the claiming page.
  • Fixed: the sales progress panel would hang when the maximum allocation was reached and the page was refreshed → fixed the progress bar display during sales
  • Fixed: SNP Power displayed incorrectly in the search engine on mobile devices, improved the displayed value


Marketing Studio Unveiling

This month began with the publication of an article describing a new product we call the Marketing Studio! This is for everyone who needs a customised marketing solution! The Marketing Studio is our latest solution to support projects in terms of marketing, social media reach and growth.

About Marketing Studio

First Poll Results

Another activity that we pushed at the beginning of the month was our first poll of the year, with the question: What kind of activities are you most interested in? Everyone could choose one of the four options available, you can check the results of this poll in the link below.

First Poll Results

The Synapse New Year Contest has come

#SynapseNetworkYear was a competition we held in January, which was based on creating a Twitter post using this hashtag, in which you also had to write what kind of New Year’s resolutions you would like to see come true in areas like Cryptocurrencies, DeFi or Blockchain technology as a whole. The results of the competition will appear in the following days, directly on our announcement channel.

#SynapseNewYear Contest

The Synapse Tech Labs are working tirelessly

A valuable section of our website was mentioned in the previous weeks, a section that mainly deals with more technical solutions, working in the tech development field. With the support of our experienced developers, you can build the perfect Web3 applications, specifically tailored to your vision and to the needs of your community! Check out more about it!

Tech Labs

A New Poll with New Prizes for the Synapse Community

What type of crypto interests you the most? That was the question of our second poll this month, with the winner getting utility tokens as their reward. Surely you are curious to know what exactly went down and how close the competition was. Well, simply click on the link below and check it out!

Second Poll Results

CrossChain is Still the Focus

New year, new market and new features: many new faces joined the Synapse army, and those new users may not even know that we offer multiple cross-chain solutions, while our competitors have only a few chains to choose from. We pride ourselves on our ease of access and use, specifically so you don’t have to worry about not making a purchase because of on-chain problems, simply swap chains and choose from the many available to you! For more info simply go ahead and check out our update!

Cross-Chain Technology Reminder

The Crypto Jungle has gotten a little brighter

The latest article in the series: How To Survive In The Crypto Jungle has just come out. In the article, we cover why networking is so important for everyone moving in the DeFi ecosphere and not just for B2B relationships! You will also learn how to use many networking tricks to protect yourself from SCAMs, how to recognize bad actors and how to properly vet if a network that you want to join is worth the trouble.

How To Survive In The Crypto Jungle Article

Fresh out of a Contest, we enter another

The competition co-organised with YouMeme was interesting and full of humour. Your task was to create a meme referring to the Synapse Network. There were many entries and it was very difficult to choose the winners. Check out who made it to the podium and what your entries looked like! First place received a prize of 125 USDC, second place 50 and third place 25.

YouMeme Contest Results

Another Day, Another Survey

The third survey this month was to show your preferences and inclinations, the question was: Would you rather simply make use of the technology available or co-create it through a DAO? Be sure to check out the results of our latest poll!

Third Poll Results

Synapse’s Sweet Merchandise

We are serious professionals that have steadily worked every day to reach the stage we are at, but we still like to surprise people! Especially people that supported us and made us what we are now! This is why we have spontaneously organised a quick action which aimed to buy as many SNP tokens as possible by the end of the day on 19.01. The next step was to package these tokens. The three top scorers will receive a special company mug made of good-quality materials! You like such surprises, don’t you? We won’t spoil anything, but this won’t be the last time we pop out with some good news for you all!

Check Out The SNP Mug

Synapse grows from your feedback

The next vote that took place was to plant the seeds of the improvements that are soon coming to our company. We put the decision on which Synapse Network group icons you want to see on our Telegram channels in your hands and we can say that you never disappoint. If you still need to find out which template won the race, check it out in the link below!

Group Icons Poll Results

Mysterious Dao On Synapse

Do you like sneak peeks? We think so! One of them is a mysterious new section on our website. We wonder what it might mean, and what role will you play in it! Only time will tell, and you will receive all your answers once the big unveiling is ready…

DAO Sneak Peek

Marketing Studio Full Guide

We have also published an elaboration on the possibilities offered by the aforementioned product, the Marketing Studio, and we invite you to read the article, which explains in a comprehensive and interesting way all aspects related to the use of the solutions provided by Synapse’s latest entry.

Marketing Studio Comprehensive Guide

Synapse’s most anticipated launch.

By far the most interesting element regarding the introduction of new solutions, with a focus on increasing the value of our project and its reach in multiple social media, is the launch of two new sectors of our operation.

The first is the launch of a multi-task-based campaign on the CREW3 portal. The second pillar of our plans is the creation and official launch of the Research Army group, whose premise is to mobilise users to support us in finding interesting crypto projects.

Those able to find deserving projects for us to sponsor will receive 1% to 3% of the total fee collected during the fundraising of the project which will be selected by us but brought and analysed by the users of this group.

We encourage you to carefully read the entire article below and join us in our quest! Combine your love for cryptocurrencies with earning substantial amounts of income and welcome to the Synapse Network!

Research Army & CREW3 Explanation

New Poll to Better our Ecosystem

The reason for the next vote was to find out how many cryptocurrency wallets you use on a daily basis, these questions really help us understand our users, remember, every detail is important because it let us know in which direction we need to steer the new features that we want to introduce!

Fifth Poll Results

Twitter Finally did its Job

We are happy to confirm that our Twitter profile has officially been verified by Twitter’s team! The professional presentation of our company on social networks is a priority for us, and we can’t be happier that with the new year, we managed to get that blue mark!

Synapse Network Finally Verified

The End of An Era

The last part of our analysis of the FTX collapse is now on our medium! Check it out for the full story, it is certainly a tale that has already become part of crypto history as a reminder and a warning.

The Rise And Fall Of FTX Last Part

Synapse’s first Sale of 2023

The first sale of the year is coming up! Read the details of the round and take part in Pirate of Arrland’s growth! Remember to familiarise yourself with the project and its background before you decide to buy, your own analysis is the basis of any investment!

The Pirates Of Arrland Sale Details

The CryptoSphere welcomes you

This month we also announced a competition in which you could win tickets to an event called CryptoSphere, organised in Wrocław, of which we are the main partners. Those who fulfilled the conditions of the competition can expect an email with the tickets, congratulations again on your win!

Ticket Contest Results

Try your luck and join our sale for free

If you want to try your luck and win a guaranteed allocation for the sale of RUM tokens from Arrland, try your hand at the Gleam contest fun interactions. Complete a few simple tasks and wait for the winners to be announced, below you will find the link with all the details needed to participate in the gleam. The total allocation comes up to $100 and the maximum number of winners is 10.

Arrland Gleam Announcement

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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